’84 line for the win! I really can’t wait for Se7en, Dara, Park Han Byul, Bommie and Goo Hye Sun to have a twitter conversation! If you guys don’t know yet, Park Han Byul is a Korean actress, Se7en’s long-time girlfriend and Dara’s friend.

@starlyshop Byul-ah~ It’s me! Follow follow me~! +.+

@krungy21 Followed!! 100.000 in one day!! Amazing indeed +.+

Source: @krungy21

Thanks to @Ouley_Soleil for the translation!

Comments on: "Twitter: Sandara Park (@krungy21) and Park Han Byul (@starlyshop) – “100,000 in one day!! Amazing indeed…”" (3)

  1. 1984 line!!! Fighting!! <333

  2. Heysun byul dara and se7en all from NOVEMBER 1984 LINE ❤

  3. whaa!
    I can’t wait to witness their conversation…
    but before that Dara should follow first Hye Sun..that way the conversation would really happen..

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