#willpower“ is the upcoming fourth studio album by American hip hop artist and record producer will.i.am. It is currently due for release worldwide on April 23rd, 2013.

The album has guests like Lil Wayne, Hit-Boy, Waka Flocka Flame, Diddy, Chris Brown, Skylar Grey, Juicy J, Miley Cyrus, Nicole Scherzinger, 2NE1, Lil Jon, Baby Kaely and will.i.am’s Black Eyed Peas brother apl.de.ap.

  1. “Good Morning”
  2. “Hello”
  3. “This Is Love” (feat. Eva Simons)
  4. “Scream & Shout” (feat. Britney Spears)
  5. “Let’s Go”
  6. “Gettin’ Dumb” (feat. 2NE1)
  7. “Geekin’”
  8. “Freshy”
  9. “#thatPOWER” (feat. Justin Bieber)
  10. “Great Times Are Coming”
  11. “The World Is Crazy”
  12. “Fall Down” (feat. Miley Cyrus)
  13. “Love Bullets” (feat. Skylar Grey)
  14. “Far Away From Home”
  15. “Ghetto, Ghetto”
  16. “Reach for the Stars” (feat. Lil Jon)
  17. “Smile Mona Lisa” (feat. Nicole Scherzinger)
  18. “Bang Bang”


Source: http://www.josepvinaixa.com

Comments on: "Info: 2NE1 Featured in Will.i.am’s “#Willpower” Album with “Gettin’ Dumb”" (9)

  1. AlohaDara said:

    Idols and their music cannot please everyone and that’s ok. We have our own preference and for us 2ne1 is the best! Will.i.am loves DARA, Minzy, Cl and Bom and recognizes their awesome charisma and talent. He is giving them the greatest present of all, millions of his fans will get to hear their music. He is also collaborating with other famous singers and their fans will get to hear our girls as well. This is an exciting time for 2ne1 because in a few days the world will know what we already know, how Incredible they are!

  2. hooooaaaahh.. I glad its not Take the world song again kekeke..I really want another song for 2ne1 and will-oppa..hope they will make the MV for that Gettin’Dumb song ^_^

  3. Ygbaby!! said:

    Wait.. So if gettin dumb is their song what was Take the world onthen??? ^^ is it just for intel:O anyway its good they have 2 songs^^ . But the title is kinda….errr…tho …. Like really “gettin dumb”?

  4. Yayyy! But I’m not expecting too much for the song… well basically it’s will.i.am. We know how he uses too much autotune and the lyrics of his songs nowadays don’t make sense at all… it’s just full of rhymes and uses the same lines. But still, a new song would be better than none at all. 🙂

  5. Hehehe, guys just a reminder….. Do not expect too much on this :)) daraling should lower their expectation so that we will not get overly sensitive and vent our feelings on social media thus making the daraling “the villains” again. It hurts but we have to accept it coz we are here to support Dara<3

  6. Yeah m so excited for this

  7. me toooo, mizz u much 2ne1!!!

  8. KKyyyaaa, cannot wait for this.. I get to hear a brand new song from our GIRLS.. HELL YEAH!!! I SSSOOOO MISSS THEM SO MUCH!!!!

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