Aigoo, so cute! Exhausted Dara passed out after a tiring schedule and then Dadoong cuddled up to her… They look very warm.. ^_^ And haha, Dara’s tags are so funny. XD “Cat Mom” Dara, fighting! Now I want to adopt a stray cat because of her.. T_T


제목 : “내가잠든사이에.. ” 아침 일찍 스케줄 다녀와 피로에 지쳐 잠이든 누나를 위해 다둥이는 피로회복용 꾹꾹이를 선사하고 누나옆에서 자기도 코오~ 꿀잠을 잤다. ^_^ 아이구 이뻐라..ㅠㅠ 내 새끼~ 사랑스럽다!!!

Tags: 산다라박 똥머리 오랜만이야 냐옹이 꾹꾹이 요즘 너무 춥다 길고양이들 맘마 좀 주세요 ㅠㅠ 캣맘 화이팅

Title: “While I was sleeping…” When I was so exhausted after coming back early in the morning after a schedule, Dadoongie crept up to noona, and then settled himself~ And then slept next to noona. ^_^ Aigoo, so pretty ..ㅠㅠ My baby~ So lovely!!!

Tags: Sandara Park who hasn’t had her hair done in poop hairstyle after a while, though it’s so cold nowadays, please do give some food to stray cats ㅠㅠ Cat mom, fighting!


Source: Dara’s me2day (

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "Me2day: Dadoongie Cuddles Up To Exhausted Dara In The Cold Morning – “Cat Mom” Dara, Fighting!" (20)

  1. lol…she looks like a bunny rabit<33 so aDARAble<33 Sweet Dream Santokki<33
    Thanks to whoever took this pic<33

  2. i feel that this isn’t dara that posted this.. i have this feeling.. but i don’t wanna say..

  3. awww so cute~ btw did Dara dyed her hair a little lighter? seems like it no?

  4. i think if you’re referring to the ‘noona’ part, i think that’s because she referred herself as the third person to be cute or something. dadoong is a boy right? kkk~ anyway, love the poop hairstyle. lol

  5. she looks so tiny like an elementary kid. i feel like smacking the head of anyone who’ll hurt her. yes, i get thoughts like that. weird, i know.

  6. that could be thunder posting that, no wonder….^^

  7. why do i have this feeling she’s not the one posted that pic and made that caption???

  8. who took the photo?

  9. i’m jealous of Dadoong! kekeke and i envy dara’s gorgeousness, even while sleeping she is so pretty!!!

  10. ahhh…cat mom’s face shape in that angle…so perfect…like a mannequin..

  11. Sleeping beauty!!! o.o
    w/ her sweet and adorable dadoongie!

  12. awwwwww!!!! what a cute cat mom!

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