OH MY GOD. Did anyone of you had a heart attack just like me when you saw Dara’s update?! My heart cannot take the third picture! Seriously, Dara’s body is so glorious!!! Her abs! I love her abs/tummy so much! <333 Its not everyday that we get to see a provocative side of Dara, and I am so happy to have seen this sexy side of her! Go go model Dara!!! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful treat!!! ^____^

The goodies look all so good btw! Me wants! T_T

[뉴에콘 굿즈] 굿즈를 먼저 손에넣은 능력자!!!^_^v착용샷! 모델:산다라박!!! 짱귀짱귀!+.+이거외에도 여러가지 굿즈들이 있는데~다른건 내일 입어야징!!!아우 근데 저 매쉬티 좀 야하당 >.< 갑자기 입느라 갖춰입지못햇어요!ㅠ.ㅠ쏘리~그럼 난 다시 리허설하러~뿅!

[New E Con Goods] The capable person to try out the goods personally first! ^_^v Shots while wearing them! Model: Sandara Park!!! Awesomely cute, awesomely cute! +.+ Aside from the goods shown here, there are so many more ~ cute things that I’ll model tomorrow!!! Aww, but the mesh tee is a little too sexy >.< I didn’t realize it because I put it on suddenly without much thought!ㅠ.ㅠ Sorry~ I need to go back to rehearsing after modeling~ Ppyong!


Source: Dara’s Me2Day

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara




Comments on: "Me2Day: Gorgeous Dara Models “New Evolution” Concert Goodies!" (25)

  1. Reblogged this on sujukat and commented:

  2. OMG!!! I hope she wears that top in their concert…Dara is soooooo sexy!!!

  3. Apple_ph said:

    So sexy Darashhiiiii….. I like her so much very versatile!!! Hope she performs wearing that tees… so smexxxxyyyyyy ^0^

  4. really a PR director, if she will put a business, ultimately success!

  5. theiansako said:

    who said she’s not sexy?

    who said she has a stick body?

    will the pix proves that she is indeed sexy and her body

    is oozing of curves and abs..


  6. this is what you call a TREAT..! <333

  7. myles07 said:

    Dara. really is so SMEXY!!! Sexy Goddess, hohohohho!!!! Now all we need is for her to show her SMEXY LEGS with her SMEXY ABS then I will be ssssooo HAPPY. Ghad that would be so EPIC!!! Dara showing it….. I love how she’s trying to hide her sexiness and when it comes to a day that she will bear it all, BBBAAAMMM we all have a heart attack, hohohoho… Super Love IT DARA!!! ❤

  8. have you guys seen dara’s new me2day update? it’s deukkie and donny! wahhh so cute! ❤

  9. Dragonfly87 said:

    Now I am curious what Dara will be doing in the concert… Will she be showing her smexy body during “Kiss” or “I Love You”??

  10. o.0 OMG!!! i like the mesh…SMEXY goddess Dee 🙂

  11. Ohhh myy Goddess<3333333333 sexy Dee FTW<3333333
    I NEED Dee's shirt!!!!!it's a really cool &pretty shirt<333333

  12. bbycakes said:

    This actually confirms COMFIRM that Hwangssabu’s update ages ago IS Dara lol

  13. Daaarrraaaaa do a perf using thing costume pulllleeeeesssseeee….! her abs i soooo O_____O …!

  14. w0000000 s0 sexy g0ddess D*** this was the 1st time i saw it, the curve it’s s0 sexy i want t0 see m0re picture like this..

  15. i want her abs xD

  16. daradarabrightdara said:


  17. kimchichi said:

    WHAT. IN. THE. WORLD. All this freaking time, dara has been depriving the whole world of that glorious glorious abs of hers. It really is very rare to see her show some skin, but when she does, everybody is flipping out. I suddenly remember her me2day updates with bom. Bom said she’s been working out really hard. Is that a hint that she’ll be showing more in their concerts? I swear that girl is going to cause us a coronary.

  18. i can see her SMEXY ABS!! dara[spaaaaaazzzz]

  19. my Dara is so SMEXY HOT!!!!

  20. sabrina said:

    Dara in bikini please…id probably gonna have more that a heart attack if i saw a photo of her in a two-piece..she really has a figure..so flat tummy plus the abs..i hope she can overcome her shyness so i can see i photo of her in a bikini soon..and i think my wish will come true in the near future 🙂

    • sweepberry said:

      I think there’s one and be warned its lethal to your heart! XD
      (its her UNO Magazine pics in Philippines) search it 😀

      • sabrina said:

        ops i forgot that she has uno pics..hehe..thanks for reminding me..but i like this one better than those hehe..i just love Dara..i still hope she will wear one in the future ^^

  21. egliukas said:

    Omg !!! this is a first time Dara is showing her body she looks fantastic <33333

  22. Dragonfly87 said:

    I did. Not a heart attack though. I went straight to heaven and back to OhDara just to post a comment before entering heaven’s gates. ^____^

    Gosh, that mesh shirt looks soooo good on her. She should show more skin!!! 😀 I am itching to buy one because of her. Effective advertising, indeed!!!

  23. kukay06 said:


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