The second mini album’s packaging is so like the first mini album! LMAO! ^_^ The photobook contains pictures done by pop artist Mari Kim! Though the art looks cool and cute, I would have preferred to see Dara and the girls. Kekeke! But I am so excited for the album already! A go go go! ^_^

Credits: DC Gallery for the mini album pictures and Soobie unnie for the digital pictures! ^_^

Comments on: "[UPDATED] Photo: 2NE1’s 2nd Mini Album + Mari Kim’s Artwork (Photobook)" (9)

  1. Love it! Thanks Mari Kim<333

  2. I love the concept of their 2nd mini-album. I think I’ll order the album online instead of going to iTunes. I want to have a souvenir of their Korean album just in case they make it big in Hollywood once they debut next year?!? 2NE1 fighting!!! ^_^

  3. how much is the album?? and where can I buy????

  4. like!

  5. curvy!Dara FTW!

    I love, love, love this artwork. Really shows how 2NE1 is unlike any other k-pop groups, but somehow remain to stay true to their k-pop origins. it’s spunky, unique, feminine and strong just like them.

    also, this artwork would make great trading cards. xD 2NE1 should have a kick-ass superhero concept next time.

  6. daphne84 said:

    It’s official I love Mari Kim because she loves Dara. Kekeke. Kidding!
    But yeah I love this album because it is fresh and very artsy.
    As much as I love Dara it’s refreshing that they hired a legit artist to do this for the girls.

  7. I brought the album on itunes this morning!! Its soo good! Can’t wait to get my hands on the hard copy!!

  8. She just went from 7 to 10! Mari Kim is totally going to be the next freakin’ Picasso! xD Chick version of course!

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