Awww Dara! T_T You don’t have to be worried about your hair. It looks super good on you! You are one brave and strong lady for being able to do this. You are beautiful, inside and out. <333

Oppa! Keke! ^_^


반삭다라 특보!!! 초조해하고있는 랙잭이들 잠시 릴렉스하구 2시1분에 대기타라구~!ㅎㅎㅎ보너스! 이사진은.. 처음 바리깡을 접해본 다라가 머리밀다가 멘붕온 모습..! 지이이이이잉~ 약간의 묘한 기분.. 과연 어울릴까..? 어울려요?!? +.+

Bansak hair sandara’s news flash! To our patiently waiting blackjacks just a little more waiting 02:01~! He he he Bonus! This picture…the expressions of Dara just after shaving my head for the first time..! Jj iii iii ii ng~ a slightly strange feeling… Will it really look good..? Does it suit me well?!? +.+ 


Keke! Looks like the girls are busy preparing for their concert! ^_^

이번 투애니원 콘서트 연출을 맡은 트래비스와 함께 열심히 회의중인 투애니원 멤버들!!! 트래비스 페인은 마이클잭슨 디스이즈잇의 안무가인데요 이번 저희공연을 아주 화려하고 새롭게 꾸며줄거에요!+.+궁금하죠?!?그럼 궁금한것들 댓글달아주면 몇개골라서 답해줄게요!^.^카몬!

Tags: 지금 당장 실시간 대화 시작할게요~!!!

The hardworking 2NE1 members are in the middle of a meeting with the one in-charge of the production for our concert this time,Travis! Michael Jackson’s This is it was choreographed by Travis Payne,this time,he will decorate our concert for it to be bright and new! +.+ Are you all curious?!? If you are,leave a comment and i will pick some comments to answer! Come on!

Source: Dara’s Me2Day + Bom’s Me2day +  welovesandara@Youtube

Translated by: @ilove2NE1girls + ygdragonheart@DGH

Comments on: "Me2Day: Dara Uploads a Gorgeous Photo of her Showing her Undercut and Updates Blackjacks about “New Evolution”" (8)

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  2. hahaha! lol.. very funny! my stomache… how funny the yellow guy crying-kneeling and throwing something?!!! hahaha!.. Dara is upset first and i felt that the people surrounds her are also sympathyzing on her also.. But Now! Look! Dara is Happy bec. it fits to her well and many fans are mind-blown and happy/surprise with her look we’re so proud of her bec. She can pull it off and have that courage just to give to her fans- the satisfaction/approval and be amazed!. Thanks DAra!. Thanks 2NE1 we’re so Proud of You all. 🙂 continue shinning and reaching the top.

  3. sweepberry said:

    OMG! its really clear to say that the Teddy bear is CL and Dara is the Ssantokki, But whose the guy in yellow hair??!! ~ and he’s like crying BIG TIME! >.>

    • Yeah! Kind of like a psycho or something! Hahaha In the second update he looks angry. Couldn’t get tickets, I guess. Maybe they shouldn’t let him have one! Hahaha

  4. What kind of app is this 😦 I’ve been looking for this in iTunes 😐

  5. Poor Dara. She looked really upset. I wonder whose arm that is…holding her hand to the side. Kekekekke…

  6. dara im so proud of you.your hair really suits you.your still pretty.Goodluck and God bless u always!

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