For today, Dara’s “I Love You” Teaser is #1 in the Philippines and its “as seen on” This made us so giddy! Thank you! ^_^

2NE1 will pre-record their Inkigayo “I Love You” comeback stage this Thursday! However, 2NE1’s recording will be private. No public audience will be invited. (Credit: @pab0sarang)

2NE1 will not be on any variety shows during this round of promotion. (Credit: @kristinekwak)

Philippines – #1

South Korea – #4

Singapore – #1

Malaysia – #2

Japan – #13

Indonesia – #1

Hong Kong – #2

France – #16

Taiwan – #3

Source: YouTube

Comments on: "Screencaps: YouTube Popular Videos Around The Web (Music) – #1 Dara’s “I Love You” Teaser" (22)

  1. Reblogged this on belikeit.

  2. wow,congrats dara.filipinos really love sandara park.God bless u always dara!

  3. No variety show appearances during promotions, yeah, we all know that.:)

  4. Dara is a killer. She’s mine. in my book all she’s one of a kind. If you don’t like her then get lost!!

  5. KeeNBrooklynite said:

    it’s funny how i feel like i’m reading my thoughts in most of the comments here. i guess great minds think alike! daralings are the best! DARA we will always be here to support you in whatever way we can. ♥

  6. oh Dara baby I love you. You always make papi proud ^^

  7. really happy that Dara is getting recognition all over the world….

  8. This is really awesome! It made me smile. 🙂

  9. egliukas said:

    a Power of Sandara is incredible >,<
    but no variety shows kinda upsets me…

  10. hahah Oh Dara writers are really humble & funny ^.^ Are you shocked by this? You’ve already hit more than 16M you should get used to things like this ^.^

    I’m a filipino & the only website I go to for Dara & 2ne1 news is this wonderful site…I swear I don’t even visit their official site!! hahah ^.^ cause even if this is solely for Goddess D, you guys always write stuff about the other girls too..even if that article doesn’t have any Dara related info in them & I love you for that ^.^

    for all the other artists I only go to akp…no matter how much I like another group, I never felt that extra effort to go to their official sites…dunno why ^.^

    anyways.. happy for you too!! ^.^ hope this somehow compensates for all the wonderful updates & info you share about Dara to us ^.^

    • same here

    • KeeNBrooklynite said:

      and here… thanks admins! we love you!

    • Thanks for your kinds words! ^_^ To be honest… We will get shocked and amazed when things like this happen. All Oh Dara Admins and writers live in such a bubble that we don’t know how this blog is perceived. ^_^ We just update because we love Dara, we love what we are doing and we want to keep fans updated with what she’s doing. It honestly still amazes us. ^_^ Thanks for your kind words!

      • I love this blog so much that this is the first site that I view when I go online. I’m lurking everyday. No day is complete without a dose of Dara. This has become my official 2NE1 site as well 🙂

  11. Gading Puspita said:

    Indonesia #1!!!!!! ^0^

  12. im trying the “playlist” thing to see if it works*i hope it does* its easier than pressing the F5 key and the replay key will not add to the views. i really want dara’s teaser to have obscene number of views as in 7 figures and beyond to blow YG’s mind and make him realize what a gem he has in his hand and to show dara the kind of respect that she deserves by giving her more lines in their songs^^

  13. oh wow!!! that is so cool!!! wooot!!! and can i just say that i’m so proud of dear dara??? she’s just amazing!!! ^_^

  14. pangga34 said:

    we filipinos love DARA….

  15. I’m happy right now. ^.^

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