Comments on: "Me2day: 2NE1 practicing with “Burning, true passion!”" (5)

  1. I’m excited to watch them in Inkigayo, haven’t seen them perform in a while. Must be a danceable beat?!? if their practice was “burning with passion”. 2NE1 fighting!!! ^_^

  2. burning, true passion… hmmm… it does sound like the next song. and i’m imagining that it might have a more danceable beat… like fire!!!! which could mean we’ll hear much more lines from her???? XXXXing my fingers… XXXXing my fingers… XXXXing my fingers…

  3. yeah inkigayo…!..i think she is referring to there new song.OMG!…i’m so hyped right now…wuhoOoOOoOoOo!

  4. yeah~! excited for their perf. on inkigayo!!!!!!!
    (i’m hoping that there will be some choreography on their performance of lonely this sunday .. hehe…like in their song ‘in the club’ 😀 )

  5. divzheart2ne1 said:

    can’t wait for Sunday!…Dara, see yah on Sunday then!..^_^

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