Dara’s lips are to die for!!! Like seriously! Her lips are soooo sexy!!!! ^___^

AND I AM TOTALLY LOVING DARA’S PINK HAIR!!! At last! We see a drastic color on her head and she looks awesome!!!

Comments on: "Screencaps: Dara in 2NE1’s “I Love You” MV Teaser" (7)

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  2. talabels said:

    I’m still not over the MV teaser! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Everything is just so freaking perfect!!!

    Her lips! Look at her lips! I think I just died! Can I kiss your lips, Dara?!! Can I?! Can I?! Can I?! ASDAJKJJFAMDSKFN I’m going lesbo over you, Dara!!!!

  3. WOW!!! look at Dara-unnie’s face on her third pic…she looks exactly like herself during her “My Name is Sandara Park” filming…wow!!! vampire Dara-unnie…^^,

  4. omg ! dara had an ombre hair that I wanted for so long…… so pretty!

  5. azncanadian said:

    Wow…I am so excited but yet i am really confused  ..I don’t really want to mention it or make a big deal about it ..but I cannot help it wondering why Dara seems to have the same or similar style like “G”? or wondering why the stylist is making them look alike. (Referring to style I mean – shave head and now pink hair). I want our Dara to have her own original style and now people are comparing her to “G” (please don’t get me wrong..I love BB, as well) but I want our Dara to have her own style unless there’s a good reason for it, but if none I wish she has her own style. Dara is so gorgeous, very sexy and stunning in this video ( but I cannot help wonder why? Sorry fellow BJ..I hope this does not foreseen as a negative comment..if so I do apologize…*bow*..I am just wondering!!

  6. finally papa yg did a good job dara so pretty

  7. Love Dara! I thought the full m/v was meant to come out, not the teaser >_< ah well.

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