The details are all in the poster! Those are also the shirt designs that we prepared for the concert. We will give away shirts that have the WeLove2ne1 design. ^^

There’s no word count for this one, so write away! Also please include the following in your comment:


And that’s all there is to it! A go go go!

Comments on: "[PROJECT] THE PARTY Tickets and “WeLove2NE1” Shirts Giveaway Contest!" (203)

  1. Name:lovely santos
    Age:17 yrs. old
    Location: rizal, philippines

    i can’t fully explain why i like dara in words. she is like my inspiration. inspiration because when she auditioned in SCQ many people doubt her talent as a artist if she could really act/sing/dance but she just go on and proved to them that she could also do those things. despite of her nationality, many filipinos love her because of her cute personality but me, i LOVE her because of her determination. i also admire her strong will when there is something that she want to learn. she once dreamed to be a singer and now she is one of the most popular singers in korea and their group is also well-known to the world. i want to be like her. i want to pursue my dream and hard work to achieve it, nothing is impossible if you believe.

    i have a confession to make 🙂 i am addicted to dara. i love watching dara-focused fancams, reading fanfics/articles/blog about dara, i become giddy when some idol confess that dara is their ideal girl, i watch dara video tribute as many times as i want, i dream of dara…. following dara’s activities become my hobby, i feel happy doing it. i am a girl but i like dara than any other member of a boy group.

    P.S she introduced me to kpop since that day i become hooked into it and also other idol groups but my bias never change. forever dara.

  2. Name : Shiena F. Irinco ♔
    Age : 21
    Location: Punta, Sta.Ana,Manila

    Why I like Dara?

    Even though I’M BUSY…
    Even though I’m lonely…
    Even though IT HURTS…
    Even LOVE IS OUCH…
    Even a PRETTY BOY will offer me a KISS…

    LET’s GO PARTY at Araneta!!
    CAN’T NOBODY makes me GO AWAY
    because my goddess and I will always STAY TOGETHER.

    COz just like Gummy unnie’s song said, I’M SORRY~
    but I need to say “CLAP YOUR HANDS everybody!”
    and cheer for my dorky LOLLIPOP personally~
    Even my fave GD says HELLO to her…
    which makes the FIRE IN THE CLUB stronger…
    and strengthen my fandom for this deity~

    BCUZ OF U, parang ANG GANDA KO na rin…
    WALANG SABIT pa ang bawat araw…
    I become one of D LUCKY ONES
    since you haven’t forgotten the SUPER NOYPIs~

    So, this coming June 4, all I NEED is A GIRL…
    who I first saw in SCQ…
    who suprised me in THE RETURN OF ILJIMAE…
    who is much stronger than VOLTA now…
    who is a fighter either she’s IN OR OUT…
    but remains humble and the NOYPI’S PAMBANSANG KRUNG-KRUNG…

    Hope to see you DARA~ 🙂


    █░░ ▄▀▄ ▐▌░▐▌ █▀▀
    █░▄ █░█ ░▀▄▀░ █▀▀
    ▀▀▀ ░▀░ ░░▀░░ ▀▀▀


  3. Ajang13 said:

    Name: Jimenez, Andreane Joyce B.
    Age: 13 Years Old
    Location: Pasay City , Manila

    ` First of all i Love Dara because of her fighting spirit .. she’s my inspiration and she made me realize that i have a dream to live. I love how she cares about people around her and definitely about her fans. I dont know what k-pop is , but once i saw fire mv , i got addicted to it ! Dara-unnie have that attitude that i always wanted for a person .. even though sometimes , people criticize her about stuffs .. she just smiles and keep living her dream :)) Dara prove that she have that talent to make people inspired ^.^ Now , she’s part of 2ne1 .. i never thought that she could have these far ! I watch lonely and i had goosebumps because i hear her true voice .. and she sounds like an angel ~ Because of her , now i know what i am interested to , whats my passion and what do i want to do in the future .. and that is to be a musician . Though they sometimes failed but they know how to comfort themselves by doing music ! expressing themselves by singing or writing a song .. Dara is like my teacher ! Once i see an article or news about her .. i learn a lesson :)) without her , 2ne1 would be incomplete ^_^

  4. Jam 잠닐 said:

    Name:Jamnil Martin
    Age: 19
    Location: Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija

    I really love Dara since her SCQ days when she showed us the “Mahal ko kayo!” wave I was truly charmed by this girl ever since. I remember the finals I only voted for her on the text votes. Then after that I bought some magazines that featured her. Then after some years she went back to Korea because she’ll study there and also she’s not doing well here, and I was really so sad. I was wishing that she would come back here again.

    Then years later, I was surprised that she popped out of the internet with the 2ne1 girls performing lollipop. And whoa! It was Dara! Then I followed her from there and until now, and what I found out I was really crazy about her!

    I could say that the reason I really love Dara is that she makes me feel happy whatever she does cos’ she’s really a funny girl and also I felt that I can connect to her Korean culture, also I feel that she can relate to us Filipinos cos’ she’s a Filipino at heart. I really love that actually. Lastly, another that I really love Sandara because she’s the reason I loved the K-Pop music, I really don’t and wouldn’t know, and didn’t care about Korean music till she showed me the great side of it.

    Ooh, question? Does it count that I love her because she makes me “kilig” whenever there are shipper vids like Daragon, Woodara, and Sundara! Heehee.

    Dara unnie fighting! ❤
    2ne1 fighting! ❤

  5. Ma. Katrina Erika B. Soriano said:

    Name: Ma. Katrina Erika B. Soriano
    Age: 22
    Location: 26 Vibora St.10th Ave. Caloocan City

    I won’t make this really long… I love SANDARA because she made me realize that being awkward is not “really” a bad trait…before i was hard on myself… why i act this way…that way.. i tried to be like others to mask my awkwardness..which is a hard thing to do…
    but seeing Sandara, and watching her be her awkward self and admitting it, i come to realize that i am not alone… this is me, i should embrace it, admit it and love myself …I totally do not look like Sandara… but i could see myself in her..struggling socially but trying really hard and making an effort to connect…that’s it.. my simple explanation to the simple Sandara we all know and learn to love…

  6. Name: Kaye Malicdem
    Age: 11yrs old
    Location: Parañaque, Philippines

    Why do I Love Sandara Park???

    –> no words can describe Dara and 2ne1 they are unique and they have thier own style, and they don’t forget thier fans.. Sandara Park is adorable,kind, and a caring person.. we all know that she have a beautiful baby face and she is funny to. She is not only beautiful but she also had a good heart. She act NATURAL in camera even off the camera..even she is pure kOrean she have a filipino heart..^^ she is down to earth person and true to herself!!.. that why ILOve Dara and 2ne1!!! 😀

  7. Paula Miki B. Flores said:

    NAME: Paula Miki B. Flores
    AGE: 20 y/o
    LOCATION: San Jose del Monte Bulacan

    I might be the last person to comment here but I’m definitely sure that I will be the first person to scream and shout for 2ne1 especially for dara. My reason for such is just simple. I JUST SIMPLY LOVE AND ADMIRE HER. THAT’S ALL! Its just a short statement but its full of heart. And I believe my love for 2ne1 and for dara is just beyond what my mouth can say and what my hands can write. THANK YOU and I hope this will be enough to prove that I’m a true-blue BLACKJACK!

  8. purplesatine said:

    Name:Larissa Santiago
    Age:25 years old
    Location: Malabon

    I love Dara and 2ne1 because I became aware of kpop because of her. I am a big fan although a silent supporter at that since her scq days here in the Philippines. My addiction to her and the girls is beyond normal according to my friends but what the hell, i so love this girl to death. I would love to see her this coming June, I can not wait till October. Going to Korea this coming October just too see this awesome girl is crazy but that’s how far I’d go to support Dara and 2ne1. I hope they are actively promoting by that time though. Words can not give justice on why I love this girl so please choose me..

  9. Name: Jay Medina
    Age: 19
    Location Quezon City

    There’s not much word on how to describe why I love Dara. Maybe I love her when I saw her overcome all her trials and being a lively person even if she has lots of problems… Anyway, I love Dara as Dara. Even if she change right now, I don’t even care coz I love her no matter what she does… I think the bottomline of me liking her is that, the more you got to know her, the more you’ll gonna love her…

  10. unknown_lurker said:

    Name: unknown_lurker

    I don’t know why I kept defending her on 2ne1’s vids, I don’t know why I kept following her every move. I certainly cannot point out any reason as to why I have this urge to be “protective” of her and to defend her from those unforgiving comments that I often see directed to her…heck, I don’t even know why I never fail to check up on news of her and become somewhat pissed at the little lines she had seemingly been given in their songs (which I often than not don’t mind since as someone else put, she’s had the more memorable ones to boot). Even at times, I don’t know why I suddenly feel my heart ache seeing her cry. But I guess, I see myself in her.

    She knows she’s not the best, yet she goes on to improve more. Whenever she smiles in pictures or videos, there’s this happy, tingling feeling inside, as if I also become happy myself.

    Perhaps I could only come up with one conclusion in all these: “Sandara Park – no matter the titles she hold, in the end, is Sandara Park”. She is human – fragility and all. She has this aura of gentleness – with her ever beaming smile plastered on her face, as if saying “don’t give up and choose to be happy, choose to follow your dreams”. She embodies this “familiar” feeling in her that makes any fan feel comfortable around her (though her awkwardness towards co-artists is really something amusing). It is perhaps this approachableness – optimism and drive – her humanity – that made me feel those things towards her.

    She does not know each one of us personally, yet she’s always one to reach out to us. She may never remember the faces or the names but seeing her give her all on their performances and show a portion of her life to us makes me appreciate her all the more.

    When all the glitz and glamour fade or wherever place life takes her, she’ll remain loved. Honestly, as lots of people here pointed out, in a simple answer to the query “why do you love dara?”, I’ll answer what Denis Cooverman replied to Beth Cooper:

    “What’s not to love?”

  11. cadapol said:

    Name: Anna Pauline R. Cadaing
    Age: 19
    Location: Caloocan City

    I love Dara simply because she’s a living legend! She’s an inspiration to me and to most people mostly because she proved that anything can be possible once you put your heart into it! Even though there were a lot of challenges that faced her, she still made it to the top, achieving her dreams and living a happy life. She’s just one of kind.
    Plus, I love the whole 2ne1 because they break boundaries. They showed the whole world that you don’t need perfection and all the glitz and glamour…you just have to be you. They are the BEST!

  12. Micah Angela said:

    Name: Micah Mangahis
    Age: 14
    Location: Philippines

    There are many reasons why I love Dara. First thing is because she is a very down to earth person. She values where she came from very much. She never forgets to thank her fans. She never forgets Philippines, her second home; the place where she first achieved her peek of success. Og course in every artists’ career, there is also a downfall. However, when Dara had her downfall moment, she never gave up. She went back to her hometown and now she is a very well-known member of famous band 2ne1. Eventhough there are many people who are still not believing her capabilities, she’s still there, with her 2ne1 members, smiling and standing. I sometimes wonder how she can survive all the hates people are throwing at her. That’s one reason why I admire her again. Her braveness. She may cry easily because of animals she’s afraid of but in terms of hate words being thrown at her, that’s when you can see her side of braveness.

    She’s the kind of girl you would admire when you saw her beauty. But she can also be the kind of girl you would admire more when you know her personally. She takes good care of others before herself. She have this determination no one could ever win against. Her determination made her attain success. And her down to earthness made me admire her more. She may not have all the talents in the world but she keeps on improving. She always supports her other co-artists eventhough sometimes, no one supports her. I can say that I will always be here behind her back even if the whole world turns their back on her. Dara, always stay strong.

  13. anndonna07 said:

    name: Donna Gunda
    age: 23
    location: cavite

    I love Dara for many reasons. I like her ever since she started here in the Philippines. So, when she came to Korea I still admire her and continue to be her fan. She is unique in everything, in talent, singing and personality. And I like her more when she debuted as 2en1 member in Korea because it reveals her cool and amazing personality. Dara is so simple that makes her more beautiful to others. She never failed to make people happy in her simple yet funny ways. And finally, she is truly an amazing singer.

