DARA IS LOOKING GORGEOUS! ^_^ I love the bangs so much! I wonder what this is for? My best bet is that its for another Etude Campaign! Don’t we all just love Dara and Etude?

Did I say that Dara looks so gorgeous in the photo? Gah! Love it!!!!

“”At a photoshoot with our pretty Dara – At Sinsa-dong -“

Thank you so much to @_xandie for sharing!

Comments on: "Photo: Gorgeous Dara with Bangs for Another Etude Photoshoot" (23)

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  2. she looks different! I LOVE IT.

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  4. maybe its the hair but she looked like a mermaid to me… lol… a pretty mermaid:D and she’s wearing skirt too(because of the blanket covering her legs?)!…

    *o* dara with bangs, pretty hair and all girly=fanboys and fangirls fainting on future… lol 😀

    • Dara’s Princess mermaid<333 😀 i really hope that someday she would find her "Prince charming" and lived happily ever after<3333 Etude=Fairy Godmother 🙂

  5. kissyvee said:

    Gorgeous!!! I can’t wait for this new etude cf!!! waaa!!
    I am loving the new hair, the bangs and just…everything!!!! LOL!
    thank you etude! ^^

  6. tatashi said:


  7. she is so PERFECT !!!!!

  8. daebydae said:

    no wonder g-dragon fell for her and how plenty her fanboys were..

  9. cheneechee said:


  10. geez.. she’s so pretty 😀 is this new? she’s back with brown hair..

  11. Is it logical to cry out of happiness just because of one photo?!? GGGGHHHAAAAAD!!!

  12. she looks like a porcelain doll here.

  13. I hope she does bangs with this comeback yes

  14. She looks like a mannequin ghaad!!! Im drooling!

  15. atifa25 said:

    this what I called like a doll, she’s not even pose waaa

  16. egliukas said:

    i’m getting excited again >.< i hope there will be a prince for Dara this time !!! (not shinee)

    • lovelove said:

      hahaha is funny how u say i hope there will be prince for dara this time (not shinee)
      for me if it with shinee it will be ok to but if we have another k-pop boy it will be more exctied

    • hpehpehping its jyj..
      gosh jst d thght of it mkes me chill.
      mke it happn:-)

  17. She looks like a princess! Hehe… she’s looking more feminine nowadays. Maybe because the dating ban is lifted? 🙂

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