My pretty, pretty girls! How gorgeous is Dara’s hair in this pic?! T_T And how cute are the miniature compact cameras? ^^ The girls are going to endorse the COOLPIX S01 series, which are small cameras modeled after the COOLPIX series. ^^


Source: Nikon Facebook + Nikon Imaging Korea + Nate

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: 2NE1 To Endorse Miniature Compact Cameras, COOLPIX S01" (14)

  1. I want that camera…and Dara’s hair is love ❤

  2. khassim arimas said:

    yes, a drama please for Dara.

  3. dara is so preety here (well she’s always preety ^^).. [ hmm bit sad bcoz of the “one-eye” thing pose]

  4. illuminati-paranoid said:

    I don’t mind change but I hope they wont turn out puppets of the new world…

  5. Missy musni said:

    More endorsement to come !!!!
    ESP dara !! We want u to have a drama !

    • AGREE 100%!!!!! WE WANT DARAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ugh
      Goddess Dee +beautiful long brown hair= perfection!!!Thanks NIKON<33

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