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Comments on: "Audio: 2NE1 “I Love You” (Official Acapella and Instrumental)" (8)

  1. Can someone give me a download link

  2. Even if many pulls down dara,she still manage to be the way she is..and thats sandara park! She doesnt let people ruin her image!instead she let the people realize who they’re bringing down..

  3. Definitely dara is really great!she’s great in every thing she does..

  4. Dragonfly87 said:

    Well, this really is not acapella (and this is from a person who sang with a professional choir group for 5 years) however can I just say that Dara sang a lot of lines for this song! Bravo, really. We know she hardly sings in a lot of their songs but in this one you can clearly hear her crooning even as a background/second voice. She seems to be playing as the soprano-slash-mezzo soprano(sop. 2) among the group.

    So proud of you, Dara!! 🙂

  5. tatashi said:

    Omg! Is yg trolling? This is not acapella…. This is i love you without instrument. Tsk!

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