She is looking absolutely beautiful, gorgeous, radiant, blooming, sexy, etc.!!! She is glowing!


Credit: As Tagged; @closer_21; @ohmygoddessDARA; @OMG_SANDAR; I Think So; @Kongdot_ZPB; 诺瓦奴想喝长岛冰茶 via @daraliciousx; @littlestone_

Comments on: "Photos: 120808 Fan-Taken Photos of Dara at Etude Pink Play Concert 2012" (4)

  1. Im new here and has been a loyal Sandy fan since her SCQ days and I may say that something in her changed when she shaved her head.. she’s more daring, confident.. no longer awkward. I love it! 🙂 I hope she finds a boyfriend worthy of that beauty.

  2. i wish the other photos are in hd.
    goddess of beauty dara 😀

  3. our baby girl is truly beautiful and gorgeous!

  4. I think you mean sexy, not sex…kekeke…Yeah she’s gorgeous!

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