Congratulations Taiwanese Blackjacks! We’ve been reading some info about 2NE1 doing New Evolution Concert in Taiwan early this day, and finally, YGE has confirmed it through Facebook! ^_^ November 16th, at the Taipei Arena!

Credits: 2NE1 New Evolution Concert Application

Capped and Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photo: Cap Confirmation For NewECon in Taipei, Taiwan On November 16!" (2)

  1. wow., Congrats to Taiwanese BJs!!! BUt, is it 2ne1 will attend at the KPOP Con. in the US on Nov.10?? I’m worried for the girls, IT’s Not a Joke to travel long hours from US to Asia, it’s gonna be tiring to death and then suddenly do a concert in just without a rest.

  2. Hannahshizz said:

    Nov. 16? aren’t they coming back on the music scene that month? busy sched for 2NE1 eh? T.T poor them but anyways congrats to the Taiwanese BJ’s 🙂

    I guess, we’ll be the last stop of their NEWTC hmm/

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