Just a short background…

I think it was around the end of 2009 or the beginning of 2010 when we came up with this idea to give Dara a “magazine” full of articles, photos, features, fan-accounts about her and of course 2NE1. We mobilized ourselves and distributed different parts of the magazine to different Daralings. We had so many plans and so much content that our heads were bursting with it. Then I dunno what happened but the fire died down a little and we found  ourselves buying other gifts instead for Dara. But of course, little by little,  Daralings began submitting their stories, features, etc and we decided to compile it. 

Over the years, we told ourselves that we would just give it for Dara’s birthday, then it became Christmas, then New Year, then Dara’s birthday, and then Christmas again. We just added and added but never really made it into one whole magazine. Eventually, the magazine became a “book” and the fan-accounts began to pile on and on… many fan-arts were submitted, many letters from Daralings that it became thicker and thicker. Until finally we put our foot down and said, “We HAVE to finish this! We just HAVE to.” I mean, its been years already!

The content of this book is 100% made by Daralings over the years. If you guys can remember, we had various contests here in OhDara and in WeLoveDara and some of that content has made it into this book. We also have an article by a Dara fan since 2004. We have articles about Dara’s various fanboys – information about them, why they became fanboys, what they said, when they said it. We also have a feature on Dara’s most memorable 2ne1TV moments as well as Dara’s most epic hairstyles. We also have a section which includes a compilation of Dara’s most meaningful “sayings” over the years. We even have a section about what other people have to say about Dara. And of course, let’s not forget the fan-accounts. Over the years, admins and friends of OhDara and WeLoveDara have attended various 2NE1 concerts and fan-accounts of those events are included inside as well. We have a feature on what it means to be a Blackjack and a feature on what life is being a Loyal Daraling. ^_^ So yes, this book is filled with pages upon pages upon pages of Dara. We have a collection of fan-arts submitted by fans. We also have sections of “fan-arts” which serves as ADs in magazines. Remember guys, this “book” was initially supposed to be a “magazine” so we had several ADs made too. So we included that. There are also fan-arts of the different music videos Dara was in.  Do you guys remember entering contests about why you love Dara and such? Well, some of your entries are here too! ^_^

Unfortunately, some of the content in the book isn’t that recent anymore. T_T As we said, there’s years and years of work behind this book so some parts aren’t really that updated anymore.

Some people in this fandom have questioned by we love Dara so much. They question our dedication over and over again. But what they do not realize is that Daralings work really hard to show their love towards Dara and our loyalty is unwavering. There are a lot of Daralings who have been fans since 2004. 9 years is long to be a fan of someone. Beauty comes and goes, the value of talent changes along with the trends, but I truly believe a person’s good heart remains constant. And that is what Dara is to all of us.

But I think at the end of the day what’s important is that this “book” has been made by Daralings, for Dara and Daralings. ❤

To those who made this possible, you guys know who you are!!! ❤ We have been friends for a long time haven’t we? Thank you!

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the pages!














Comments on: "Admin Post: “SIMPLY SANDARA” – A Project Years in the Making" (105)

  1. hope we can have it too… kkk….a must read for Dara fans.

  2. Velvetokki said:

    Wow! this book i couldn’t say anything! it’s so precious that i know Dara would really LOVE it! This fandom has been really really great and that’s the reason were getting strong,bigger and closer everyday! Just like how Dara’s heart is. I am so happy that WLD and OD is here. I have to thank you guys too! The dedication the hardwork and heart! Cheers to more fangirl yearssss! <333

    ps: the book if only we could own one T^T

  3. Miraflor camero said:

    I beg for this….

  4. I want to hve these…. plzzzzz

  5. Does dara have acopy of these. wht did she say? ithnk dara is so hppy

  6. Dara's Arab Fan said:

    I love it so much … I want it so bad ! 😦

  7. can i have a copy also?…huhuhuhuhuhu..this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!pls pls pls…

  8. princess18angela said:

    omg!!! i love it so much.. every daraling must have this book… it’s like a bible to all daralings.. goddess dee will be so happy to have this..

  9. i want to sleep with this book in my bed ^__^
    i hope it becomes possible for all Daralings to have a copy of this.

    • please Admin? is it possible for us to have a copy of this? please? please? please?

