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My flight to go home to the Philippine was supposed to be at 9:30 in the evening on March 6 but after hearing that 2NE1 was going to come back right away, I decided to reschedule my flight AGAIN! I just didn’t want to miss the opportunity. Prior to waiting for 2NE1 to come back, me and a few KBlackjack friends decided to go to a store to get a few welcome back stuff for 2NE1. There, we got them Chupa Chups and a drink. KBJs told me that its better to just give them something small so that they can appreciate it on their way back to their dorm. So we bought Chupa Chups and a drink for all the girls. ^_^ Other than that, I already prepared Patchi Chocolates (from @MamaWowa) and a letter for Dara. I also got her some cute stickers I saw. Just something small so that Dara could just carry it with her. I can’t remember everything that I wrote down in the letter but it went something like this: (The entire letter was in Tagalog so I am just going to put some translations here!)

Hello Dara! Mabuhay! I hope you are doing fine. We really miss you back in the Philippines but are extremely happy that you have finally found success in 2NE1, Korea and the world. I would just like to tell you that I love you very very very much. A lot of us do. You are a source of inspiration and strength to a lot of fans out there. So, in our own little way, we wish to be a source of your happiness too. We will support whatever you do and understand when others won’t. We will wipe your tears when you cry and we will cheer when you will show us your adorable smile. We hope that you will always stay healthy and happy. Please always keep in mind that you will always be in our prayers. We always pray for your happiness. Please do visit us in and @WeLoveDara. A lot of fans love you. Always, WeLoveDara

That was all written in Tagalog. I can’t remember the exact words but it went something like that. A few minutes after that, we saw Jjangoo and other managers waiting for 2NE1’s arrival. So, we waited for them. The girls then finally came out and it was chaos from there. Hahaha! The fans there went to their own biases and I started jumping up and down to see Dara. While looking for her, CL was headed straight towards me. Literally, I was blocking her path so I said, “Hi Chaerin-ah!” She smiled at me and said, “Hi!”. After that, I started looking for Dara again. She was being protected by this manager. I will now call him Linebacker manager because he was sooo intent on protecting Dara. He would hug her and drag her here and there in order to avoid the fans. Luckily, one of my friends was able to get past Linebacker manager and was able to get Dara’s signature (in the Kiss Note shown in the video) and was able to give her the Chupa Chups and drink. Since I was already able to get Dara’s signature in the morning, I just really wanted to give her the chocolates, stickers and letter! I was so intent on doing that. Even though Linebacker manager was being so protective, I started talking to Dara saying stuff like.. “Please Dara, I have some gifts for you…” (I said that in Tagalog). Dara then turned around a little and grabbed the gifts from my hand. It happened so fast that I wasn’t able to react right away. After that, Dara went inside the van. I was just staying outside her door waiting for her to roll down the window. By that time, I was already so happy but little did I know, Dara was reading my letter inside the van! When they were leaving, Dara rolled down her window, looked directly at me, smiled and said.. “Maraming salamat ha!” (Thank you very much!) You can see Dara looking at me in the video below. By then I think I was having heart palpitations and was about to have a heart attack. Waaa! She acknowledged me! Weeee! I was so happy by then I was ready to cry. After 2Ne1’s van left, I had to lean back on a pillar just to gather some strength! I was so happy.

Check out the video below to see Dara signing my friend’s Kiss Note and Dara waving at me from inside the van! ^^

PS: Dara+pigtails = new OTP

[FANCAM] 120306 Gimpo Airport Arrival – preview (DARA ver)


Comments on: "Video/Fan-Account: 120306 OMG Fancam Of Adorable Dara At Gimpo Airport Arriving From Japan!" (15)

  1. Super happy!! fan na fan tlga ako ni dara at 2ne..nakakaiyak touching..

  2. Thanks WLD to be honest as a Dara fan I feel like I have not done enough for her and for 2ne1. So I’m really glad that someone like you can represent us fellow daralings. You’re letter made me cry tbh…I think all daralings feel the same way…that we will always be there for her no matter what the odds are. Again thank you so much!!! you are the BEST!!!

  3. Ang galing Galing mo naman you really made DARALINGs proud. At isa pa, hindi ko alam pero naiyak ako sa letter mo.. iniimagine ko kung paano na lang kung si Dara ang nakakabasa nun. Im sure super touched siya. Good choice na sinulat mo yun in tagalog para naman mas maramdaman niya. yeee im so happy, kahit di kita kilala. feeling ko ako na rin ang nandun. MARAMING SALAMAT sa pag she-share!! ^_____^

  4. MBLAQie said:

    Wow, you are super lucky !! I feel really happy that you had such an amazing experience, it’s every fan’s dream and a moment you’ll treasure for the rest of your life! Thanks so much for sharing this with us, I can almost feel like I was there seeing Dara too ! She’s so sweet and nice signing ‘graphies and taking your gifts.. She didn’t have to but she did, and she acknowledged you, which is amazing ! Park siblings Fighting, SRSLY !!! Doongie and Dara 4eva~<33

  5. ohhhh! Im happy for u, thats awesome, im always here cuz is the best place to know about her and about our talented girls. Thank uuu

  6. I am so happy for you WLD admin<33 I wish i had the same chance as you!! Anyway, Thanks for sharing, I really enjoy reading this<33 WLD admin, Sweetie Dee HWAITING!!!

  7. hyuwhieyl said:

    i’m so happy for you WLD Primary unnie!!! (i’m older but i’ll call you primary unnie too kekeke). And again, WLD, Oh-dara, thanks so much for bringing in the Dara love to the whole wide world! ^.^

  8. wow…so happy for you.. and dara so very nice to her fans.. well, its not really surprising coz dara is always like that to her fans in phil. i’m so proud to be a daraling. she loves us and i love her more.

  9. waaaaa…super touching..she really is the best!’re so lucky!

  10. U so lucky! Dara is a goddess 🙂
    Proud to be her fans

  11. you are soooo lucky! Forever love you Dara…! ❤

  12. while i’m reading this, without me knowing i’m already crying i dont know why but i’m so touch!!!
    it makes me feel so good & proud, SANDARA is worth loving as an idol!!! she deserve everything what she has and she deserve more!!!!!

    i’m proud to say that i’m PARK SANDARA Fan…..(no matter what)

  13. At naiyak ako….so touching.

  14. akikisetsu said:

    We already know that SANDARA PARK is worth the love and admiration that we have for her, but moments like this, just cements it. And, words are not enough to express my appreciation for all your efforts in showing our collective love for DARA. Not only is dara included in my prayers, but also you guys. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!^^

  15. I am so happy for you WLD admin. I feel ecstatic reading your account. You are living every dara fangirls’ dream.

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