The session started with 2NE1 introducing themselves.

MC: Your Facebook page has almost 3 million fans. That’s a lot of fans.

CL: Actually our Facebook pagesite has a lot of fans compared to our official fansite so that explains everything.

MC: How do you use Facebook to connect with your fans? Has it changed the way you interact with your fans?

CL: Yes! Earlier before I was dressing and I had another white t-shirt and I asked my fans, “What should I wear?” and they chose this black t-shirt for me.

MC: Do you share exclusive news with your fans on Facebook which you don’t share anywhere else?

CL: Yes of course. Since we’re travelling around the world. When we’re here (US), for our fans in Korea we would post pictures, things like that.

MC: Do you have your favorite photo that you share on Facebook that has the most likes?

Dara: I think it’s a picture of our concert.

And the MC congratulated 2NE1 for winning MTV IGGY. CL talks about the good memories she had, and a clip from MTV IGGY was shown.

 MC: Congratulations again. Will your fans in the US get to see you more often after the world tour?

CL: Yes, we would love to. It’s always exciting to meet fans from all around the world. We just had our world tour a few days ago in New Jersey and we have another one in LA this Friday. We all have our solo moments where I DJ, Minzy had her dance solo, Dara and Bom had their solos. Dara had an event where she pick one fan and kiss that guy. You guys should come to LA!

The MC told them she loves “I Am The Best” and she did a little part for “Naega Jaeil Jal Naga” and CL responded with, “Go Girl!”

CL said Blackjacks are cool and energetic and she said, “We love you all!” She also said Teddy Park is the hidden member. He’s like 2NE1′s father.

Q: Any artist you’d like to collaborate with?

CL: There’s so many actually but right now we’re actually still introducing 2NE1 so we’ll get there! Right now it’s about finding 2NE1′s color and showing everyone who 2NE1 is.

The MC asked if they can hear a bit of 2NE1′s song for the audience and Bom sang a bit for them. And a clip from 2NE1′s concert was shown.

MC: How do you keep in touch with your friends and family?

CL: Facebook? (Everyone laughs) Dara’s sister would post pictures of her cat.

Dara: Yes, I’m on Facebook all the time, anonymously.

MC: It’s supposed to be a secret?

CL: Yes, it’s a private account.

MC: Does any of you have a Facebook account?

Bom: I do too, but I have a private one.

CL: Not anymore (laughs)

CL announces that 2NE1′s world tour is confirmed in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore! “We’ll see you there~!”

Q: What’s your favorite place you have performed?

Bom: It’s really hard to pick.

Q: What’s the difference between K-Pop and American Music?

CL: I think it’s just the language I guess. Music has the power to break down any wall.

Q: Do you have any advice for me before I go into Berkeley?

Bom: Advice? I don’t even know.. (laughs) Just work hard and believe in yourself.

Q: If you weren’t singers, what would you be?

CL: I think we would still be doing music., But separately.

MC: I think Dara pursues her acting career?

Dara: I would love to do that again. I miss doing that. But of course right now I’m very much focusing on 2NE1, I’m having so much fun, so not anytime soon.

Q: What are inspirational words for those who want to become singers/performers?

CL: What if you are not afraid? That’s the perfect one, don’t you think so? And never give up. You’ll never know what’s gonna happen, you just need to be prepared.

And CL said she’s talent-less, saying that it’s her passion that brought her to what she is today.

MC asks Minzy, what type of man she likes, and Minzy said it’s Usher.

MC: Have you seen him? Minzy: I saw him at his concert.

Q: Can you show us your favorite move from the tour?

Minzy showed them IATB’s move and she received a huge applause after that.

Q : What languages do you speak?

CL: We speak Korean to each other.

MC: Other languages?

CL: English sometimes?(laughs)

Dara: I can speak Tagalog, of course.

Bom: Minzy speaks Japanese.

Q: Do you like Lady Gaga?

CL: We love Lady Gaga but we all have different taste. I love Queen.

Minzy : I love Micheal Jackson.

Dara: I love Britney Spears.

Bom: I love Mariah Carey

Q: What was your favorite video to film?

CL: Can’t Nobody, because we have so many different scenes.

Bom: I love everything.

CL: I love “Try To Follow Me”.

CL then jokingly said to the MC, “Are you really a fan?” because she mistakenly said the wrong MV!

Q: What’s the best thing you’ve eaten in America?

CL: Dara actually goes to Korean restaurant. Did you eat anything else?

Dara: Yes, samgyupsal (pork belly) and doenjang jjigae (Korean stew)

MC: That’s Korean! (everyone laughs)

CL: I went to eat Mexican food and New York pizza.

Bom: I had Mexican food, corn, I liked it.

CL: Bom’s famous for liking corn.

Q: When the first time you had your head shaved, how do you feel? She said it’s amazing.

Dara: Thank you. First I was worried, but I think it looks good on me with my makeup on so, I love it.

MC: Was it something you had personally? Because some people in Korea had their head shaved when they break up with their boyfriend/girlfriend… is it something like that?

Dara: I love trying new things.

Q: What do you do when your free time on tour?

Dara: Shopping!

CL: We got to go shopping, walk around and see the sun.

MC: It’s rare for you to see the sun?

CL: Yeah, because we’re always in the studio, we finish late. Sometimes we see the sun when we go back home, when we’re trying to get some sleep. I got to go to some flee markets, we enjoyed and relax.

Q: What’s your relationship with Bigbang?

CL: Our first song with Bigbang was Lollipop and we love working with them. Sometimes when people asks us who do you like from Bigbang it’s like, do you like your brother in a weird way? (laughs) We’re family.

MC: What’s coming up next for 2NE1?

CL: We have a world tour coming up, and an album.

MC: Any last words for fans all over the world?

Bom spoke in Korean.

Dara: Thank you so much for supporting us, thanks for liking us. Keep on liking us.

Minzy: I love you!

CL: Thank you for inviting us.

Source : 2NE1 Facebook Live

Written by : sillysera@ForeverWithSandara

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  1. bom sounds sick. i hope she gets well soon.

  2. I haven’t watched their live interview yet but I will, I must rather…hehehe…^_^

  3. waaahhhh no confirmation yet if there’s going to be a NECon in the Philippines….a little bit heartbroken here…huhuhuhu.come here please!

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