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Fancams: Oh My Goddess – Adidas Is All In Party

I Am The Best

BEST FANCAM EVER!!! Finally! We can finally see Dara in all her “I Am The Best” glory! This was what I have been waiting for for a while! And its finally here! You guys should all watch it! Its totally worth it! Again, BEST FANCAM EVER!!!!

Check out more fancams after the cut! ^_^


Photos/Endorsement: New pics for Adidas All In!

With so many pictures floating around the net, I hardly know which ones are new and which ones are not. So I hesitated posting this. Only to find out that yes, these are new. OTL. Forgive my hesitation. LOL! ^^

So here they are!

Ooohhh! Huge Dara poster in front of Adidas store!

Check out more group and solo pics of the girls in the gallery!

Credits: Naver + WeLoveDara + knucklepink

Please do credit properly. ^^