  14. neszel r. tacderas said:

    name: neszel tacderas
    age: 23
    location: Laguna

    I love sandara park because she is very natural..she always gives her best at whatever she does..a very thoughtful idol to their fans..she’s simply adorable and very gorgeous…

  15. when will be the announcement of winners?

  16. vanessa f. rivera said:

    name: Vanessa Rivera
    age: 21
    location: Laguna

    I love Sandara Park simply because she is Sandara Park..there’s no other way to describe it..she is simply humble, natural and dedicated, not to mention very lovable…there’s a million and one way as to why everyone is hooked with her..she makes everyone happy..a very considerate and thoughtful daughter,sister,friend and idol…

  17. Name:Muriel Sy
    Location:Makati City
    Well, at first I wasn’t really a fan but then I saw 2ne1 on MYX & Dara is a part of that group, so I suddenly became curious.I spent my time learning about them through the net and I became really addicted.That was the time that I understood what people saw in Dara that makes her special.I became really attached that I feel like I know her personally.I’m the type of person who looks up to people with humble beginnings, & Dara is the epitome of what this is all about:a very simple girl w/ a dream, reached it & stayed true to what & who she is.And I’m also thankful to Dara because I came to know 3 other amazing girls.Much much love…Can’t wait to see 2ne1 on the concert…^-^

  18. I cant go but is there any way for us to buy a t-shirt? I’d really like to have one!

  19. Name: Muriel Sy
    Location:Makati City

    Well, at first I wasn’t really fan but then I got curious when I

  20. heartsflowersribbons said:

    Name: Lea Peralta
    Age: 20
    Location: Makati City

    i like dara because she is dara. DARA IS REAL. i like dara because DARA IS REAL. she is not perfect and she is completely aware of that. she stays rooted on the ground. she is one of the few celebrities who care deeply for fans. i appreciated her the most when the girls were on a long hiatus and she took the time to update the fans of what they were doing. her updates were just really tiny bits of their activities but those were enough for their then hungry and deprived supporters. she never once forgot the people who were waiting patiently for them, even the ones who were seas away from korea.


    but the very fact that she loves her fans is an UTTER WONDER. dara changed the whole facade of being a celebrity. before, celebrities are viewed as gods and goddesses, creatures that mere mortals like us could ony admire and watch from afar. however, dara started a trend that allows “MERE MORTALS” like us TO BE ACTUALLY BE FRIENDS with a “GODDESS”. she allowed us to enter her “HEAVEN”–but i know she doesn’t term her world like that because I KNOW SHE KNOWS THAT SHE LIVES IN THE SAME WORLD THAT WE LIVE IN.


  21. Name: Lyzette Sasis
    Age: 22
    Location: Cavite

    I LOVE DARA PARK because she makes me smile, laugh, feel sad and cry. No matter what her emotions is, you will definitely feel the sincerity that she is showing.

    She is simply Dara Park – a daughter, a sister, a friend, a fan and a lover.

  22. tikilovesapples said:

    Awww….all the comments here are LOVE!! So proud of all the parkers/ darlings/ applers/ etc etc who have consistently shown their love for our girl. *wipes tears* I sincerely wish Dara would be able to read all these. I’ve read that 2ne1 will be doing promotions nonstop this year. I hope when she does get to read this, it will give her renewed strength for their upcoming activities.
    I would also like to share my piece as to why I love this brave, petite girl. I am not taking part in the contest. Reading all your lovely comments just inspired me to share my say as well.

    Why do I love Sandara Park? Well, I love her for more reasons than one. She is beautiful; we surely can’t deny that. But more than just being a pretty face, I love her for who she is. She’s a wonderful person – kind-hearted, humble, fun, crazy-in-a-good-way and determined. Armed with a goal and a dream, she bravely faced every challenges. She looks small and fragile but this girl has amazed me with her determination and strength. She’s proven that a girl could really dream and be anything she wants to be. I also love that she shows no pretense. She’s not scared to look different in front of others. I remember seeing a video compilation of all her selcas and pictures before and I just guffawed at how quirky this girl is. Her comic expressions and witty ways of presenting her pictures are one-of-a-kind. It almost seems like she’s not scared of looking not-so-glamorous in front of the camera if it would bring a smile to her fans (though I highly doubt anyone will ever think of her shots being less than beautiful). I also love her unchanging ways (well she did change of course – grow I mean. She’s definitely grown more mature and lovelier as always.) . She has stayed pure and down-to-earth in spite of all that she has achieved.

    Yes, I definitely love this girl. She’s the only artist/singer/entertainer/performer that I’ve followed and loved this much and I don’t regret it one bit. I know there’s more to her than all our words put together. I am not usually this vocal about these kind of things. *sigh* could you have this much effect on us? I am definitely a fan girl now hahaha.

    P.S. Congratulations in advance to the ones winning the ticket. Enjoy and have a blast! Don’t forget the fancams, arasso? keke ~

  23. Name: Goldene Esguerra
    Location: Binangonan Rizal

    The reasons why I love Dara
    When she was still here in the Phils, her personality got me. I was amazed by her braveness to try her luck in the Philippine showbiz despite of being a Korean and not afraid to show her true self to the Filipinos. There was this time that mark in my mind when she was still a celebrity here in the Phil, she said that if she was in Korea her beauty is just common. We all know that this was not true because her dozens of fanboys and fangirls were a big proof, but god! She is so humble to say that. She was really an honest person and very lovely.
    I love it when I see that some of the fans gifts were use by her, it proves that she appreciates things from fans and I feel happy whenever she communicate to her fans using her me2. Whenever she updates her me2, I immediately go to the me2 site and leave a comment in her update hoping that my words were atleast read by her. Yes, I even made an acc. when I found out that there’s an existing site called me2day where Sandara is the queen even if there is not a single letter that I understand, thanks to Mr. Google he help me with that.

    2ne1 song fire became hit in the Philippines, I always hear it playing on TV, jeepneys, dance contests, anywhere. My classmate said that Sandara was in it, so I try to find out and watched it on youtube. I was shocked, she was so damn gorgeous! In the MV! I go gaga over the comment section telling how pretty Dara is. Then my 2ne1 and Dara fever started! I go crazy everyday on the internet just to know what’s happening to her?, what’s new about her?, did she update her me2? Every article, every video, everything! I read fanfics only if she’s the main character and sing her lines even I don’t understand. I did this because all of these things make me happy, Sandara makes me happy and I love it. When she has a new fanboy I feel happy, like it was me who had the fanboy. ^^

    Sandara didn’t change even she’s really famous now, she still had the krung krung side, she’s a crybaby—showing her true self that I like, and most of all she never forget us Filipinos. I’m proud of her! I feel great that the Philippines became part of her life.
    Sandara Park is a type of person who can be a bestfriend. She did not forget her friends here, even the non-celebrity friends. She always cares for her friends and you can see that she treasure them. She can also be your caring sister. I like how she cares for her siblings. This proves that she can be a good mother in the future and ofcourse I will tuned for it hehe. How I wish I’m a friend of her. She’s a one of a kind person, being humble, polite, honest, and obedient, a person who keep her promise, she can appreciate things from others, a devoted person in her profession, an idol, an inspiration, a determined person, a very gorgeous and cute lady. I love her.

    I was thinking sometimes that I should see her in person back then when she’s still here in the Phils. I feel so regretful, knowing that she’s in Korea and it’s impossible for me to see her. But I had the feeling that 2ne1 will concert here in the Phils. and it was happening now. So if I was the one who was given the chance to see her and 2ne1, I will charge to the max my camera and I will capture every details of her beauty. LOVE HER!

  24. Name: Goldene Esguerra
    Age: 16
    Location: Binangonan Rizal

    The reasons why I love Dara
    When she was still here in the Phils, her personality got me. I was amazed by her braveness to try her luck in the Philippine showbiz despite of being a Korean and not afraid to show her true self to the Filipinos. There was this time that mark in my mind when she was still a celebrity here in the Phil, she said that if she was in Korea her beauty is just common. We all know that this was not true because her dozens of fanboys and fangirls were a big proof, but god! She is so humble to say that. She was really an honest person and very lovely.
    I love it when I see that some of the fans gifts were use by her, it proves that she appreciates things from fans and I feel happy whenever she communicate to her fans using her me2. Whenever she updates her me2, I immediately go to the me2 site and leave a comment in her update hoping that my words were atleast read by her. Yes, I even made an acc. when I found out that there’s an existing site called me2day where Sandara is the queen even if there is not a single letter that I understand, thanks to Mr. Google he help me with that.
    2ne1 song fire became hit in the Philippines, I always hear it playing on TV, jeepneys, dance contests, anywhere. My classmate said that Sandara was in it, so I try to find out and watched it on youtube. I was shocked, she was so damn gorgeous! In the MV! I go gaga over the comment section telling how pretty Dara is. Then my 2ne1 and Dara fever started! I go crazy everyday on the internet just to know what’s happening to her?, what’s new about her?, did she update her me2? Every article, every video, everything! I read fanfics only if she’s the main character and sing her lines even I don’t understand. I did this because all of these things make me happy, Sandara makes me happy and I love it. When she has a new fanboy I feel happy, like it was me who had the fanboy. ^^
    Sandara didn’t change even she’s really famous now, she still had the krung krung side, she’s a crybaby—showing her true self that I like, and most of all she never forget us Filipinos. I’m proud of her! I feel great that the Philippines became part of her life.
    Sandara Park is a type of person who can be a bestfriend. She did not forget her friends here, even the non-celebrity friends. She always cares for her friends and you can see that she treasure them. She can also be your caring sister. I like how she cares for her siblings. This proves that she can be a good mother in the future and ofcourse I will tuned for it hehe. How I wish I’m a friend of her. She’s a one of a kind person, being humble, polite, honest, and obedient, a person who keep her promise, she can appreciate things from others, a devoted person in her profession, an idol, an inspiration, a determined person, a very gorgeous and cute lady. I love her.
    I was thinking sometimes that I should see her in person back then when she’s still here in the Phils. I feel so regretful, knowing that she’s in Korea and it’s impossible for me to see her. But I had the feeling that 2ne1 will concert here in the Phils. and it was happening now. So if I was the one who was given the chance to see her and 2ne1, I will charge to the max my camera and I will capture every details of her beauty. LOVE HER!

  25. Name:Decereanne Monghit

    Always takes us to the top
    She never gonna stop
    All she wanna do is
    Make our world rock
    Now all I could say is DARA-DARA!!!

    well, why not?
    DARA to me is…
    An inspiration. What is it you may ask? Well, to me an inspiration is someone you can look up to. An inspiration is someone who is worth a thousand words.
    An inspiration is someone who is a great role model for others. An inspiration is someone who has achieved a great number of goals. My list could go on and on, but what I am trying to get at is how DARA is my inspiration.
    She has achieved a lot because of her talent, beauty and personality. DARA has also survived many hardships and her life experiences inspire me to a better person. And today she is one of the most acclaimed female idols in Korea.

    I consider her to be one of the most talented people alive. She has made a difference in my life. She gives her heart to all her fans. She is also a very talented and gifted woman.

    And she is, for me , the ideal “phenomenal” woman.

    DARA is my inspiration because she is such a strong and great woman who has made such an impact
    on many people’s lives. She is the kind of woman a girl like me could look up to. She never gives up in what she believes in. She is a woman of great strength and ambition. She strives to do her best in whatever it is she needs to accomplish. I’m so amazed on how one woman can be so multi talented as she is. She is a woman who has achieved many great things in life and proven that nothing is impossible.

    It is no wonder why many people look up to her as I do.
    As you can see, DARA is in fact an extraordinary and unique lady. She is very kind and humble. These are the qualities I look for in an inspiration. It is also the reason of why I chose her as my inspiration. I believe that she is a great role model and I hope that one day, I too will become as successful as she is. DARA has inspired me to aim high and try to achieve the goals I have set for myself. She has inspired me to believe in myself and to use all the confidence I have while doing so. She is a great woman and I admire her for that.

    DARA is the true definition of an inspiration to me.

