This video is just amazing! Here, we learn about Will.I.Am’s thoughts about 2NE1 as well as the girls individually. He said, “Out of all the KPOP groups, my gut tells me that 2ne1 will be the biggest global asian group. The planet is going to like 2ne1. They’re the best! They’re the best!”

“And Dara, she’s just this loud but cool cute one…” 

Credit: razorfishinternalvid@YouTube

Comments on: "Video: 2NE1 and Will.I.Am for Intel’s Ultrabook Project" (6)

  1. sweepberry said:

    Being loud means not the Sound for Word but maybe it can be expressed as her fashion, personality, charms, or even her presence. keke!
    oh maybe even more!… the crowd’s response does makes her LOUD! 😀
    DARA!! <3!

  2. Is Dara really loud? haha

  3. i like to listen to music all over the world.I’m not Korean but for me 2NE1 is not just very different from all the other kpop groups, I also find them very different from all the groups or artist around the world (: i really enjoy their music,sense of humor, and their culture. sorry for my bad English ..for me 2NE1 is the best of Korea i love them

  4. That’s right. Go 2ne1!

  5. That’s right 2NE1 is gonna take the world on baby!!! Be ready world 2NE1 is coming!! CheeHoo!!

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