      • We are coming up with another project for all Daralings. ^^ We can’t distribute the book because of copyright issues. T_T

        • i understand Admin… it really is so bad not to have a copy of this, but it’s okay :=) can’t wait for the new project for the Daralings! (i hope its something like this fabulous mag! hehehe)

  10. Wow can I have a copy as well..plss

  11. daramaegon said:

    omg! we are so proud of u guys to come up with this project, i admit im not a fan of dara during scq days but when im addicted to YT and saw her videos with 2ne1 etc my admiration to d group esp to dee became a drug for me,,my friend told me im crazy but later on i influenced them to join me with my craziness,lol! now im a certified DARALING and a blackjack,,, joined twitter and didnt miss to log in ohdara fansite, so im also proud of myself on my little way im updated on dara’s whereabouts,and her activities with d girls and YGFAM as well,,,thanks OHDARA, and to all d fans like me who love DARA with our continues support GOODLUCK TO US!;)

  12. joanna reyes said:

    This is cool I wanna buy one!! Please!! Can u ship it here in u.s?? U guys are awesome daraling`s are daebak!!!

  13. to the admin,i have a request i encountered a song writing and sang by the chinese fans for sandara on her bithday, i need an english translation of it and if you can post it again on oh dara FANSITE SINCE I ALWAYS VISIT THESE FANSITE EVERYDAY. AGAIN THANK YOU IN ADVANCE, ITS REALLY A NICE SONG.

  14. i want also a copy of this magazine DAEBAK!!!

  15. Miraflor camero said:

    More love of our Goddess Dara!

  16. This is daebak!!! Can i buy a copy.. please Admin…pretty Please!!!

  17. iwant to have a copy of this one..sell it to us admin….please please please

  18. Awwww . .This is so pretty . . . U guys are really awesome ! ! ! Dara is sure happy receiving this . ♥♥♥ Hope you can make this available for purchase . . Really want to have a copy . . ♥♥♥ This is every daralings must have ^______^ <333

  19. Hi admin, if you can’t make this particular book available to the public why not make a daraling version of it which don’t require use of copyrighted materials? Don’t we have enough pics, fan accounts, fan arts, fanfics, design format etc. to produce almost a similar one? We just get those information already there and drop the ones that will cause trouble. Nothing will be change except certain pictures and designs. But the idea is we please all parties by doing this. See we give Dara the original one, we get the alternate version, you sell, we buy. It can go public, people may buy it, Dara will get more love and your hardwork could pay off

  20. Hope we can also Have a copy of it, it looks interesting… I would love to have a copy, please.. Is there also an available copy of the mag. For sale? I love dara everyday it’s already part of my routine to check for an update through this website.. You guys are trully amazing to be able to think of that idea..

  21. Miraflor camero said:

    Wow! For the goodness to our goddess Dara I will spread this to my fellow friends here in abraod. I hope they will have a concert again in the Philippines again when I come home. I surely be there…

  22. ckjack_bla said:

    “Beauty comes and goes, the value of talent changes along with the trends, BUT I TRULY BELIEVE A PERSON’S GOOD HEART REMAINS CONSTANT.” – BULLSEYE!

    That book is surely made from the heart! It is priceless! I bet Dara would cry if she sees that! Daralings are jjang!

  23. Wow!!! Thus is really nice.. dara will surely love it.. i hope there’s a way for us to have copy of it too..

  24. i want a copy…if u will sell it…i will definitely buy it….pls guys……your amazing

  25. how about getting permission from all those involved that whatever proceeds they get from sale will go to sandara’s favorite charity say 30% to charity and the rest for the cost of expenses by the admin and salary for the staffs.MaY BE THESE SOLVE THE PROBLEM OF SALING THE BOOK,THIS WILL BE A BEST SALER BOOK THIS YEAR,WAY 2 GO DARALINGS,BLACKJACKS AND THE RESTS OF DARA FANSITES,YOU GUYS ARE DOING HISTORY IN MAKING.

  26. Miraflor camero said:

    I love you all guys for loving and support and concern to our ONE AND ONLY GODDESS BEAUTY DARA. I’m so happy we have this website. I’m satisfied my all day long and all day night here in abroad everytime I saw a new post of Oh Dara. You complete my day!

  27. ReeseCheezWit said:

    How about acknowledging the source of these photographs and images so it won’t be an issue of copywright infringement? Will this work to sell the magazine?