    YOU ARE THE… apple of my eye, mango
    of my pie, palaman of my tinapay, keso
    of my monay, teeth of my suklay,
    fingers on my kamay, blood in my atay,
    bubbles of my laway, sala of my bahay,
    seeds of my palay, clothes in my ukay-
    ukay, calcium in my kalansay, calamansi
    on my siomai, inay of my tatay, knot on
    my tie, toyo on my kuchay, vitamins in
    my gulay, airplane of my Cathay, stars
    of my sky, hammer of my panday, sand of
    my Boracay, sultan of my Brunei,
    highlands of my Tagaytay, MOLE on my
    Ate Guy, voice of my Inday Garutay,
    spinach of my Popeye,
    sizzle when I fry, wind when I paypay,
    tungkod when I’m pilay, feeling when
    I’m high, shoulder when I cry, wings
    when I fly, prize when I vie, cure to
    my “ARAY!”, answer to my “WHY?”,
    foundation of my tulay, truth behind
    the lie, the life after I die… In
    short, you’re the center of my BUHAY.

  26. Name: Maria Kristine Gonzales
    Age: 20
    Location: Pampanga

    I have always been a fan of Sandara… ever since I saw her on Star Circle Quest… Although she does not have any Filipino blood, I can really say that she is a Filipino at heart.. She has this charm who can captivate everyone’s attention… She was very likeable because of her innocence and her bubbly personality.. Even though she went home to Korea and became known as DARA she did not forget the Philippines and his Filipino fans… She is still the KRUNG-KRUNG we have become fond of and that’s why we love her so much…

  27. Actually I already have my ticket but, after reading all the comments , it’s very heartwarming to note that there are fans really from all over the Philippines…so even if not really joining this contest I couldn’t resist posting my take…so please just humor me and allow me to state my piece…The way I see it, there is no need to think too hard or too long..This is like asking “Is Dara IN OR OUT??? HELLO she’s so IN of course!! A study in contrast, Dara admits to being quiet and shy off-cam but we’ve been captivated by her exuberant and bubbly persona on cam. Either side exudes a positive aura around her. She’s regarded as a chic goddess, a fashion trend-setter who stays sweet as a LOLLIPOP and entices with her cool, fresh voice. Long admired as a natural beauty is she, who can cast a spell on fanboys dreaming “I NEED A GIRL” like Dara. Her eyes pull them in as if saying “PRETTY BOY…TRY TO FOLLOW ME!” Mesmerized by her charms, the fanboys can only whisper back “I just wanna KISS” But sorry AH YAH YAH…LOVE IS OUCH…her eyes are still searching for Mr Right! Meanwhile there are other dreams for her to pursue.Yet , despite tremendous success in reaching these dreams, Dara shines as a beautiful person, not only outside but inside as well. She has a good heart, staying simple in many ways,humble always, never using “I’M BUSY” as an excuse to alienate, instead goes the extra mile to show genuine appreciation…that she loves her fans in return. That is why, YOU AND I, all of us together go all out to support the viral spread of 2NE1’s kind of music! We’ve glimpsed Dara’s sensitive soul but can’t help respect and be impressed by her perseverance through the FIRE..meeting challenges, working hard no matter how difficult the trials. So, yes, because of all these,we’d be so LONELY without Dara…without her and 2NE1. I DON’T CARE what negative destructive comments some critics throw at her. Dara, DON’T CRY!! To these bashers we shoo them with GO AWAY!!! Instead the shout out is CLAP YOUR HANDS for Sandara and her 2NE1 sisters – CL,Bom,Minzy…you guys rule!!! May you always STAY TOGETHER…PLEASE DON’T GO ever! CAN’T NOBODY hold you down!! DON’T STOP THE MUSIC is the rhythmic chant as 2NE1 conquers the world! Meanwhile, this June 4, 2011…LET’S GO PARTY at Araneta! OH YEAH…hey,hey,hey..It’s like we’re IN THE CLUB…LET’S GO PARTY…LET’S GO PARTY…eh,eh…eh,eh,eh…eh,eh,,eh!! 2ne1 NOLJA!!

  28. Name: john eric cayunda
    Location: davao city

    . dara is cute adorable!! & best of the best!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Name: ROSE
    Age: TWENT-een 🙂
    Location: QC
    I’m not good in writing as well as expressing my feelings so please bear with me. its ok if its not my luck, just wanna share my thoughts about OUR GODDESS D keke

    honestly, i think even though you use all the adjectives in the world it’s still not enough to describe how much i or we love Dara Park right? she’s a simple girl who had been blessed to have all the qualities you love to have. *sigh* but eventhough she got everything she never ever put it in her head. she remains down-to-earth.


    I love her because she is AWESOME and absolutely GORGEOUS inside and out. You wouldn’t ever get tired seeing her everyday. With or without make-up, whatever hairstyle and looks she had, she nailed it. O-M-G… she looks good on everything!! even when sleeping! XD

    I love her because she is a LOVING daughter, a CARING sister and a GOOD friend. Many would agree with me right? There are a lot of people who can guarantee that. She values her family so much and treasures the people around her.

    I love her because whatever she does AMUSES me, her antics, playfulness, her dorkiness . . . EVERYTHING. There would be no dull moments with her.

    I love her because she is very PASSIONATE and HARDWORKING. She always gives her BEST on anything she does, gaano man kaliit o kalaki ang role nya. She’s FLEXIBLE, she can do anything – acting, singing, dancing name it!
    i know they say that she’s not the best but who cares to what other people think, as long as she enjoys what she’s doing then go. Skills are not the only basis for saying you’re the BEST, there are still categories to consider you know.

    I love her because SHE NEVER FAILS TO AMAZE ME. She is very TALENTED and ONE OF A KIND. I agree with what CEO Yang Hyun Suk said about her. “She can do the impossible POSSIBLE!!!” who would ever thought that the cry baby girl waving her hand while saying “Mahal ko kayo” on one of the talent search in the Philippines would become this famous and in demand celebrity not only in her own land but also in many parts of the world?.

    I love her because she NEVER CHANGE. In spite of her fame, she remains HUMBLE and has a PURE HEART. Also, Dara Park is one of the few celebrities who are HONEST and UNPRETENTIOUS. There is no doubt when it comes to her SINCERITY. “WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU REALLY GET!! ”

    I love her because she serves as an INSPIRATION, a ROLE MODEL to everyone. Despite of her fragile appearance she’s a STRONGER woman!!
    She shows and taught us to never give up and don’t let things stops you on achieving your dreams and goals in life.
    As what her name implies DARA is a STAR!!!
    A STAR, whom everyone looks up to, admires and idolize…
    A STAR who lightens your dark and boring life…
    A TRUE STAR who will keep on shining brighter every single day . . .

    To sum it all…


    It’s simple;
    I LOVE HER because she is S-A-N-D-A-R-A P-A-R-K !!! (period) Kuha mo? 🙂 😀

  30. alora mae sasam said:

    NAME: Alora Mae H. Sasam
    AGE: 22
    LOCATION: Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao, Philippines

    – As simple as she doesn’t take no for an answer. when she was still here in the Philippines almost everybody put her down because she has no talent. the judges of Star Circle Quest say that she will not succeed because she has no talent. but she didn’t gave up and even won the hearts of the Filipinos. In Korea, YG told her that she can’t be a singer. but again it didn’t stopped her from getting her dream. YG himself gave her a break in the Korean music scene. She had always said that she wanted to have a concert in Araneta. Some had raised their brows at her. Some just laughed because they thought that Sandara Park was voiceless and she will not give justice to Araneta. But look at her now… planning, practicing, vocalizing, perfecting her skills because she will be performing in ARANETA on June 4… if she backed out when everybody said no, what could have become of her? she’s a girl who has the strongest spirits. no matter how you say no to her, she will take you down by making you love her instead and you don’t have a choice but to say ‘YES! I LOVE YOU DARA!’

    with this… she gives me great inspiration… for i always make her as my example whenever everybody says no to what i want to achieve.. i get what i want for i never take no for an answer too… she’ll always be my hero…

  31. Macy Blaye L. Luzong said:

    Name:Macy Blaye L. Luzong
    Age:15 years old
    Location:Binangonan Rizal

    A girl who started from a reality based talent search SCQ, thats when i first notice Sandar Park and started idolizing this lady.WHY DO I LOVE DARA?
    Because of her undeniably cuteness and bubbliness that makes her stand out and get notice.And even if she did not won the said talent search many opportunity came along her way because of her dedication, patience and humbleness then became the ultimate Korean girl known for being the “KRUNG-KRUNG” girl here in our country (Philippines).She totally change my life, when the spotlight was in her as she was becoming popular here in our country she never forget what she said during SCQ, that she wanted to be an artist “to have fans”.You can see how she value all of us, the people who loves and adore her, she never let us down whenever she is having a movie or even tv shows, i totally love how she is enhancing each and every project she is doing. And when it comes on negative reports or intrigues towards her, she’s brave enough to face all of those and moving forward because she don’t want to disappoint all those who believes in her.Since then, i have realized that i totally love Sandara like a family.And when she decides to go to Korea and leave her career here i was broken-hearted, but thank God, a lot better opportunity came into her way there. Eversince the group 2nE1 was introduced i was super happy for her.She became more beautiful inside and out,had been so good in dancing and singing and even her name was changed into Dara..!I was blown away by her transformation but still you can see the old Sandara Park she used to be inside, the girl who loves her fans, family and friends, i was touched that she still remembers her Filipino fans, and she never forget to look back to where she started,she even has some Filipino lines in one of their song,and until now i am supporting updated on what’s happening to her and how she manages her career and i and also became a k-pop fan(together with my sister).And when we found out that well have the chance to see her i immediately search all the details about it, and hopefully through this essay i made,i can finally meet my idol, role model,and star sister SANDARA PARK/DARA.Thank you very much for this chance to let me blurt out how i super love her..GodBless Us all ❤ <3!! I ❤ DARA!!

  32. Randy Gerard said:

    i give up. putol talaga comments ko. 😦

  33. Randy Gerard said:

    Name: Randy
    Age: 21
    Location: Marikina

    OMG OMG OMG. Good thing i saw this contest just before the deadline! >__<

  34. soflynics said:

    I am proud to say that I am a K-pop fan! Sometimes, I get frustrated because my classmates always tease me for being a K-pop fan, but nothing’s gonna stop me from seeing this concert!
    Simplicity is beauty. That’s one of the reasons why I love Dara. She is the prettiest among 2ne1 even though she’s simple (but quite a fashionista) and I think that even though she is wearing no make-up, she is still gorgeous and beautiful, inside and outside. I also love Dara because she is proud that she had been a part of our country even for a short period of time. She even managed learning Tagalog. It makes me proud even more seeing Dara as a Filipino at heart and it makes me smile when she speaks Tagalog. I hope that I will have the chance to see her in their first concert here in the Philippines. 2ne1, it’s time to party!!!

  35. gailpop said:

    I really really LOVE Dara, Darong,Sandy,Sandara Park..I’m her no.1 fan 😀 (walang kokontraXD) haha
    i really admire Sandara since her Star Cirlce days. I love her being NATURAL despite the fact that she is a stranger in this country. I love her being JOLLY. Even now, I am expecting she’ll be back on Philippines again with CL,MINZY & BOM. so I’ll be able to see her again.and yet magkakaconcert nga sila dito so here is the opportunity to see her again (so sinalihan ko na lahat ng pwede kong salihan to get a free ticket for their concert (kasi its a way to expensive para sakin to buy ticket o see them in person:( I am so sad coz I haven’t seen her personally.

    2ne1 lang nagiinspired sakin all the time:) or sabihin na nating 2ne1 ang inspiration ko:) i enjoy listening their music. I’m willing to listen 2ne1 songs all day long:) it takes away my sadness and lonelyness kapag nagplaplay na ang songs ng 2ne1^^ and dara really improved all the things lalu na ang talent nya kaya lalu ko syang INAIDOLISE<3 how i wish to get a ticket for their concert 🙂

    surely prizeless ang feeling ko if ever na makita ko ang 2ne1 lalu na si dara in person:) 2ne1 is the best among the rest:D DARA YOU ROCK!!!;D kayo lang ang pikaLOVE ko sa lahat ng KPOP<3 LET'S GO PARTYXD
    SARANG HAE 2ne1 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    Name:lolly cosico
    Location:San Pablo, Laguna

  36. Name: Sarah Jean S. Manalo
    Age: 21
    Location: Fairview, Quezon City


    I hope I can give justice how I really feel about her. To be honest, DARA is the VERY FIRST ARTIST who made me go crazy and stalk every article I can find just to know what is happening to her. I don’t know why but I’m hell ye, so captivated with everything about her. So here is a long list of reasons why I do really love her.

