Oh wow! ^_^ Bommie looks so gorgeous with her long legs! Love it! She looks so sexy too! Maknae Minzy is all grown up! ^_^ Loving the composition of her photo! She looks so mature and just drop dead gorgeous!

Don’t forget to check out Bom’s Audio Teaser for “I LOVE YOU” too! Its a little short but it builds up excitement for sure!

“Look at my heart. It is so anxious.” 

Thanks @OMGSODA!

Comments on: "Videos/Photos: YG-Life Releases Bom and Minzy’s Teasers for “I LOVE YOU”" (13)

  1. wow~! baby mingkki..?? is that you..?? sooo pretty……

  2. yes…that’s the first thing that comes to my mind too when i saw the pix of cl, bom and minzy…how come dara’s teaser pix is not in bed too…?don’t tell me papa yg…oh…never mind…i’ll just think that it’s a surprise…and to add for the anticipation of the fans…she has the most viewed teaser so i hope they will give her a fair share in the song and in the mv too…

    • dararose said:

      looking at Dara’s picture it seems that her background is also a bed. LOL They are in bed while she just use it as a background. I want the video now… I hope we could see her in as sexy outfit too. I want to see her legs . They are always hiding it from the FANBOYS. Papa YG ….

  3. egliukas said:

    baby Minkki so pretty >,< she's growing so fast T__T and yes!! i wand Dara in a bed too LOL xDDD

  4. kyliegen12 said:

    lol how come dara is the only one who doesnt have a bed scene xD

  5. Oh my god!! What id they do have a bed avene…??? Not too sexy… But like a cute innocent sexy scene if that is even possible??? Then they have to have guys! Ahh! I can just imagine dará And a cute guy like her dance partner. Toink.

    Sorry getting ahead of myself there. LMAO!!

  6. Uhmm.. I think Dara doesnt have bedscene because she’s conservative ^^

  7. Minzy’s pic is daebak and the teaser is daebak

  8. DARA daisuki said:

    WOW so they all have beds??? so wheres dara’s bed???
    i want to see her on bed too.< LOL

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