“The Face That Would Anger You Once You See It,” Sandara Park, Gets Younger Past Her 20s? Everlasting Beauty Becomes A Topic


2NE1 Sandara Park‘s unchanging appearance has become an internet hot issue.

Recently, a post was made on an online community board with the title, “The difference between a 27-year-old and a 30-year-old,” showing screencaptures of Sandara Park in a TV show 3 years ago and pictures of her at the airport returning to Japan on the 9th.

The first photos showed a 27-year-old Sandara Park in 2010, as she appeared on a television broadcast. On that scene, she was proudly showing the hat that was a gift to her from Big Bang’s Taeyang. Sandara Park was showed her adorable and attractive charms with her cute smile, as she voiced out her gratitude to Taeyang for the warm hat that he had gifted her with.

The photos that followed showed a more recent picture of Sandara Park, but still wearing the same hat that she did in 2010. These photos were taken at the airport when she arrived back to Korean from Japan, where she went to watch Se7en‘s concerts there on the 7th and 8th. Sandara Park’s clean skin and good looks were clearly shown.

There’s a three-year difference between the pictures, but people were surprised when they saw the photos and saw that there was no change between this person in her 20s and in her 30s. Netizens who saw the post commented with, “This is a bit scary,” “She even appears younger in her 30s,” “Sandara Park doesn’t seem to grow old,” “She really does appear to get even younger-looking as the years pass. It’s a bit creepy,” “While other people seem to sag by the time they reach their late 20s, Sandara Park seems to do the opposite,” “Why does looking at this make feel a bit angry?” showing their various reactions.


Source: Nate

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Note: I think the “anger” in the title and the comment, meant that they’d be a bit jealous, ergo “mad” at Dara for not looking older even as time passes.. XD

Comments on: "News: Sandara Park’s Timeless Beauty – Does She Look Younger As Time Goes On?" (16)

  1. ” OMG !! Really Pretty :))

  2. TRUELY forever young ^^

  3. I think she’s got… the Elixir of Life. Lord Voldemort will sure hunt you down Dara. XD

  4. haha……………lol yeah dara doesnt grow old

  5. waaaa…this article really make my day ^^..vampire goddes DARA!!

  6. cyndikrystelle said:

    I can imagine Dara has still the same look when she is 40 😉

  7. remember the instagram photo with pauleen Luna that came out a couple of days ago? that photo is another proof!

  8. i love the title. made me lol. haha. knetizens and their weird titles/

  9. BOOPI, made me laughed about dara becoming a toddler one day,that’s really funny.

  10. HAHAHAHA Dara is obviously a vampire 😉 but the pressure to look young must be ginormous. It’s okay Dara, we’ll still support you even if you’re not “baby-faced” anymore. 🙂

  11. it was in the news?wow!

  12. The mysterious case of Sandara Park!!! Kekekeke

  13. One of life’s greatest mysteries… Sandara Park’s youth.^^

  14. I’lll be more scared if she turn into a toddler one day

  15. i thought that the above picture was just taken recently where dara took a selca inside the plane from japan, but when i read the article i look at it again and realized that… yeah, i remember the scene during 2ne1tv, she was thanking taeyang for the gift which is the winter hat. gosh! there’s really no difference at all 🙂 she must have discovered the fountain of youth! a goddess indeed! 🙂

  16. she doesn’t age…

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