    – She is an INSPIRATION to all. She has these TONS of PASSION, PATIENCE and DEVOTION inside her. Many times she failed in life but she never gave up. As she stand up, she see to it that she get to stood up on a level higher from where she was before. FRAGILE BUT A FIGHTER! This inspired ME and for sure many Blackjacks to push their dreams no matter what. I get hurt when people is telling hate comments about her and bashing her. If they only know her well as an artist, how she always tries her hardest and too many times even overworked herself.

    – Like every person in this world, we can’t have everything and anything we want. To Dara, she may not have the ability to sing so well like Park Bom, innate rapping skills and compose songs like CL, and have the sexiest dance moves like Minzy BUT… she ALWAYS AND ALWAYS bring out the BESTEST in her. This is one of the loveliest characters I see in her. As YG had said “Dara makes impossible, possible”. She is a person FULL OF SURPRISES. A SHAPE-SHIFTER INDEED~! Whatever one would advise her to do, portray or act out from sexy, cute, adorable, feminine, sophisticated, chick, name it, she CAN DO IT ALL in DARA WAY!

    – As many said here, she is pure, genuine, down-to-earth, she never forgets the people that help to get up there, where she came from and where she started, sweet, caring, loveable.

    – Even she is not a Filipino, she did not discriminated even forgotten us Filipinos. I remember she even keep on mentioning how she miss her friends here, Philippines and the foods in 2ne1 TV that time my heart was like really melting ‘coz of how sweet she is. She isn’t a Filipino but she took an effort to learn, keep remembering our language, and teaching some of YG artists even Shaun Evaristo. This is quite a slap on the face of Filipinos who downgrade the Filipino language.

    – I love how she treasures the concept of “friendship”. She really takes good care the other members so well and has a very good relationship to all of them that sometimes she is almost like a mother to them. Her friendship with other artist is not just temporary but rather years of friendship with them, although she’s just awkward to some of them. I so want to be her friend because it is rare to find a friend like her.

    – She is one of the BESTEST DAUGHTER & SISTER in the world. I wish to have a daughter like her when I already have a family. She did and made it through because of her UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FOR HER FAMILY. I love how she always put her LOVE ONES firsts above everything more than herself.

    – As an artist, she never forgets BLACKJACKS! As if everything she does is for Blackjacks to return everything back to us and let us feel content and happy all the time. She never forgets to thank BJs. I TOTALLY LOVE THE WAY SHE TREAT US~ SO SWEEEET~

    – I love her very bright character~ HYPER, BUBBLY & FUNNY all the time. She creates the mood for 2ne1 and even the BJs. She never stop smiling. Maybe that is one of her undying beauty to always project a positive vibes. However, I sometimes really worry if she already have big burdens inside her although she keep on smiling.

    To end this, I can tell that 2ne1 MOST OF ALL DARA gave me so much to realize in life and helped me to channel my mind from being once a “can’t get over a guy” type of girl. I can so much tell she contributed so much, if she only just know how her existence means so much to me. To me she is not just a goddess who doesn’t age and beautiful no what she does BUT so much more than that, which is so hard to articulate.

    I can proudly say that even after years of fandom I will still be one of her loyal fans. I’m so looking forward on what would happen to her after 5 or 10 years. Who will be her lucky husband and how many children will they have? Oooh~ Just thinking about it makes me so happy! I can certainly assure that she will have a lasting relationship ‘coz it wil be hard to find a loveable person like her. I feel for Thunder. If Dara is my sister, I will also be very cautious and strict in choosing someone for her because she is REALLY WORTHY OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE & RESPECT FROM A MAN. I know that as I follow her journey as a person maybe a friend, daughter, sibling, lover, artist, I will more to reasons to love on her.

    WOA~ I will keep this message and hope someday she will be able to read this! ^^

  37. Name: Nicole De Guzman
    Location: Ortigas pasig city

    Reasons to Love Dara:

    1. She expresses humility in everything she does. Even though she has already achieved so much she never forgot the stepping stone that lead to her success. She considers the Filipinos as her family and friends and not just fans. I love how she always expresses her gratitude to all those people who helped her. I mean seriously, How can you not love a girl who seem to have everything.. LOOKS, ATTITUDE, SMARTS AND TALENT yet still keeps her feet firmly planted on the ground.;)

    2. She’s a very hardworking Girl. I know that she has experienced a lot of hardships before getting to where she is now. I admire her strength and perseverance in everything she does.

    3. She is exceptionally talented and she has an enormous amount of layers. She can sing, dance, act, host, model and many more. She is the epitome of a TRUE ARTIST AND NOT JUST A COMMON CONFORMIST IN THE WORLD OF IDOLS. She represents girl power and shows the world that women are indeed powerful.<3 she serves as my inspiration and my role model.

    4. Ive watched her since her star circle quest days and in a way I've witnessed how she started off as a seed that eventually bloomed to be one of the most beautiful flowers i have ever seen. She's very filial and the loyalty she shows towards her friends and family ( especially his brother thunder) and it made me realized that Sandara park is not only someone that can be idolized on stage but someone that we can look up to in all aspects of life.

    5. Last but not the least, I have never in my life admired a person this much especially idols. Ive never been a fan of kpop in general but sandara…. she's really special as quoted by YG himself: "She is definitely a unique and extraordinary girl… COZ SHE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO MAKE THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE!:D


  38. Bat putol comment ko? mahaba yun eh. 😦

  39. OMG OMG OMG. Good thing i saw this contest just before the deadline! >__<

  40. Name: Randy Gerard Santiago
    Age: 21
    Location: Marikina

    OMG OMG OMG. Good thing i saw this contest just before the deadline! >__<

  41. Lady Ariane Dizon said:

    Name: Lady Ariane Dizon
    Age: 14
    Location: Apalit, Pampanga

    Why i love Sandara?..
    The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost.
    Perhaps, loving Sandara Park is the way to realize that you’re getting full of energy and full of happiness.Wae? Because she’s so adorable and talented. Is there already news that Sandara Park have so many haters? If there is, what should be their reason to hate Sandara? Is there anything to reason out to hate her?
    For me, there’s no one else can hate Sandara Park ‘coz you know, she’s a perfect girl/woman to make boys fall in love with her pretty face and humble and adorable personality.Aside from being popular member of 2ne1 and artist, she’s also one of a kind hearted girl, a good friend, sister, idol, etc..
    Most of us sometimes call her “Krung Krung” as her nickname. She also treats Philippines as her second home and she admits that she can’t stop talking about our country (Philippines) to other members..ahem!
    ‘laking PINAS ata ‘to!’..
    Knowing lot of her personality is also part of being one of her fans like me..and this is also my way to express my love for her by knowing and telling more things about her..
    I really love Sandara Park because aside from her gorgeous face, she’s also talented,smart,kind,friendly, funny,adorable and many more things to describe her ‘coz for me she’s so perfect.. I admire her and I want to be like her..That’s why I REALLY LOVE SANDARA PARK.^^
    hwaiting Dara Park unnie!
    nanjeongmal saranghaeyo Dara Park-ssi.!! =)

  42. tamtamie said:

    Name: Diane Castillon
    Age: 18
    Location: Bulacan
    The reason why I love 2NE1 is because they taught me and keep on teaching me in doing something whole heartedly especially Sandara Park. I know I’m a Sandara Park bias but I can’t help admiring her after knowing her since she appeared and win 2nd runner up at SCQ before and that’s also the time I realized that even though I have weaknesses I can do something great in my life that even before I always think of being so hard for me because of lack of confidence. Now, because of her I face my struggles and challenges in my life with confidence and guidance of God, she also gave me strength to strive more with my life and to go after my dreams. And lastly, for me, she will be my forever inspiration that taught me good things even though I’m just a simple fan that she doesn’t even know and I will idolize her again and again because she’s not only a person that is beautiful but “a beautiful person inside and out”.

  43. Ryuusei said:

    Hi!Just wanna ask if the shirts will be available on the day of the concert. I’d like to buy one. It’s so cute! If not, do you know where I can buy a 2ne1 shirt? Thanks a lot!

  44. LIBERTY DUNGOG said:

    Age : 23

    Why do i love dara?

    well, my reasons are not actually reason..
    whenever i see her, videos true net, news from arirang or local channels., i feel the urged to watch her, to know what’s happening to her…i didn’t know where did it start…but i am really mesmerized by her, whenever i watch her mtv’s, live performances and interviews….i feel like i was her…i feel her passion and i feel her dedication to do well and to improve herself…i dont know her personally to say things about her, but i felt her honesty, her kind heart….her laugh sounds so true…the jokes and the funny faces….everything…im so inspired by her hard work and dedication….i really didn’t know where did i start liking her, its just, one day, i found myself searching the net for updates about her, i found myself caring for her…everytime i found a new video of her, performing, singing, i cant help but pray that she would do good and that her performance will loved by all….coz for, whether good or bad, i see the passion on her performance that i didn’t able to see before to anyone, and for me, that all that matters….the viewer’s should see not the greatness in the performance…not the perfection….but the love, the passion and the hard word that they’d been through just to make that performance for you….im saying this not to win the promo…but to let dara know my feelings….that i really appreciate her effort to make us happy and proud….though were not relatives or friends…i am really proud of her…i am really happy to live in this age, in this year where she is born and become an icon….i just have some regrets……regret that i didn’t able to meet her when she just like me…maybe if we are in the same community…we became friends….I love you dara…Please let her know my message…she didn’t have to reply….just knowing that she reads is more than enough…thank you very much…God Bless….! ^_^

  45. camille22 said:

    Name:camille halasan
    Location:meycauyan city

    Why i love dara?
    It ‘s because she love her fans.
    She realLy hard working to reaCh her dream, she never gIve up.

  46. Richelle Jessica R. Torres said:

    Name: Richelle Jessica R. Torres
    Age: 28
    Location: Las Piñas City

    Why do I love Dara?

    I will spell you guys the reason. Because dara has a S – supreme beauty: dara’s beauty is truly one of a
    kind a beauty that shine’s trough within. She has an angelic, charming, sweet, hot, tempting, goddess like beauty that is put together in one person.

    A – amazingly gorgeous: dara is breathtakingly beautiful. She has a beauty that make you love her more every time you look at her.

    N – natural beauty: She have a true beauty that is one of a kind, that really stand out among others when every time I look at her face the purity of her face is really shining, a face that doesn’t age at all. It’s like the more she get older the more she get beautiful.

    D – delightful to watch: When she performs she makes me smile every time I watched her.I can see that she really enjoy what she is doing. It’s like when she performs she can channel out to the audience the feeling or the emotions of there song trough her facial expressions when performing.

    A – alluring charm: dara have an undeniable charm that no one can resist. A charm that really shines trough every time we see her performing, doing commercials or pictorial.

    R – real person: I can say that she is one of those few people in this world that is really a genuine person. A true person when it comes to her words and action. I can see to her the truthfulness and sincerity to her work and to other people.

    A – attitude that is one of a kind: dara has an attitude that I really envy. She has a positive attitude in life. An attitude that makes a big difference. This attitude put her to where she is now.

    Dara made me believe in the power of my dreams. To believe in myself and that no dreams is impossible as long you enjoy life and you work it hard. That’s my reason guys why I really over to the max love dara. Her name really describe her. Simple right it’s capital.
    S A N D A R A.

