Cute Dara fanboy Flowsik strikes again!!! If you have been living in a rock and don’t know who he is, he is a member of group Aziatix and a huge huge huge Dara fanboy. He has declared his admiration for Dara over and over again. How cute is he trying to gather up his courage to tweet her? I hope Dara sees his mention, follows, and replies to him.

Source: @flowsik

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  1. sheeemang00 said:

    so, they dara ever tweet back?

  2. where are you wooyoung?? hH

  3. go for it Fanboy!! LOL!

  4. I’m a HUGE Appler but this just made me squeal!!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~~~~~ Flowsik is just too sweet…now, he can invite her for s dinner maybe? HUMAYGHAD!!!! Dara-eonnie having her twitter account made my day but this and Joong Il Woo’s just added spices!!! FANBOYS…………..ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love eonnie…I’m never a twitter person but now I can’t even sign out…I em expecting that every tweet will be about eonnie…kyah!!! crazy!!! SQUEALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!~~~~~

  5. kyaaa! flowsik!! such a sweet fanboy

  6. i like the fact that he’s quite nervous and he actually tag Dara on his tweet. so in a way, he was able to declare his intention.lmao

  7. I’ve been thinking about “FLOWSIK” the whole day if he will follow “DARA” now that our preety dee has a twitter acct. .. Flowsik is now my fav. fanboy <3.. Go! Go! Go! fighting!

  8. Go for it flow!!!
    …lol such a cute loyal fanboy!

  9. Ooooh, it,s effing cute and lovely. Damn, I think he is officially becoming my favorite fanboy….

  10. lol.. i read somebody tweeted that he’s scared to be rejected in public!!

  11. precie_dara said:

    WOW~~ he’s fast lol & where Kevin of Ukiss when u need him? Hahaha go follow her and talk to her (dunno if she knows u though lol)..

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