    • They could credit the owners of the photos but I don’t think they could use the photos commercially. Making a single copy for personal use is one thing but reproducing it in bulk and selling them for profit is a different matter. Or maybe there’s a way around it. Someone has to do some research. Hmmm. That won’t be me ‘coz I still have a lot of studying to do. TT_TT

      • ReeseCheezWit said:

        How about asking these sources to get some permission as one suggested above? It sound like a tons of work to go through it? Any lawyers here?

  28. I want a copy… huhuhuhuhu

  29. ReeseCheezeWit said:

    Let’s do mass production of this and sell it to every corner of Philippines. I can imagine a lot of people who forgotten about her will suddenly remember and miss their long gone baby krung krung

  30. I need one for myself too, for my daily vitamin.

  31. OMG!!! A book full of Dara.!! I want this! Please can you make it available for purchase? Wahhh. I can’t wait for Dara to see this and rave about it in twitter!! Wahhh. Congratulations!! Dara will love it for sure!! ^___^

  32. Wow. This is just pure awesomeness:D I think the years it took to finally put up this book is definitely worth the wait. i can just imagine Dara unni’s reaction once she sees this. I mean come on! A whole book with all the contents about you (and 2NE1)! I would looooove to have a copy of that too! Keke:) Thank you very much admins for working so hard in trying various ways to show our love ans adoration for Dara:D I am proud to be in the same fandom as you guys:))) We are so lucky to have Dara unni as our inspiration:)))

  33. Miraflor camero said:

    Thanks to the admin they are angels of Dara! I’m sure if you guys will sell this to the market it will be sold out especially in the Philippines.. Like santoki umbrela 🙂

  34. Miraflor camero said:

    Wow great job! Bring us some OMG!

  35. hope you can sell this and use the money for future ohdara projects 🙂

  36. oohh..I want that..can U make a copy for us blackjack?

  37. desiweelovesapples said:

    this is beyond amazing!! you guys should publish it to us Daralings and the profits will go to the future projects 🙂

  38. this is daebak! it looks awesome and it really shows how dedicated you guys are as a daraling! i commend you guys for that!

  39. This is beyondddd awesome….Congratulations to the admin and all Daralings for doing such an amazing job of being the best Dara fans… I would love love love to get a copy of this… 😀

  40. Hope I can have that copy too! I love Dara so much…a beauty inside and out…the purity of her heart that made her stand out! Od bless you Dara and God bless all the Dara’s fans…w/c includes me 🙂 luv u Sandara Park!our princess forvere!

  41. I want to get a copy of this^_^

  42. this is actually good. You even place advertisements of dara. I want to get a copy ^_^

  43. WOW! This is just beyond amazing! You guys did it again — I salute your creativity and passion for our beloved Dara! It gets me teary-eyed thinking how far Dara has come from her SCQ days. She really does make the impossible possible — with us, Daralings, supporting her all the way! As a fan, I can say that Dara is truly blessed to have such loyal and passionate fans/friends. Thank you WLD/OD for representing Daralings the world over! #prouddaraling

    p.s. Aah, if only we can see Dara’s reaction…I’m sure she’s blown away! ^___^

  44. Wow, this magazine is absolutely incredible! I know that it’s made specially for our goddess, but I still can’t help but want a copy of my own…

  45. nikonpreap said:

    you guys should make a copy for me. I want to buy it!!!

  46. LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!

  47. KKKyyyyaaa, I want a copy of this, if I can, huhuhuu, T_T, can I??? This is AMAZING that I am crying. you guys really are the best when it comes to Dara, THank you so much… This is really cool. Thumbs up for making this, I am sure Dara will be amaze with this…

  48. Is this for sale? Or can I at least have a peek? Ke~

  49. This is beyond awesome! Congratulations for making it happen. I’m pretty sure Dara will love it. She’ll probably cry. TT_TT Hell, I feel so touched and it’s not even for me. Just thinking about all the hard work, time and love given for this project is overwhelming.