  47. camille22 said:

    Name:cAmilLe a. Halasan
    LocAtioN: meycAuyan city

  48. It occured to me that this is a good title for a great book: “WHY DO I LOVE SANDARA PARK?” I love testimonials and i wish these comments should not get buried and forgotten. They made the 1st message book before but how about a volume 2? The words of fans here are valuable because it’s participative and must not be wasted. Creating a book out of it is actually a tribute for both Dara and the fans themselves. Just look how they come in droves here… lurkers and regular commenters alike. It’s awsome

  49. Name: Shiela F. Irinco
    Location:Sta.Ana, Manila

    Why I like Dara?I can tell you my answers in this poem…

    A mystic lady hidden from a sour past
    A naughty Goddess that captures the thousand mass
    With captivating fairness that will surely last
    Soaring to the top in just a blast

    She is indeed a mighty deity
    A Venus from the infinite eternity
    Yet a naughty and bubbly lady

    The lens are going shaky
    She’s going crazy
    The goons and guys are pretty smiley
    She was indeed a charming cutie!

    Why I like this witty 4D?
    A thing she has that you need to see
    She drove my world in an endless spree
    And makes my day giggly and happy !


  50. Ayumi Ganaden said:

    LName: Ayumi Ganaden
    Age: 19

    Why do i love Sandara park simply because she is my inspiration when it comes to determination and how she love her family deeply …
    back in 2004 i was watching Scq (im merely 11 years at that time when i saw her on tv) i was hook with her when i first saw her on tv. all the time i watch the whole reality show i saw who she really is the Determined Sandara Park even though she knows she is a foreigner on show she doesn’t give up she gives 100 percent of her on the show even she always criticized by host and other people s thats why i came to love her so much when theres a issue about sandara park cheated on the show because she enter the Top 5 on scq i know sandara really hurt at that tome but she doesn’t give up (but obviously i was more hurt because i really love her) when SCQ finish i always watch her on tv her first show to 1st movie Because of you i ( i watch her movie that time even though mi not aloud to go alone but then decide to go and ending up grounded for a week) then sandara decide to go to Korea to study she took 6 moths off on her career (thats her reason) so i waited for her then it was back 2005 when she comeback she have hte movie Can this be love in the philippines that time to many teens star show up like (kim chui) always comparing to her (i mean wth where is the similarities for me Sandara was the best) to many right-up that shes already unpopular and to many of her supporter during Scq most of them gone but for the real supporter should always be there for you no matter what right .. then she do her last two movies D’lucky ones and Super Noypi then she decided to go back to Korea for good to star her career there i was very sad because i wont see her again in Phil tv but i was supportive because that she really want to have career in Korea then she sign a contract on yg then again waited for her i waited 3 years when she officially introduced as one of the member of 2ne1 i was really happy for her because her determination really comes good and im a official Blackjack i really love 2ne1 more and more and will continue to support them till forever

    I Love Sandara Park because

    she has the determination on her own than other people
    she really love her family
    she a girl with a pure heart
    she is the person i will look up tp
    she is a girl know how to show her gratitude on Philippines even though she is a foreigner in Philippine
    and last but not d least she is Pinoy in heart

    why i love 2NE1

    because Sandara a part of them
    because i love bom ,CL ,minzy ,and DARA
    because they really love their Fans
    because they treat each other as sisters
    because they really love music
    because they support each other
    because i love their music
    and because I really love 2ne1

    2NE1 will be forever in my heart and Sandara Park your my no 1 forever

  51. Name:Lara D. Calingasan
    Location: Bolbok, Batangas City

    There is so much that i wanted to say on the reasons why i love Sandara Park and i don’t know where to begin but here goes!:D

    Let me take you back 7 years ago…

    i started to know about a certain Sandara Park way back when I was in high school. It was during here audition with ABSCBN’s Start Circle Quest. She was the typical korean when she walked inside that audition room. It was very evident that she was a beauty but what was unexpected was her perseverance to do good in front of the judges and not count on just plain good looks and charm. The moment when she was vulnerable in front of the judges for crying because she got in and the fact that the judges still tried to kid around, given her situation, was gold for me as i saw how she still went for it and never gave up! Since the contest was based on text votes i used to campaign her to my family and friends to vote for her! i didn’t care if i had no prepaid left as long as i use it all for her! she finished 2nd place but no feeling of disappointment was felt since i know she will have a bountiful career ahead of her and i was there to support her with all the endorsements, movies, tv shows and albums she will have along her showbiz career…

    The time she was out of the limelight i was sad but i had to understand that it was for herself as well…

    the moment she was back and was again booming with success in korea i saw myself get back to that feeling when i first saw her…

    that perseverance to do good while still being your krung krung self and the determination to make your dreams come true was still there…


  52. tsukiness said:

    NAME: Chrisel Joy dela Cruz
    AGE: 18
    LOCATION: DAVAO city, Philippines

    hi!!!!! well i’ve always been a silent lurker her but this is the first time that I’ve post a comment here. I don’t use really use my account here but after like 2 years i think?? i’ve used it after reading this project… I guess im not really aiming for winning anything here..(difficult due to my location… but still I would love to come if ever… kekeke)… its just that I really want to express my love for her…too bad i was soo busy this past few months that’s why i wasn’t able to join the other projects like the message book…T^T aisht

    . i’ve been her fangirl ever since and there is no time in a day that don’t think about her… i can’t remember how long it is but ever since i saw her audition in scq… i already sympathize with her…. there’s something about this girl that drags me to her… (dont get me wrong im not a lesbian or something..) but maybe because there are times that i see myself in her… that’s why maybe im so attached to her…. i love her for who she is… and for me she’s one of the purest people i’ve ever seen on tv.. she’s one of a kind.. i think everyone of us… but she’s SANDARA PARK… what i really love about her is that she still remains them even though the years have passed… and as she journey along her life i’d be happy to still be her fan even if im old.. she always inspires me to become a better person.. she’s fragile but deep inside she’s very persevering… she’s stays pure, honest and innocent yet she has that femme fetale vibe to her… keke

    she’s one of reasons why im grateful that im still alive to witness her journey on life as she fulfilled her dreams and aspirations in life…
    i want nothing but the best for her.
    and my ultimate dream is to just see her even from a distance would be enough… hmmmmm T_T

    words cannot express how much i adore this girl..i would love to write everything here but i think the whole page wouldn’t be enough to express myself so im ending this up.

    she’s everything that girl would like to be and a boy would want to have..

    and I LOVE HER BECAUSE SHE IS SANDARA PARK.^_^(yesterday, today, and in the future) because i know she’ll still remain the same as the cute krung2x that we all have come to love…^_^

  53. Name:Veronica Jambalos
    Age: 18
    Location: Quezon City

    REASON: I Love Dara because minahal niya ang mga Filipino kahit hindi siya Filipino and she do it all her best to reached her dream to become a celebrities. and she work very hard during SCQ talagang nakuha niya ang puso at tiwala ng mga Filipino although sinasabi ng iba na wala siyang talent but she prove sa lahat na kaya niyang makipagsabayan sa iba and also she is a big star now and one of the member of 2ne1 but hindi pa rin niya nakalimutan ang salitang Pilipino at patuloy niyang pinag mamalaki ang ating bansa and i know she is a Kind and strengthen girl, Dara is my inspiration pag dating sa tibay at lakas ng loob. I think dara is the one of good Samaritan… kaya patuloy kong susuportahan si dara sa kanyang career ..
    this is my reason why i really like Dara 🙂

  54. chamtot said:

    Name: Charmaine Guangco
    Location: Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental

    if you were to ask me “why i love Sandara Park”.. theres no word in the dictionary that i could find to describe how amazing she is as; a person, woman and a friend. Though she’s a superstar she always keep her feet on the ground. She never changed from the Krung-krung Sandy we’ve all known here in the Phil to the Dara of 2ne1 in Korea that everbody adored. She got that smile that strucks me the most whenever i watch their performance on the internet.
    She got that amazing personality that anyone can’t resist but fall inlove. If i had the chance to see her personally, i’d say i’m not lucky.. but blessed to see a a living-Goddess.


  55. Yssabella said:

    Her life is a living testimony for me to strive hard despite of hardships… To smile in the midst of adversities… To love even the unlovable person… To forgive even the person caused you so much pain… To persistently try and never give up in order to achieve your dreams… To give out all you have for your family’s sake… To have a pure heart even others tried to influenced your purity… And to be true to anyone as it will radiates the true you… These are the main reasons why I love Dara even she was still the Sandy who never failed to let me cry when she cried during SCQ days and let me laugh when she did her innocent cutie ways… In conclusion, I so ♥♥♥ Dara! ^_^

    NAME: Erns Med Vari Garcia
    AGE: 27
    LOCATION: La Carlota City, Negros Occidental

    I just wanna express how Dara influenced me… Btw, I only want the shirt… please? thanks! ^_^

  56. kristine camille layson said:

    the reason i love dara? hmmm. how can i put into words the smile she puts on my face everytime she would smile, talk or just even move. how can i put into words the inspiration i get from her, her strength that inspires me that no matter what hardship there is, theres still hope all i need to do is to believe in myself and i will be able to “make the impossible, possible”just like what she does in yg,. how can i put into words the love she was able to share with me, i was wondering how can i feel in love when i dont have a boyfriend at all, i feel in love just by watching her act giddy, hoping for her “tough, young man” to come, it makes me wait for my ideal man too.. i blush everytime i watch videos or read fiction about all her pairing (whether its DARAgon,tabiSAN,jaeDARA,wooDARA) as long as its sandara park im all good.Im still thinking how come one person be my inspiration, my guide, my happiness and all… then i suddenly thought, she might be an angel sent to all of us to inspire us, to make us happy when we are down, to make us believe in ourselves, to make us believe in love even if it breaks us. yes. im proud to say. THATS WHAT SANDARA PARK DID TO MY LIFE.. AND THATS THE REASON WHY I LOVE HER…

    AGE: 21

  57. I love Ssantoki because to me she is like a breath of fresh air. I admire her not because of her lovely facade but because of her uniqueness and adorable personality. I love the confidence that she radiates and the strength she shows despite of all the obstacles and never-ending controversies that surrounds her. She is an excellent role model to the younger generation and to me no one else but she is the LIFE of ‘The Party’.

    Name: Reishelle Andres
    Age: 22
    Location: Pasay

  58. Christian Lloyd A. Silapan said:

    I love Dara because she’s a Pinay. I also love her because she is humble. For me, she is the face of 2ne1, the reason why 2ne1 is now on fire. 🙂

  59. Sofie Ty

    Dara is like a big box full of SURPRISES!

    Filipinos doubted her talent during SCQ but she emerged as the 1st placer and became undoubtedly the most popular contender (with 1Million text votes yoohoo!).

    People doubted her singing but she ended up having platinum albums, and surprise! she became a member of Asia’s number 1 girl band.

    Just when you thought she couldn’t RAP, she’ll surprise you with her awesome skills in KISS, CLAP YOUR HANDS and recently, the rap duet with the mighty GDragon for CJ CF

    You think her acting was bad? Well, check out all 2NE1 videos, her expressions and presence are all spot on! Even YB agrees with me.

    People say she isn’t SEXY but wait til you watch her KISS CF with Lee Min Ho…she brought SKINNY into a whole new level!

    You think she can’t dance? Well, you probably haven’t seen her awesome sexy moves in 2ne1’s predebut video dancing to Rihanna’s.

    People doubted if she could make it big in Korea (honestly, i was one of those skeptics), seeing her now, I feel like she has slapped both of my cheeks! She’s set to conquer the whole of Asia (and soon, the world!).

    Many kpop fans think she doesn’t deserve to be a part of YG Family, an unfitting member of 2NE1, but barely 2 years after her debut, she landed on the 14th spot for Top Idol Star with the Highest Income.

    Surprising, right? That’s Dara for you. One big box of awesome surprises! I cannot wait to see more from her! Maybe a drama, a blockbuster movie, a solo song and an acting award. Oh! I can’t wait!

    I love you Dara for all these awesome surprises you shower us your fans! It’s really great to be your fan.

  60. Ana Margarita Reyes said:

    NAme: Ana MArgarita M. Reyes
    Age: 21
    Location: Manila

    I love Sandara Park ever since the SCQ days. She has this quirky side that I really learn to love. She doesn’t need to be all serious to show beautiful she is. Even when she’s cracking joke, she still has this beautiful aura around her.

