Credit: As Tagged + pabloolea@twitter + DC2NE1 Gallery

Comments on: "Photos: 2NE1 Performs at the Adidas “All Originals” Event" (5)

  1. I loved it! 2NE1 wearing Adidas clothes…oh yeah! ^_^

  2. Omg!i love, love, love Dara’s Shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. wow! dara is really really really pretty.. and who will not fall for her? she’s a happy person. always smiling very beautifully! sooo cute! gosh. even if she’s sweaty in some pics, she still looked fresh & neat! omo! dara is not 27. lol she’s truly a vampire goddess! lol

  4. daphne84 said:

    Dara is the best. I love watching her perform. That disarming smile never leaves her gorgeous face. I love that her pics looks really good. Certainly no bad angle for this girl. 100% Fresh No added preservatives. Simple and Gorgeous.

  5. goddess,,goddess,,goddess,,so pretty in all their outfits and shoes..all originals!

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