    Guys, I don’t think they could sell it. The photos are not theirs so they could get into a lot of trouble on copyright grounds. I’ll satisfy myself on scans if it’ll be available (after Dara gets her copy, of course)…hopefully. Thumbs up for OD and WLD! 🙂

  50. Congrats admin,can i have a copy pls?let me know how to get one.

  51. w0w!! I want t0 get that b00k^_^ its beautiful youre the best….^_^

  52. missplainandsimple said:

    waaaaaa! you guys are daebak!
    ^_____^ Please make it avail for public too! I WANT ..wait no .. I NEEED THIS! 😀

  53. Yes it’s been years and i had been harping for it ever since I can remember. I gave up hoping for what I consider to be a perfect project until I read this. Fortunately before the world ends you finally making one. Thank you!! It’s a bit late but I’m still happy. Usually a form of book will come out right away when a great celebrity hit the spotlight. So making one should have been made, right after the time where public awareness of Dara especially the new sandara park peaked, which would be in the first 2 years of 2ne1 debut. As I can recall fan testimony surge during this period. So it could have been the best time making a book. 

    I would suggest you go further and make this publicly available if possible. WHY??? because in my opinion the greatest gift we can give to Dara is to share her success story to others not just to preach to the choir, you know, sort like we are evangelizing for Dara to all unbelievers on the planet ^_^ But c’mon this is Sandara; the bonafide cinderella, the Maria Clara turn lady gaga. There’s few idol worth checking out these days. Many more people will at least know about Sandara, the beautiful person that she is if only they can get hold of the book

  54. Oh… N this book is amazing… ^^

  55. I’ve been a silent blackjack and daraling for long time, n this is first time that i decided to comment here… I really looking forward to anticipate the next project for sure, and somehow i wanna be an active daraling as well…

  56. wow! you guys are amazing! daralings are truly the best. One question though, are you guys planning on selling copies of the magazine because I want to buy one 🙂 hope you reply! 🙂 thank you!

  57. wow T>T this is amazing. T>T a heartfelt dedication of daralings. goshh. so proud to be a daraling. you guys are awesome! M.O.D.P. (Make Our Dara Proud) wuhahahaha!

  58. WOW! I NEED! *-*

  59. TOUCHED TT TT i want it :”(

  60. Absolutely amazing! Good job U guys! ^^,

  61. This is daebak!!!! San Union is awesome! Thanks in advance in making Dara happy.

  62. WOW THE BEST BOOK EVER MADE!!! Please please please do tell us what to do to get a copy as well. Please??? Daralings and Admins Jjang!!!!

    Proud Blackjack and Daraling here. ^_^ Aigooo, DARA would definitely love it!!!!

  63. Wow this seriously AMAAAAAAZING! compliments to admin as well as to the daraling contributors! whoooo! clap clap clap! seriously just WOW~

  64. OMG!!! Great job on the book/magazine! Looks waaaaaaaaay awesome! I’m pretty sure Dara is gonna love flipping through those pages! Daebak! I’d love to have my own copy of that, too. Kkkk~ ^^

  65. Dara-Butterfly said:

    Unnies.. I want a copy of this magazine.. please let me know what should I do to get a copy

  66. Wow OhDara and WeLoveDara admins are the best!! Im sure Dara will love this!! When are u planning to give this to Dara?? I agree that only Dara will get to have to original book.. Fans should have the edited one (if admins decided to sell it) Im so proud of you guys, Daralings are totally one of the most dedicated, talented, hardworking and nicest fandom! Im so happy to be here with u guys.. Thanks you OD and WLD admins your the best!!!! =)

  67. WOW…..good job Admin and daralings I’m an avid fan please i want to buy this book i live in USA, I MIGHT ORDER SOME AS GIVE AWAY TO MY FRIENDS INFACT I BOUGHT THEIR WHAT’S UP, WE’RE 2NE1 BOOK(THE ONE TAKEN IN PHILIPPINES)

  68. DARATAMTAM said:


  69. wooaaah..you are the best..thank you for loving Dara so much, she really deserve our love..but i hope this book should published..WOW with DARA signature..again thank you.. and CONGRATULATIONS! :)))

  70. You guys are seriously amazing! I have a feeling that Dara will absolutely treasure and appreciate this because of the love, hard work and effort, you have all placed into creating and putting together the entire contents of this book.. It’s not an easy job creating a book/magazine.. We know that it takes lots of patience and dedication.. I wish that I could have been part of such a wonderful gift for Dara as well, but as much as I want to contribute financially, I do not have the money to do so.. But I am really glad that you guys are there to show her that there are so many people who love and care for her.. Thank you so much for doing it in behalf of all the Daralings out there.. THANK YOU!!