    As soon as she started with 2ne1, I never left the internet not knowing what her activities were, be it solo or with her groupmates. They are surely an eye candy. Whenever I watch them thru videos, I can’t help but be happy, finally she get the attention and the love that she definitely deserves.

    She’s the reason why I got hooked into kpop in the first place. 2ne1 and dara are the only kpop girl group that, in my opinion, offers a different spice. She makes sure that her fans or the blackjacks in general, feel like family.

    In addition, her attitude never cease to amaze me. She’s down-to earth, never letting fame get the best of her. She’s truly amazing. And with that in mind, I’ll continue to be supportive of her and 2ne’1 future endeavors.

  61. Age: 30
    Location: Manila

    The moment google flags up, the words I type on is dara me2day + date. She was the reason I got interested in 2NE1. I take pride as she came from the Philippine Entertainment scene. She’s like a cactus that never wilts however dry or hot it may get. From SCQ till now, I admire her courage. Although nervous or lacking, she has the confidence to pursue. With tears, she boldly said “I know how to act….” then on with her lines. Even now, she cries when she feels lacking but that keeps her attuned on becoming better. She consistently aims to make people happy. And with all the achievements she’s been garnering today, attest to her strength as a person. For that she is an inspiration. Idol Dara!

  62. hershei said:

    Name: Hershey
    Age: 18
    Location: Manila

    Why I love dara?
    cause she’s just one amazing person.
    Since SCQ days.. Ive been her fan, and I really know how much hardships she had to go through.. but can you see it? NO. She hides it with those smiles and I truly admire that. I love the way she smiles at each trials she face, no matter how much people criticize her.. she still throw a big smile on them.. I know she can get hurt at times, but she never gave up.. from Philippines to YG.. she stood strong. just how amazing it is right?

    She is beautiful as she is.. she doesnt need to fancy herself.. just as true as she is.. everyone loves her..
    she’s so natural and walang arte.. she can smile all she can.. cry if she feels it.. can even get mad naturally..
    walang peke.. and you know na pag inadmire mo sya.. di ka nya lolokohin at totoo ang ipapakita nya sayo..

    She never fails to make me laugh.. to make me smile.. once she cracked that krung krung up.. she brightens my day.. HOW I WISH I HAVE AN UNNIE LIKE HER.. then our days will never be boring :p

    she sings well… because she uses her best effort on it.. she dance well.. cause she practice all the way that she can..
    she does things best because she believe that she can.. and she never fails to make it up for the things that she lacks. ** another admirable trait** un tipong.. di ako masyadong magaling dito.. pero alam kong kaya ko.. kaya gagalingan ko pa.. at magagwa ko rin to 🙂
    that spirit.. only a few have.. luckily, our dara has it.

    I love dara so much as she loves us.. she truly has one of the biggest heart in the entertainment circle.. she loves her family, her friends and her fans.. I know that this simple admiration for her is just one way to show that she’s not alone.. she have us, those who believe in her behind her.. we’re giving her back up and i know that no matter what she go through after everything.. she can pass it happily. Dahil alam ko na.. even though dara always acts cute and childish.. inside.. napaka independent at strong nyang tao.. she will never surrender at alam ko na.. haharapin nya un head high.

    dara unnie 🙂 gs2 gs2 kitang makita ulit.. i want to see how you grew up from before… I want to clap my hands pag nakita na kitang magperform ng live.. at im sure.. cant nobody bring you down.

    dara is my star.. one true inspiration.. kaya minsan napapa i dont care na lang ako sa mga nagccriticize sayo.. bsta naniniwala ako sa talent ni dara.. and di un magbabago.. no matter what.

    blackjacks time 🙂

  63. Name: Yvonne Javier
    Age: 23
    Location: Manila

    I love Dara because she is an excellent example that dreams turn to reality as long as one believes and works hard for them. She may not have the best vocals but she is the spice fanboys and fangirls alike crave for. Also, she may have had fears but she fought for what she loved doing with much Fire. She’s shy yet dorky, sweet yet playful, innocent yet sexy. She’s the complete package girls envy. I would always check articles about her just to take in some of her sunshine. Every update from her Me2day account makes fans like me feel special.

    Definitely, she’s one Krung-krung I would LOVE TO PARTY with!

  64. whiteleaf18 said:

    Name: freia ann ghelyn C. Espinosa
    age: 18
    location: quezon city, philippines

    why i love dara?

    To be honest, i am an anti social person. I hate people and i’m not good with dealing with them. I get chills whenever i see a crowd of people and i become very on guard. I always think that they’re all talking about me and thinking something bad against me. Even my family has a hard time seeing me staying away from people. When i saw 2ne1’s fire in myx, i became hooked to kpop. I followed her since then. In 2ne1 tv, i got to see the real her. She became one of the women i admire the most in my life. Why? Because she’s one of the rare people whose hearts are filled with nothing but love. She went through hell yet her heart remained pure. I can see how hardworking she is and how she pours all her heart out in things she does. I know she knows that there are a lot of people who have doubts in her ability. I know she knows there are a lot of people out there who think she does not have what it takes but still, she never gives up. whenever i see her face, i just can’t help but smile. I guess she’s one of those people that i want to be friends with. Yeah, that’s coming from an anti social person. i think she’s remarkable and i can really tell the differences we have. For her family and her dream, she does everything in her power and even surpasses the limits of it. I remember in an interview when they were asked to give a message to themselves, she said: “sandara, even if life is rough, never lose hope and continue giving joy to those who surround you”. This girl is amazing. For the first time, i wanted to be someone else. Someone who’s not afraid of people, someone who can give joy and inspire others as well. I still think that the outside world is harsh, too harsh for me, but through her, a seed of courage sprouted inside of me and somehow just by watching her perform on stage, i’m reminded that life is beautiful. It doesn’t matter what people say to you or think about you, as long as there are people you love and who love you, nothing is impossible. As yg says, she is the girl with big dreams and even a bigger heart! Sandara park fighting!

    • whiteleaf18 said:

      P.S: I really want to see her…it’ll be one of the best moments of my life! please Ohdara! 😉

  65. Good lord lots of beautiful comments i hardly keep up. There’s enough words and adoration here to make any patron saints jealous of Dara Park. I’m surprise to see fanboys here too. I lost count of them. I thought i’m always alone. Glad they save me from feeling like a janitor in a beauty parlor even for awhile ^_^ But each comment  made here is pure gold, comes straight from the heart. It overwhelms you actually. So thank you guys!! Keep that Dara loving coming.. win or lose

    • i really wish i’ll send/give them all a free tickets too so they’ll see our dearest dara… i hope i won a lottery tomorrow so i’ll buy them all!!! kkkk

  66. leejeanmy said:

    Name: Jean Marie Trecene
    Age: 22
    Address: Taguig City

    I love Sandara even from the very first time I saw her on TV.
    My hometown is in Leyte and in our our small town there was no signal for ABS-CBN. I knew there was a new show, SCQ to be launched and I patiently fixed our TV antenna to catch some channel 2 signal. Waddaaa..I was able to watch the audition episodes and by the time that I saw Sandara, I immediately had her as my bet. I would always climb at our roof to move our antenna left and right just to be able to watch Sandara in SCQ. I would shed tears when she places last in the rankings but I was so happy when at last she was included in the TOP 5. I never got tired of watching our blurry channel 2 reception because I know Sandara will be big in the industry. I love everything she does. I danced with her shampoo commercials, I giggled with her tv shows. I laughed with her in ASAP & ASAP fanatic. I have always loved her even in her decision to go back to Korea. I will never forget my joy when my College friend showed me a video of her practicing a dance in a studio and when my friend told me that she is debuting as a Korean girl group member. My heart fluttered with joy when 2ne1 was introduced and my first goal is to memorize “Fire”.haha. Until now, I am treasuring all of the interviews and video clips with Sandara in it. My eyes would always smile when I hear her name in Arirang shows and when Korean male idol group members talk about her aegyo. I love how she cherishes the Philippines and her Filipino fans. My day would always be brighten up by the cute Etude ads I see on magazines and in malls and I would always be proud of her accomplishments and projects under Star Magic & YG.
    Dara is my idol from the moment she waved and said “Mahal ko kayo” until now while she’s shouting “Nolja!” & forever 🙂

  67. Name : Balsy
    Age : 32
    Location : Montalban, Rizal

    Whenever I open my laptop to access DARA related sites and see new articles, videos, fan accounts or anything about her….my heart goes Lolli Lolli Oh LOLLIPOP! ( you did sing it right?! )
    Whenever I hear her singing parts in 2NE1 songs, Im always in awe coz she really got the FIRE.
    I DON’T CARE if I’m 32 and still going crazy, fangirling over her. But with my current workload she help me KISS my stress away.
    Although, I’m one of those silent readers and don’t comment much, I’m probably one of those who make sure that I read, giggles, listens and watches everything she does.
    Hey, CAN’T NOBODY stop me from being a complete DARA Addict?
    CLAP YOUR HANDS if your like me!
    GO AWAY if you don’t feel the same way. ke!ke!
    Coz it makes me LONELY lonely lonely – POP!

    Dara, 2NE1, YG Family, Cheondoong…Mahal Ko Kayo!

  68. Name: Melissa
    Age: 22
    Location: Paranaque, Philippines

    I love Dara-unnie since the moment I saw her on Star Circle Quest. She still was so quiet but she was oozing with charisma. I ‘ve closely monitored her since then.

    I love Dara because she is so down to earth. She knows her limitations, acknowledges them but works hard to overcome them. It’s humbling to see how she have mastered English and FIlipino and captured the heart of the Philippines. She must have stumbled once but it’s amazing how she was able to stand up and conquer not only Korea but also Asia and almost the rest of the world.

    I love her for her simplicty and thoughtfulness. It shows in her posts, in the way she carries herself and in the way she treats her co-members, friends and family.

    It’s unavoidable that she may stumble again in her career but I know she will always bounce back. It’s because she is someone who works so hard and knows how it feels to have lost something.

    Dara! Fighting! 🙂

  69. Jennylyn valentino said:

    I freaking love 2ne1

  70. I love Dara because she’s such a happy soul. Ever since the first night she appeared on Philippine tv, I’ve always admired her. She shows great dedication in what she does. Even though back then, she wasn’t really that good in singing and acting, she showed her Filipino fans how sincere she is in her craft and so she left for Korea then came back to the Philippines with a better Sandara as an artist. I love her because she loves her family, friends and fans. I love her because she believed in her dreams and now she is realizing it and she was even able to comeback here in the Philippines with her head held high. She made it.

  71. WHY do I LOVE HER?

    i love her because shes a FREAKING AWESOME Korean girl that really appreciated our culture and history even in their albums she added some Filipino languages just let them know that we Filipinos are talented and shes even proud that she knows how to speak tagalog 😛 i really like her the way she dance i like her fashion i like everything about her! she like a goddess to me :)))) and i even miss her being the KRONG KRONG~ here in the Philippines :))))and shes even true to her self! she not plastic! i wish i would be given a chance to see her and to see her true and angelic attitude because my Korean friends told me that shes a very good Korean dancer and a singer~and even though she didn’t win the contest here in the Philippines, she never surrendered she continued her journey until she meet the 2ne1~ ^_^ and shes an inspiration to us Filipinos :))) FIGHTING 2NE1~ GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR CONCERT!!!! i wish i woud be there :]] BLACKJACK FOREVER!!!


    i love her because shes a FREAKING AWESOME Korean girl that really appreciated our culture and history even in their albums she added some Filipino languages just let them know that we Filipinos are talented and shes even proud that she knows how to speak tagalog 😛 i really like her the way she dance i like her fashion i like everything about her! she like a goddess to me :)))) and i even miss her being the KRONG KRONG~ here in the Philippines :))))and shes even true to her self! she not plastic! i wish i would be given a chance to see her and to see her true and angelic attitude because my Korean friends told me that shes a very good Korean dancer and a singer~and even though she didn’t win the contest here in the Philippines, she never surrendered she continued her journey until she meet the 2ne1~ ^_^ and shes an inspiration to us Filipinos :))) FIGHTING 2NE1~ GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR CONCERT!!!! i wish i woud be there :]] BLACKJACK FOREVER!!!

