My pretty Dara and her pretty smile and her pretty hair and her pretty outfit! <333

Group shots! My pretty girls! <333

More and more cute photo screencaps after the cut! ❤

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Capped by: OhDara/WeLoveDara

Please do not change the credit lines, thank you. ^^

Comments on: "Photos: HD Screencaps From The New Evolution Korean Version Video!" (11)

  1. Reblogged this on edherei.

  2. Kiimchesse said:

    it looks like Dara shave her hair :O

  3. Dara is perfection without even trying~ 😛
    She still looks uber gorgeous even with that crazy hair and dress going on, 😛
    Only Dara can pull off something like this, others would’ve looked ridiculous but not my baby girl! ^^
    This is most probably just one of the many styles to look forward to on their comeback, so prepare yourselves people, LOL!

  4. i like dara’s hair style!!! its got GD feel in it…. kkkk

  5. they should have given bom’s hairstyle to goddess dara that would look good on her. gonna be frank i dislike everyone’s clothes here. i thought they would be having something a bit sexy on their comeback, why this? tired of these weird styles on 2ne1 it’s getting boring now, show us something different. i love dara much, but this 2ne1style ohh terrible.

  6. oh no! what have they done to dara? i’m sorry i can’t hide my disappointment, i don’t like 2ne1’s style like this, and dara you’re so beautiful don’t hide your beauty, say no sometimes to the yg stylists, 2ne1 be funky but not like that! is this taken during their mv making? oooowww yg stylists think it over while there’s still time anyways their comeback is still on the middle of july. sick and tired of those weird outfits and hairstyles it doesn’t give a surprise factor anymore kinda getting boring, we need a variety of styles. like weird styles then simple/girly then weird style again then simple/girly again, i want them to be unpredictable.

  7. lovelove said:

    2ne1 look very different and i dont really like it

  8. Lord, she’s beautiful in any and every angle. just perfect!

  9. petitedara said:

    Is it merely my feelings, but Minzy does not look very fond with her new hairstyle.. I like her purple or blue color back then 😦 I do not need to comment about Dara. She is just FABULOUS!!!

  10. Reblogged this on chriszlchye and commented:
    Sandara ! so pretty! New Evolution! Can’t wait fot their comeback!

  11. OMG oh my Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!! im pretty sure this was taken during their MV making.. WOW! i mis the girls.. DARA is sooo cute FANTASTIC BABY and NEW EVOLUTION hwaitng

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