OMG OMG OMG! I just want to cry for 2NE1’s perfection in this video! I love Dara’s hair! Love the white extensions on the side and the curls! /flails I also love their outfits! I see CL’s smexy shoulder! <333 And Bommie’s hair! This is the first time I saw that hairstyle on her! ❤ Mingkki shows off her new hairstyle and yay shoulders! ❤



Comments on: "Video: 2NE1 – NEW EVOLUTION 1st WORLD TOUR is Coming! (KOR)" (6)

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  2. lovelove said:

    i all way love dara and this is my first time not like what dara wearing i mean i love the dress but on top of that dress it dont go with it and everthing else is cute she is a angle

  3. yourdbest said:

    mind explodes…. of course everyone is happy with smiley faces, rainbows…and unicorns! nobody hates unicorns they are effin mythical creatures …!the freak ing unicorn even lives and bursts out of cl’s top! and what the..?! is that cartoon clips on bom’s dress? Am i the only one seeing this? tell me! it’s mind bowing! cheesus … and somebody painted dara’s hair with eraser ink! genius…! love you dara but this is…brain cells dead.

  4. DARA is sooo cute FANTASTIC BABY !! keke.. new evolution! hwaiting

  5. Hyuwhieyl said:

    As always, they toned down Dara’s look by not letting her show some shoulders or bare arms in this video. Just imagine if they did that.

    Excited much for this world tour!!! I hope i can see it live!

  6. CL is becoming really pretty…i guess if a girl really knows how to be a fashionista and be confident….everything else will follow…i need a better view of dara’s hair….i think her hair would be better in straight,,,,but as always sh’es pretty…

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