  73. jessica namias said:

    name: Jessica Andrea Namias
    age: 17
    address: bulacan, phils. / sta. mesa, manila, phils.

    Sometimes reasons why you love somebody are very random. Maybe with just a simple smile or making you feel very special in a unique way.. and amazingly Dara does that! always. that’s why i love her..

    everytime she smiles when they pass-by, or in her me2day vids and mv’s.. it makes you feel she’s smiling only for you even though your in a multitude of people thinking the same way..

    she makes all her and their(2ne1) fans feel special. she made herself approachable by giving her phone number to the public. that’s her best move. i believe she’s one of the few who gave their contact number to the fans and makes her best to entertain everyone who contacts her even in the most unusual hours of the day.

    i love dara!

    she’s very wacky and random.. she’s already famous but still very shy to her superiors and other artist.. she’s very flexible from singing to acting to modelling.. she’s very bubbly.. she makes her fans in touch with their lives by keeping them updated by her posts..

    i love her! she started in low waters here in the philippines and now where is she? in korea very famous. a sought after endorser and popular icon..

    i really want to go and see 2ne1 in their concert.. especially Our Dara..
    thank you for having the time reading this…

  74. madz_Parker said:

    Why i love Sandara Park?

    The moment she walked in the SCQ audition stage…
    the moment she greeted the jurors with her smile…
    the moment she waved her hand….
    and finally the moment she said ‘mahal ko kayo’ in her korean accent…
    — i found who i called IDOL.
    I can still vision what she’s wearing at that time, the length of her hair… the way she looked at the jurors in longing to hear, “Sandra you’re IN.”
    And i admit, i am one of those thousands who were captivated by her charm. Sooner or later, it will fade.

    BUt then the girl kept on giving reasons to make the whole Filipinos love her. That despite of being an alien, despite of being born ‘untalented’, despite of all her critics and doubters, the girl still managed to be on top! on TOP … if you’re not filipino, u cant imagine how phenomenal she was. AND I DIDN’T LOVE HER FOR THAT, i did’nt love her because she was everywhere! But i love her because SHE WAS DEDICATING HER SUCCESS FOR HER FANS..! On how filipino artists were eaten by their popularity, but this girl is different.

    For her FANS. Her FANS.
    When her star faded … when her ‘fans’ leave her. The girl worked her ass off to gain what she lost. To please her so called fans.

    That’s why haters would never understand why her Filipino fans defend her to death. Her antis will never understand, cause they are not FILIPINOS. They are not us that Sandara Park fought for. To all Dara fans out there, I want you to know that we are the luckiest since we are love by our idol. Not just by words but by thoughts, actions and by heart. And having 2NE1 concert in the Phils.just proved how we are truly loved by her, the audience that once forgotten her.

    That she indeed worked for her promise,… that someday she will come back here and we her fans will be happy again.

    That concert is the fulfillment of her promise. Thank you Sandara Park. We love you.

    P.S. I’m not actually qualified to join the contest but I wont let go of this chance to show why I love her.;D Sorry for the long post. ^^

  75. Name: Clarissa Clores
    Age: 22 years old
    Location: Dasmariñas, Cavite

    She who braved all things and never stopped dreaming,
    Always aimed for success not once did she ever stop believing,
    Not an ounce of fear, she held on her aspirations worth fighting,
    Deemed weak by others yet she always worked hard on improving,
    Admirable, yes that’s why her fans would never think of leaving,
    Respect from people all over, now she keeps on receiving,
    And from now on, praises and admiration surely she’ll be getting.

    Philippines might be far from where she is living,
    Anyhow, as she further succeeds, proudly we’ll be watching.
    Remembered and loved, that’s what we would always be feeling,
    Krung-krung, in our hearts forever you’ll be staying.

    That’s how special you are, Dara. Only you can take out the poet in me. 🙂 2ne1, NOLJA!

  76. mary khrisna palomo said:

    name:mary khrisna palomo
    location :imus cavite

    well im a die hard fan of dara since she was here in the philippines …..when i first saw her …….i was like wow!!”she is a very pretty”.i always watch her shows here in the philippines hehehe .i like her because she is so hardworking ‘she pursue her dreams although its very hard .she is so talented.beautiful,humorous.charismatic,lovable and down to earth idol .and thats the reason why i like her .
    you can see how faithful she is in her work. when she went to korea i was so sad but i was happy for her .
    i know that she trained in YG …i saw videos of her training and working so hard
    when i saw the debut of 2ne1 …………
    i was shock when i saw her and i was so happy to see her again .there are many reason why i like her ……she matured very much ,she always look outstanding…to other kpop idols…i like her because she never forgets her fans here in the philippines ……….she is so humble to her fans…..
    i always wanted to see her ….it’s my dream to see her …
    she is my inspiration and also with the girls of 2ne1
    i know all of the girls are hardworking …FIGHTING!!!!!!

    • mary khrisna palomo said:

      i know there are many fans like me………
      negative thinking maybe i cant be choose…but pls…can i have an authograph heheheh jokes

  77. Name: Asnairah Punut
    Location: Pasay city


    Mahal ko si Sandara una kita ko pa lng siya sa tv during her scq days. simula nung naging fans niya na ako. Pinakita ksi niya na kahit hindi siya pinoy pusong pinoy siya at kaya niya maging pinoy. as a pilipino fans ay naging proud sa knya. ndi lang dahil may pusong pinoy siya kundi pinakita niya sa lhat kung sino talaga siya at kung ano siya.Kaya sobra nalungkot ako nung malaman ko babalik na siya ng korea.I really feel sad and sorry on her, ksi sumikat lang si kim nawala na siya & bcuz of that nagalit ako sa abs. but i dont have any idea na kaya pala siya bumalik roon ay para magartista at para mas lalo sumikat. Kaya nung nalaman ko na naging artista siya naging proud talaga ako sa kanya. Isa siya sa dahilan kung bakit minahal ko ang KPOP. She inspired me a lot. Mas lalo ko siya minahal dahil halos sa lahat ng interview niya bukangbibig niya ang “PILIPINAS at kung gaano siya kasaya at ka-proud na dito niya na-enhace ang talent niya. dahil sa kanya feeling ko buong nakilala tyo ng mga KOREAN. At pinakita niya rin sa mga korean na isa siya palaban at survivor. well no doubt about her experience here in phil. kaya nga dumami ang mga fans niya ee. bsata mahal ko siya kung ano siya at kung sino pa siya. I know that all i said was nonesense, bcuz i dont know how to express my love to dara. I love all about her. I love he that i cant even express it. i love her that no one can define it. yeah i look like obsessed well maybe a little 🙂 keke. i love her! (well guess im a girl but i love her, she was so addicted her charm was so addicted. 😀 yea maybe i cant be choose, but please kung ndi man ako manalo pwede ba khit ung airport ng arrival nila dto ay malaman ko?? at ano oras please. wla tlg ako pera pangpunta ng concert nla. and i want to see them badly. :((

  78. marie cris said:

    Marie cris
    tandang sora q.c
    i love dara bcause she never give up! and she’s really a hard working person and a humble person. and she always care for her fans,family and friends.. and khit na sikat na sya hndi nya knakalimutan kung san sya ngsimula that’s why i love dara.. everything about her is beautiful. 🙂 and lhat ng members and 2ne1 … go go go!! fighting!!!! 🙂

  79. Name: Marianne P. Hernandez
    Age: 19
    Location: Sta Mesa, Manila

    To tell you honestly I’m a jpop fan rather than kpop however now a days, i find myself browsing on sites such as allkpop and the like and thats because of non other than Dara Park of 2ne1. Sandara introduce the fandom of Kpop to me. Actually i can’t tell all of these to my friends cause they will be calling me a “TRAITOR” to our fandom but i really can’t help myself. huhuhu Dara is really tempting.

    Way back SCQ days, i really rooted for her and even if she doesn’t have any Pilipino blood in her, i prefer her winning the title than Hero (i love there tandem though).

    i find her cuteness and dorkiness so natural. The growth and maturity of her as an artist is unbelievable now compare as when she is still her in the Philippines.

    If ever this will be my first time to attend a concert and i don’t mind even if its not JPop as long as its 2ne1. 2ne1 fighting keke.

  80. a korean who’s very proud of her tagalog song…and i love her because of this….

  81. Name: Katrina Paredes
    Location: Mandaluyong

    I love everything about her like from head to toe and from inside and out! Im almost became a lesbo because of her stunning beauty! NATURAL! >.<

  82. jamellablackjack said:

    Name: Marielle Joella M. Palcuto
    Age: 20
    Location: Cavite

    Why I love Sandara Park?

    who wouldn’t?
    She is beautiful in and out
    She stay humble despite all the success
    She cares for her members
    She is a good daughter and caring sister
    She loves and value her fans more than anything else She works really hard in every thing she do
    She is strong despite all the trials she went through
    She enjoy everything she do
    She can sing, dance and act, a total complete package for an artist.

    and lastly..

    She makes impossible, possible.

    now tell me why I wouldn’t love Sandara Park?

  83. Eiman Tot said:

    AGE/S: 25/28

    My partner, Red, took the liberty in sending an entry for both of us a few hours ago. I just needed to say this…

    I am a Sandara Park fan since her SCQ days. Been rooting for her to win the competition but since she’s not really a Filipino (though she’s more PINOY than many people I know), the much coveted title was awarded to a natural born citizen. Still, my loyalty remains with the sweet Krung Krung. I have already expected that she’s going to outshine the actual winner. Look at where she is right now! 😀

    As a teener, being in the same generation as Dara’s, I have learned that she’s experienced a lot of emotional and financial trials while growing up. Her resilience is a trait I hands-down admire. Dara has picked herself up (together with her brother) from shattered pieces and cleaned up really well to becoming one of the best Filipino-speaking Korean talents there is in the KPOP industry! Hah! =)

    Such courage is something I look up to on Dara. That whatever your background is, your future should not be limited by what the society dictates.

    My brother, little did I know, has been watching my 2NE1 video collection too! Caloyskie turns to be someone who is also an avid fan of Dara’s rugged style. Yes, that already makes us three (3) fanboys: Caloyskie, Red and of course me, Eiman. 😀

    I knew then that every centavo I have saved from my meager allowance back in the day, to text-vote for Sandara on SCQ will really pay off. My idol is the ambassador of the Philippines in her own country! That being said, she has opened a lot of doors to local talents such as Juris of MYMP and even influenced those who already know Charice Pempengco to continue believing in Filipinos! MABUHAY KA AT MARAMING SALAMAT, DARA! 😀

    Did I say that we are all FANBOYS? Hehehe. I know I did. Just wanted to iterate that we’re a minority here. Maybe we can have special added points for that? Haha. 😀

    Like what Red Almighty has mentioned, it is a dream come true to see Dara with the great 2NE1 in the flesh because I am sure that every second we will see them perform is every second of pure bliss that no typhoon can shatter! I promise that I will rock the dance floor to lure any threatening calamity away, so help me, God! 😀

    Uhm, did I mention that we’re Dara’s fanboys???

    Fine, I did. Calm down, geez!