  71. WOW!!! ADMINS congrats….SIMPLY DARA book is beyond amazing…i really want to have this book…memorabilia of being a dara fan..hope you can produce this book admins

  72. This is so amazing! You’ve done an awesome job guys. Such effort and sincerity. I’m sure Dara would be thrilled to receive something like this. Is there any way other fans like us can be part of this?

  73. Aw this is soo cute!! I think the older designs/articles/photos makes the “book” more special!

  74. WOW THIS IS NICE!!!!!! Love it!!! Good Job!!!

  75. wow…AMAZING…you guys are really the best…^_^

  76. abelle_a7x said:

    waaah I want a copy of this!! please sell this!! TT_TT

  77. omg!i love this book as well..hope i can have a copy of this…but this will be a great gift for dara if she will have this..i’m going to support whatever the staff and admins decisions…though i just recently joined, i’ve been reading and supporting dara and 2ne1 since then…hwaiting!

  78. Is the magazine available internationally or only in Korea? Where can we buy it?

  79. wow ! Daralings are jjang ! !
    i’m happy become part of this fandom, or i can say “family”~
    i can imagine how happy dara is when she get/read this book. . .
    admins, will u produce/sell it ? I’m bit worried with the copyright of the pics. . .

  80. VipBlackjack187 said:

    Guys you are amazing!! Dara unnie is sooo very lucky to have so many loyal Fans<<33 We all Love her..not only because of her talents, but also her wonderful personality. It will become a great gift for her, on her wedding day kekeke..someday^_*. But, please beware of copyright…couldn't sell it though. Thank you Daralings <<<333. Blackjacks Hwiting!!

  81. i know a lot of Daralings want a copy of this, but i think it’s better not to sell the exact copy of the fan-made you’ve book given to Dara. let Dara be the only person to have the exact copy ^.^ but i’ll settle for an edited copy of this^^

  82. simply wow… i want this book.
    oh dara admin is amazing!

    for the past 3 years, i always check oh dara for updates.
    thanks for always giving us great updates, giveaways ( i won 2x…ke!ke! ) and fast translations!

    figthing fighting ya ya ya ya!

  83. Please sell it to us .. just put credits to the end so there wouldn’t be any problems.. I really want to have that book. WeLoveDara and OhDara staffs and admins.. you guys are amazing. I’m very thankful for everything you’ve done for Dara.. Surely, she will love this gift. It’s something that you just can’t buy and find easily. It takes a lot of love, pure dedication and hardwork to pull the pages of this book altogether. I’m so lucky to be part of this wonderful fandom.. DARALINGS JJANG!!!

  84. this gift is love! priceless ❤

  85. I salute all the Admins & Daralings who contributed to this wonderful project. A great effort to do this but has been a huge success. I wanted to have a copy of this. And I’m praying that 2NE1 comeback will push through this March. I miss them so bad…

  86. redstilleto said:

    The love of fans for Sandara Park cannot be topped! You guys are amazing! Hey I’m a fan too, an avid and rabid fan to be precise…….. so I belong…..ke ke ke

  87. wow.. daralings are so into this really.. daralings’ love for dara is just so awesome…. i’m proud to be one of daralings though i wasn’t part of the project.. lol.. love dara and daralings.. feel soo good knowing that my number one idol SANDARA PARK is getting so much love from her fans.. wish i could also be a part of future projects for her.. Thank u admins for this… where can we order that book??? keke

  88. woow… this is really cool … ^_^

  89. I’ve been reading comments about WLD mass producing the book for more Daralings, which is a lovely gesture. But I hope you are aware that distributing copywrited images is illegal. Its fine to make one or two for Dara and yourselves. But producing on a large scale calls for trouble for fans. I’m just pointing this out so if you want to go ahead its cool ~

  90. can you sell this?

  91. i love it!! My goal when i go home to philippines on 2014 is to watch their concert may it be in korea or in my country or anywhere! LOL..That’s my gift for myself after working so hard for whole 2 years ^_^ not bad ei?? Gonna buy VIP ticket of their concert.. LOL.. I hope I will be able to get one as we know there is always ticket war in their concerts

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