The first one was updated earlier today. The last two were late last night. ^_^

촬영중 초조허게 음원공개 기다리던중.. 찰칵!!! 노래 들어봤어요?!? ^_^ 캬~!!! 난 예쁘지않아.. 아름답지않아.. 오오오오! 오오오오오~!!! 하지만 내가 제일 잘나가!!!ㅋㅋ막이래~! 이제 촬영끝! 숙소로 갑니다! 굿밤!!!^.^/

While I was doing the shooting, I was getting nervous and while waiting for the release, I got this…with a click!!!! Have you heard the song?!? ^_^ Kya~! I’m not pretty.. I’m not beautiful… Oh oh oh oh! Oh oh oh oh oh~!!! But I’m still the best!!! Ke ke Just that~! Now the shooting is done! I’m headed back to the dorm! Good night!!! ^.^/

두둥!!! 이제 잠시후…!!! 열두시면 어글리가 공개됩니다!!! 다들 알고있죠?!? +.+ 캬~!!! 우리 다둥이도 기대하고있네요!ㅠ.ㅠ 다들 대기타구있어용!!?? 두근두근..세근네근.. 콩닥콩닥! ^.^ 클릭할 준비뒜워~!!! 어허!!!ㅋ

[JULY 27 Update 5] Dudung!!! Now, in a short while…!!! Ugly would be revealed publicly at 12!!! Everyone knows that right?!? +.+ Kya~!!! Dadung and I are expecting it too! ㅠ.ㅠ Everybody is waiting for it right!!?? Dugun dugun…. dugun dugun….*thump thump*! ^.^ Getting ready to click it fast! ^.^~! Uh-huh!!! Ke

두둥!!!!!! 지금은 광고촬영중!!! 날 찾아와준 엠넷 와이드!!! ^.^ 오랜만이지요!!!ㅋㅋ 지금은 인터뷰중~! 다음주 월요일날 방송하니까~ 본방사수!!! +.+

[JULY 27 Update 4]  Dudung!!!!!! Now here for an advertisement shooting!!! Mnet Wide came to find me!!! ^.^ It’s been a while! Ke ke Here now during the interview~! And because it will be broadcasted next week on Monday, ~ watch it then!!! +.+


Source: Dara’s Me2Day
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara


The guy interviewing her looks familiar.. Wasn’t he the same person who interviewed her for Miss Tangerine? The one she told the ski incident to? LMAO! I wonder what Dara would have to say in the interview this time? ^_^

Comments on: "[ME2DAY] Dara Gets Interviewed And Waits Anxiously For UGLY!" (10)

  1. JinKazama said:

    *chuckle* *chuckle* nervous Dara looks hilarious ^^_____^^

  2. Ahh Goddess D thanks for all the updates about you & 2NE1 we really appreciate your thoughtfulness. Cheundoong’s kitten is really cute & Dara unnie is really good at babysitting that kitten. I agree with you Dara, you and 2NE1 are the best!! ^_^

  3. daragonlove said:

    i love dara in white sleeveless…very sexy…and i love the ET sign..

    • yep. actually she looks much better in that pic than the last one with the guy. if it’s for etude, i hope they included that in the photoshoot.

    • Yup!So sexy and gorgeous<33

  4. Hello I am very sick what should I do Ammmm I want to speaking with you

  5. dara’s pose is so cute^^
    im excited for her cf

  6. Love the me2day updates Darong!!
    You look really adorable while sitting on that chair.. 😛
    another picture of Baby Dadoong!! so cute! this for the new line for etude?
    I can’t wait! <333

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