Must admit, the hairstyle is growing on me. ^^ Though I still can’t figure out that skirt thing she’s wearing. Haha! ^^ But Dara is just so so so cute! Her expressions are all so animated! She can be fierce, fun, blank, smexy, just anything she wants to portray! ^^

PS: I want that talking Dara portrait! T_T

Group shots found below the cut! ^^


Source: WeLoveDara and OhDara

Please do not change the credit lines when taking out. Thank you! ^^

Comments on: "Photos: Caps From SCREAM MV Preview!" (16)

  1. Dara reminds me of Jiyong here hahah 😀

  2. Our girls look so cute, stylish, funky & more girly in this MV. I like Dara’s bangs it looks good on her. Minzy’s hair is cute too. I can’t wait for their comeback especially after watching a lot of Big Bang’s MV & Dara’s Étude CF with SHINee.

  3. 1st looks=Boyish Dara, 2nd looks=she looks like Japanese doll<3333

  4. scream is catchy and i like it. mianhe but stylist can do better on Dara’s hair. It’s like they are running out of ideas on what to do on it. Just please let it down more often? BUT THE BANGS is A WOW FOR ME!!! The rest, uh well. LOL!!! I’m looking forward to this MV! 🙂

    • 100%AGREE!!!! No wonder their stylist dressed her weird hairstyle, its to hide her how she’s pretty and angelic she was because she will standout!!!It’s so obvious!!! I hate “them”!!T_T

  5. good thing her 1st hairstyle (in the blue room) just made a very brief and inconspicuous appearance. but i think her hair in her solo scene totally SCREAMs! lol… are there more costume/style changes to come? the song/vid is just halfway, right? yet they’ve changed looks and sets at least 3x already. wow… can’t wait to see more of the scene where everyone’s sporting bangs.

  6. when she shake her finger ‘no’ (3rd pic)..she look like top..
    when she put her arms under her armpit(5th pic) she look like gd…
    i swear…dara is the sixth member of ke ke..

  7. dara is so cute w/ her bangs. i love it ❤

  8. Dara is rockin’ that crazy hairstyle once again.
    She looks so good even with that over the top style, loose clothes and crazy hair, LOL!
    Not too sure about the song yet, will wait for the release then.
    But so far, I am digging Dara and Minggki’s parts!

  9. CarlaHearts2ne1 said:

    the skirt? u mean the long shirt inside the jersey?

  10. why their stylist don’t give her something like ETUDE like appearance.. they always give her the weirdest hairstyle among 2ne1… anyhow i love her jersey like outfit..

  11. I must admit the video looks kinda scary haha, The beginning was very funny RAINDEERS talking hahahaha

  12. I LOVE IT!!! IT’s HIP AND LAID BACK AND COOL! SWAGG!! MAJOR SWAGG! 2ne1 can’t be beat. They’re so different!!! I LOVE THEM!

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