This is the first time I actually streamed a music show from start to finish. Suffice to say I was very very relieved when 2NE1 finally came in with their fierce and unique stage! And this is not even my bias speaking. Their music and swag are definitely something else!

And oh, Dara’s HAIRRR! OMG! I thought it was her Vegeta hair at first, then she turned sideways and I was like, OMG, four spikes?! LOL! The Korean media are calling it “Sonic” hairstyle, after Sonic the hedgehog. ^_^

Check out our girls’ awesome performance!

Credits: CrazyCarrot270

What did you think of today’s perf and Dara’s hair for today? ^_^ Come and tell us in the comments section! ^^

Comments on: "Video: 2NE1 Performs I AM THE BEST on Music Core!" (12)

  1. Another awesome performance from 2NE1! Fierce and strong charisma on stage. I really love Dara’s “Sonic” hair, the only K-Pop female idol that can really pull any kind of funky hairstyle and still looks pretty. Dara’s the daring one when it comes to styling her hair & I really admire her for trying out different kind of hairstyle/outfit, she’s definitely a trendsetter. I also like leader CL’s hair, I’m glad she’s also trying to have different hairstyle in every performance. 2NE1 fighting!!! ^_^

  2. Crazy4Dara said:

    I’m kinda crushing on Dara right now. I know she’s a girl but she’s kinda manly in this performance (in a good way, just shows how versatile she is). I live her rocker get up, only she & 2ne1 can get away w/ this style!

  3. was she wearing boots? i love her energy, aura and her get up! and her hair!!! ohh gaaahd, only she in kpop can pull off that crazy style.

    CL should stop confessing her undying adoration to Teddy…but I do hope they end up together.

  4. one thing that really made me excite to watch too…was the yg dancers…they have some angs too! ^^

  5. dara’s and cl’s hairstyles look scary yet fascinating…haha..astig!

  6. bleighton_chaera! said:

    another great perf from the girls,wow!DARA can really pull any hairstyle,but i kinda miss her long hair,she’s so handsome now..keke

  7. still luving vegeta though i’m not complaining about sonic. i dunno but maybe bcoz i didn’t have a good look at the latter. there just wasn’t much focus here on dara, even less than their previous perfs on inki and mc 😦 yeah kinda disappointing. good thing she changed her moves in 0:57-0:58. it wasn’t cute anymore but kinda sexy and hmmm–can’t find the right word… she really changes the most in their iatb perfs, with her looks and aura. the other girls basically stay true to their personalities.

  8. What a Bad Ass Performance… ke ke ke.. I love and Dara and Cl’c Hair… ke ke ke… 2ne1 nolza 🙂

  9. lol…dara lulled off the hairstyle..i dnt know but i like her hairstyle…lol….love the perf….but i hate the part 3:08 cuz it should be focused on dara but it take the fardest shot….and im hating it…..grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  10. too shock and love dara more again.

  11. i thought they did not perform BECAUSE i did not saw them at allkpop where they features all the performers at music core….. but TODONG!!!… hir cumz 2ne1 the BEST…

    luv yah.. NOLJA!!!!!!!!!!!

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