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Comments on: "Photos: 130214 YG Family at the Grand Opening of Teddy’s “TwoSome Cafe”" (11)

  1. i think lydia love dara so much ^^
    always beside her

  2. ok lets have a name game starting from the left..well, im wondering if its mastawu from the right..??!! or wrong guess..??

  3. maybe its a sign… 😛 who knows maybe dara for once decided to give taeyang a chance…

  4. nikonpreap said:

    why does dara keep on wearing taeyangs hat?

  5. First picture: The Parks of YG Family ^.^

  6. Dragonfly87 said:

    It looks like they’re shooting GD’s ONE OF A KIND video except it’s Teddy who’s the main lead. LOL. ^^

    YG Family FTW!!! ❤

  7. w0w!! i love this picture yg family…daebak….dara and taeyang have the same color sweater taeyang sweater is in his hips dara shes wearing it and dara wear taeyang gift to him^_^

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