Wooohooooo~! Dang, Dara looks so hot and smexyyyy! Full-body body standee! ❤ Thanks Clio!

BC90Ok0CIAAXs8V (1)

And doesn’t she look amazing in her “Devil” Concept?! ^^




Source: @YongSanYG

Re-uploaded by: OHDara

Comments on: "Photos: Smexy Dara Ads For Clio Inside Club Clio, Korea!" (5)

  1. yeah! she looks amazing! that’s why I chose this over the angel concept.

  2. admin do you have any instructions how to relay to clio the concerns of their consumers???
    as a fan of SANDARA PARK i want her endorsement to be a success and with this i want to suggest few things to them (and i believe a lot of fans here who are not so happy about the packaging.. store appearance, etc. SHOULD DO THE SAME)

    i went to

    but i do not know how to navigate.. i am lost 😥 do they have a facebook page?

    DARALINGS should stop complaining and make an action. I want CLIO to be a success because its success reflects how effective Ms. Park is ^_^

  3. As always, Gorgeous Dara!!! But i think Clio need to put more effort in their product packaging design. Its look like non branded or low quality product!

    • okay, maybe my word is a little bit harsh. Mianhe 😦 maybe not non branded or low quality product, but the packaging is.

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