I Am The Best

BEST FANCAM EVER!!! Finally! We can finally see Dara in all her “I Am The Best” glory! This was what I have been waiting for for a while! And its finally here! You guys should all watch it! Its totally worth it! Again, BEST FANCAM EVER!!!!

Check out more fancams after the cut! ^_^

Clap Your Hands

Check out Dara hitting the floor at around 2:29 and then Bom playfully pushing her! LOL! Then I think Dara had a slight wardrobe malfunction and then she had to wing it! I like how she reacted to the situation. We then see Bom helping her with her wardrobe malfunction! Park Sisters love!

Go Away

This is just so cute! It seems that Dara has a new partner. Dara’s partner is trying to talk to her and he looks to eager! He’s all smiles and all that. They look adorable talking and smiling at each other. But, how come he isn’t hugging her? Tsk tsk tsk! Is the Kwon Twin the only person allowed to hug her? LOL

Can’t Nobody

I just love Dara’s infectious smile! Don’t you think so? She seems to be having so much fun in her performance. I love the intensity of her eyes too!

Talk With BGM

Dara is so happy! She’s all smiles and is very animated! She looks like she’s having so much fun!


So much cheers! The people watching are as hyped up as 2NE1! Dara’s happiness is so infectious! The way she asked the question is so cute too! Adorable!


I Don’t Care

Bonus: Hot! Hot! Hot! Minzy

Hot Dang Minzy! This clearly shows why she is the best dancer in 2NE1! Love it! And we now know who Dara caught dancing in the dark! ^^

Credit: Oh My Goddess!!! (www.dara.ivyro.net)

Credit: 21NOKIO 

Comments on: "Fancams: Oh My Goddess – Adidas Is All In Party" (8)

  1. very lovely

  2. Yes!!! Indeed the best fan cam ever! Dara is such a class act beauty. Her performance is just amazing to look if she is shot alone. Honestly I get frustrated on their performances cuz she is standing at the back and I can’t see her dancing fully well. Glad for this fancam. Whoever shot this..i want to bow to you man!!

  3. DARA saranghae ❤

  4. i really love on how bom help dara with the malfunction and the reaction of dara with it??….she is really indeed a performer and no change with the expression she maintained it all the way…..really love that portion i keep on repeating it

  5. dara is really one great performer/entertainer!! she looks good on MVs but on live performances, she looks so amazing!!! her energy, her smile, her pretty face! omyyyy! 🙂 love it!!! you can’t help but smile too when looking at her… yay! finally a dara focused i am the best dance.. nice!! she can be helen of troy.. but her version is, “the face & smile that can launch a million fanboys” lol ❤ her smile is so infectious! i was smiling the whole time i'm watching her.. lol she's so pleasing to the eyes to watch… such a happy energy!! love it! go dara!!!!

  6. woaaah.. dara’s dance moves and smile is to die for. been waiting for the iatb dara-bias fancam, i love the way she dance. the little wardrobe malfunction was cute, her smile never fades despite the situation. a true professional.

  7. Darkcruzader said:

    Thanks for the fancam !!!! Wow I really love how Dara is always smiling even when she had a little wardrobe malfunction she still smiled and perform like noting was happening… And just wanna say minzy is the bomb when it comes to dancing!! Omg she has some serious sick ass moves dang this kid have some serious swagg!!!

  8. daphne84 said:

    Wahhhhh…Dara why are you so good? I LOVE OMG FANCAMS and that is a fact. I love watching her perform. That disarming smile never leaves her gorgeous face. 100% Fresh No added preservatives. She’s like a kid in a candy store (which every performer must emulate), very enthusiastic and that megawatt smile is just pure love.

    Dara is never boring, she’s my LITTLE MISS HAPPY PILL. My Vitamin Girl. Continue to shine goddess D. Love yah!!!!

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