YAY~! Finally, YouTube links! If you are like me who missed the live chat, here’s our chance to see our girls! ^^

Facebook Q&A Live Chat

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Credits:  via @the2NE1hour

Comments on: "Videos: 120822 2NE1 on “Facebook Live” Chat" (17)

  1. Trying hard not to say this, but i can’t help saying it out loud…”I HATE THE HOST!” she irritates me to the bones. her body gestures, facial expressions, unprofessional manners and her self-centred attitude made me cringed everytime she opened her mouth to speak.FB made a bad choice in choosing her as the host for the first Asian act to appear on FB live chat. however, i applaud CL for her charismatic leadership. She owned the session. She tried as much as possible to liven up the session. She also did her very best to getting the other members involved by having eye contact with them and asking them to answer the questions. Unfortunately, they’re still not confident enough to respond and still depending on CL to back them up.
    bommue needs to make an effort to speak more

  2. Lol seriously i don’t think Cl knows much about facebook and doesn’t use social media in general. Lol. But props to her for saving this awkward interview. I long for the english interview that we get to hear everyone talk pretty much equally.

  3. Bom sounded sick still… I hope she gets well soon.

  4. strangebones said:

    I wish CL would stop using the words “like” & “actually” over and over. I love her but gaahhhhhh– she could do better

  5. Bommie looked like she was about to fall asleep at some point. Lol

    The host was very awkward, but at the same time I feel kinda bad for her. Facebook should’ve chosen another person to do the interview.

  6. i really pity the host after getting all those hateful comments. maybe it just happened that she’s the only korean in fb. maybe there are other koreans who are more competent than her in hosting yet she’s the only who was not afraid to do it (or the others are not blackjacks–get my drift?). maybe we shouldn’t forget that unlike 2ne1, that might have been her 1st time to face the cam that way AND for an international audience yet. maybe she hasn’t been in the u.s. for long judging on her accent and some difficulty in speaking english. she speaks more fluidly/fluently in korean, i think. maybe she was star-struck. i did notice though that she’s not very familiar w/ the group coz she asked some things in a way that shows she didn’t know the answers.

  7. The host is like this ah ok i mean cool i like that! Host big failed omg she’s not prepared boring i dont know whats wrong with her. Why her?

  8. Cool, awesome, i mean.. what the h? the interviewer was so lame………………….

  9. hate the interviewer….damn her

  10. kathypufi said:

    Worst Interviewer ever!!!! She wasted such a big event and chance to get to knw more about the girls..seriously..i was waiting for her to talk into more sensible things…i salute 2ne1! the girls were sooo nice to be able to sit with her for such a long time!!! i would have walked away if it was me 😦 seriously!

  11. i dont envy the girl that did this interview ‘coz she’s most probably right smack in the middle of some very nasty words, comments and feedbacks directed at her and how she wasted and very badly handled this very rare and all-important opportunity to interview the girls. who is this girl and how did she bag this opportunity when she is sooo obviously unskilled in the art of hosting and doing interviews??? no wonder facebook stocks are taking a nosedive lately if this is an example of the kind people that works for them now… incompetence of the highest level.

    haaay… WLD sorry for the rant, i didnt intend to be mean but couldnt help myself, just being honest and objective. a disappointed fan here.

    • I welcome your rant. I was actually thinking along the same lines. I mean this was such a huge opportunity not just for Facebook, for the fans but for 2NE1 as well. They were the very first Asian group to be interview through Facebook Live and it came out extremely awkward and dare I say, boring? It wasn’t that informative too. Sigh! I feel bad for 2NE1 to be honest. Thank you for your comment! ^^

  12. My fav. part of the interview is that when CL said to the MC ” Are you sure you’re 2ne1 Fan?” (somthin’ like that. i was like burst into laughter :)).. ) [the Mc is not Prepared.. Thanks to CL who liven up the Interview ] … And i’m so proud of dara, she ‘s finally confident speaking english (that’s really good baby girl,, keep it up, keep on practicing ^^)

  13. the host was like so awkward and not ready… i am not sure if she was just starstruck by 2ne1 or nervous or what… i just think, FB should have picked a better host or something. Don’t you agree?

  14. SO proud of the GIRLS :)) DARA finally confident in speaking in ENGLISH boos out :)) your the BEST :))

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