    =p ~

    • madz_Parker said:

      haha. Love your comment. Glad to meet another Dara fanboy. ;D

      Wooh. can’t join but i’m enjoying reading all the comments here. Make me love our Sandara more. ^^

      Keep on commenting guys..i’m sure Dara is reading all your comments. ;D

  84. hello guys!!!
    i’m amor,from south cotabato,28 yrs old,married and have a 7 yrs.old daughter who also loves 2ne1. i really want to go to their concert together with my daughter but i can’t because of financial issues.but even though i can’t go i still want to share why i love dara of 2ne1
    i’ve known her since scq days,.although at those times, dara is not the girl-next door-type,but i see and feel something about her special,i can feel her pure and genuine aura.when she smiles to her fans,it’s really a smile that comes from her heart,u can just feel it!in 2ne1,dara have the least powerful vocals,but still her voice is my fave ‘coz,it’s just so relaxing to hear and also most of dara fans like her coz she’s pretty but for me the very first reason why i love her is because of her personality…dara is one of a kind!ijust like goo hyesun said”dara is the purest person i’ve ever known”
    and since ive mentioned that my daughter is also a fan,well…simply because she’s listening to their songs & do u know wats her fave?well,it’s “love is ouch” & “clap ur hands”.she just keep on repeating these songs especially love is ouch and when i asked her why she keep on repeating that song,she said” i really like this song mom”,its very beautiful”
    and ofcourse her fave is dara…hehehehe,u know ” like mom,like daughter…kekekeke!

    p.s even though i can’t attend the concert,is it possible to have the t-shirts?.if so,can u give me?and my daughter as well,
    and i have to tell this”ohdara site is the site i visit everyday,my day won’t be complete if i can’t go in this
    site”so to the admins,” thank you for sharing this sites to us, hope for more blessings to come”THANK YOU”

  85. abelle_a7x said:

    Name: Arobelle Carey
    Age: 20
    Location: Paranaque City, Ph

    I love Dara because.. She is the best example of the person who never gives up even though the majority doubted her. Even though she faces many trials and hardships, she store that as an experience and learned from it. She knows what she wants and will do with the best of her capabilities to attain her dream.
    She always surprises me in every little thing that she does, and she became an inspiration not only to me but also to the people who doubt their own capabilities to succeed. Dara made me believe that there is nothing impossible in this world if you just work hard and believe that you can make it.

  86. Ruth de Leon said:

    Honestly, before I really don’t like Dara! I followed the SCQ days of her batch, but I never really like her. I would prefer Hero Angeles back then, coz of he is so cute and I especially like his dimples. Sandara? Nah! Forget about her! She annoys so much! What annoys me of her so much back then was because she was a drama queen. She would always cry and I think she wants to get some sympathy from judges and from the audience. Of course I am happy that Hero won the competition, but I was surprise that it seems like she had won the competition too! Everybody loves her. She has commercials, tv shows, etc. But one thing that was really surprising was that she had an album! Even YG said what kind of music was that? I forgot the rest on what he said about that song In or Out. Hehe… Oh my! But I think her album was a big hit. I don’t remember that now, but I think it went well. Because of her die hard fans! Mind you, she has huge fans! But I am not satisfied of her back then, coz she was so baduy back then! She doesn’t know how to act, her tagalog is not that good. Probably because of poor workshop especially in acting. That is the problem of the showbiz here in the Philippines. If someone spotted you and you have some good looks they would offer you a contract to become a celebrity without even having an intensive workshops or preparations. I don’t know what happened to her career here. Her popularity started to get sour. Maybe because of her love team Hero Angeles went in trouble. He has lots of issues, maybe that pulled her down also. She said she is going to Korea for a workshop. It was kinda so sad to see her leaving coz you could see a pain in her face. She went back again, but it was too late for her someone replaces her throne already. Until one day, my niece said that Sandara is now a member of Kpop group. They had this song Lollipop, that one day became popular here in the Phils. At first I refused to listen to it, coz I can’t the lyrics. I actually preferred Nobody by wonder girls. But when I listen to it, I kinda like it. Until I searched for the song and her group on youtube and I loved it!!!! My nieces and nephews loved it too! We would always play it everyday! And I searched her group 2ne1, their songs. the members. It was kinda surprising to see the new Sandara Park. The new Sandara or Dara was unbelievable! I really can’t believe it! She has grown into a very sophisticated woman. A goddess of what every fans would call her. She has transformed into a different woman. Really amazing! The Lord blessed her with so much blessings because of her good heart. Especially on her family. She has sacrificed a lot for her family. Because she is the eldest amongst her siblings thats why I think she feels its her responsibility to work for the sake of her family, coz we all know that her father left them. That is why I salute her for that! A lot of people loved her because of her bubbly, dorky and witty personality, and whatever you want to call her! She became known not only in Korea but also in Asia, and I know around the world too! I would say that I am now proud die hard fan of hers. Her story is an inspiration to a lot people who were following her. I love 2ne1 so much and would never like any kpop group ever! I love their songs and their styles. I swear, I only follow and listen to 2ne1 and of course Bigbang!!! Everyday when I’m preparing to go to work, I would always play 2ne1 and Bigbang’s songs! And when I arrived at the office I always make it sure to visit this site to check on some updates on her and her group. At the evening at home I would visit this site again, coz I never get tired of visiting this site to get some updates on her. Viewing her beautiful pictures, her fan boys, her new cf, and a lot more!!! I will never get tired of supporting her, 2ne1, Bigbang and YG family!!!!

    Name : Ruth de Leon
    Age : 31 yrs old.(turning 32 after their concert.
    hahaha… am I the oldest here? hehehe)
    Location : Quezon City

  87. jerynaclaudine said:

    NAME: Jeryna Claudine B. Penaflor
    AGE: 18 years old
    LOCATION: Cubao, Quezon City


    From the day she entered SCQ until she became a 2NE1 member I was her fan and truly love and admired her, not just because she’s pretty it’s because she’s a true person. She will cry if she’s sad, will smile or laugh if she’s happy not because she have to, it’s because she wants to. Whenever I watch her I always feels the sincerity and her determination with everything she do. Also, I love her because she puts smile on people’s face and she serves as an inspiration. No words can describe how happy I was when i first saw her 1st MV(FIRE) with the other 2NE1 members because I always believe in her talents. Even though she left Philippines she never forgot us her Filipino fans. To sum it up…It’s because Dara is an admirable person in her own ways who don’t need to be fake to get the love of the people that surrounds her. DARA IS LOVE! S2

  88. Clarisse Sharmaine Santos said:

    Name:Clarisse Sharmaine Santos

    i love dara because she’s crazy a true goddess and simply beautiful inside and out. even she’s a pure korean she always shows that she’s a real pinay in heart. i hope i can see them personally because i never had a chance to see her when she was still staying here in philippines. DARA FIGHTING! ❤

  89. justsomerandomguy said:

    NAME: Jethro Kenneth Tan
    AGE: 17
    LOCATION: Bulacan

    As I can recall, Winnie the Pooh once said, “If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart: I’ll stay there forever.” A quotation that reflects to any fans in the world, including me, who’s wishing that someday we’ll get to meet the artist we idolize, we like, we love and the one who inspires us to continue pursuing our dreams that seems to be farfetched. A time and a day that we want so that we can share a tidbit part of our life to them in exchange of them giving us theirs. A time and a day that we want so that we can say to ourselves, “I’m lucky my idol would remember me by the simplest way I can do.”

    That wish became more ardent when I saw Sandara Park, alias Dara. Her slender figure, porcelain skin, crazy antics, unyielding desire to improve more were the traits that make Dara notorious and well-loved by the Filipinos. And I wouldn’t lie that she struck me with it too: a Dara-sickness that I love and continue hoping I won’t be cured. By that smile of her, I can say she’s a goddess. By that thoughtful mind of hers, I can say she’s the purest of the pure. By that desire of hers, I can say she wanted to set her dreams higher than before. By those tears of her, I can say she’s still a person. Now can I ask, what’s there that not to be loved?

    Let me continue on by saying what Shakespeare had said, “If music be the food of love, play on; Give me excess of it, that, surfeiting, the appetite may sicken, and so die. That strain again! It had a dying fall: O, it came o’er my ear like the sweet sound! That breathes upon a bank of violets, Stealing and giving odour!” In an unpoetic approach, it means: Music is what makes people happy. And I can quite say that, Dara’s voice is really a vital part of 2NE1’s music. Her fresh, sweet voice is equilibrium; when everything is on its own accord, on a quick note, the music will soften and I can hear her angelic voice that’s make me smile and relaxed. A voice that a lot of people are criticizing but yet she took these criticisms as constructive and not harmful. A voice that, nevertheless, makes every fan’s heart beats so fast, puts butterflies in their stomach and makes their mind go gaga over her. A voice so fragile and soft that your ears can’t refuse too. That’s Dara! She thinks like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness (Oprah Winfrey).
    I may say a lot of praises but I do believe a girl like her deserve everything. And if ever the time and the day comes, I’ am willing to say these words to her just for her to remember me.

    At the end of the day, fate will decide everything. This essay might be just an essay or this essay might be fate. Either way, I’ve spoken what’s inside my heart and mind and may this enlighten anyone who’ll read of who truly Dara is.

    NOTE: This is an informal essay. kekeke. ^^. Have a nice day everyone!

  90. Name: Merci Aurora T. Santos
    Age: 20
    Location: Quezon City, Philippines


    well.. SANDARA is SANDARA! she also known as KRUNG-KRUNG. She was loved & will always be love not only her filipino fans but also to BLACKJACKS all over the world because of her cute and funny face.

    I admire her attitude of being down-to-earth, she tried her very best to be a successful artist even though she thinks that she did not, she make sure to take care of her other members, she poses quirky photos, she never let BLACKJACKS worry on other members that’s why she updates every inch of what they doing now a days, And last but not the least she have an expressive eyes ever!!!!

    well.. that’s the reasons why I really love 2NE1.

  91. jeane2892 said:

    Name: Jeanelle Q. Salazar
    Age: 19
    Location: Los Baños, Laguna

    I love DARA simply because she is such an amazing women. I’ve witnessed her star shine from the very beginning (since SCQ) and i am very proud of what she have achieved. I love her for not changing and being the modest, kind and down to earth person that she is. Dara has introduced me to a lot of things, one of which is my love for KPOP. She is not you typical pretty girl, but she is a girl that can inspire a lot of people especially everyone that are experiencing hardships in life, that you should never give up no matter what.. I LOVE YOU DARA!!! And I am very proud of you!! No one can hold us down!! :))

  92. Name: Tina dela Luna
    Age: 26
    Location: Paranaque

    > If you’re a Filipino, how can you not love Sandara. I’ve read in one of the comments already posted that she acts more of a Filipino than some of us. It shows in her actions and values that the time she spent here in the Philippines had a major impact in her life. I guess that there is a chance that she may have not be what she is now if she was not able to experience “being a filipina”.

    another reason is because of her attitude towards life and just about everything…She’s always happy, and makes sure that the people around her is happy too. I may not know her personally but based on what i’ve read about her, her fans, family and friends are VERY important to her and that she values their opinions without sacrificing who she is on the inside — just a happy and caring sister, daughter and friend.


  93. Lawrence said:

    NAME: James Lawrence De Guzman
    AGE: 19
    LOCATION: LAGUNA, Philippines


    -Dara is DARA….. no one in this world can replace dara

    -i love her since SCQ days…. i have her first ever C.D.

    -no word can describe how i love Dara.. overflowing..

    -DARA DARA DARA… that name makes me happy…and smile

    -i love dara because she is dara… yeah.. no word can describe how i feel to her.. DARA ….

    i got my ticket.. pwd t-shirt nalang….

  94. Lawrence said:

    NAME: James Lawrence De Guzman
    AGE: 19
    LOCATION: LAGUNA, Philippines


    -Dara is DARA….. no one in this world can replace dara

    -i love her since SCQ days…. i have her first ever C.D.

    -no word can describe how i love Dara.. overflowing..

    -DARA DARA DARA… that name makes me happy…and smile

    -i love dara because she is dara… yeah.. no word can describe how i feel to her.. DARA ….

  95. kareumi said:

    Age: 15
    Location: TONDO,MANILA

    sya si SANDARA PARK.
    sya ang kaisa isang korean nagpakapinoy while she was here in PHILIPPINES,sya palang ata ang alam kong showbiz dito sa pinas ang nagpakatotoo sa sarili ,without even care kung ano masasabi ng ibang tao sa kanya (remember the SCQ days)
    at kahit ngayon nasa korea na sya at kilala bilang DARA ng 2NE1 hindi pa din siya nagbabago. . .kung anu at sinu siya dati nung panahong hindi pa siya ganun kasikat ,ganun pa din siya ngayon kahit sikat na sikat na siya . 😀
    kaya hanga ako sa pagiging downtoearth at humble niya at syempre ang pagiging UNIQUE niya sa lahat ng bagay ,

    malaki din ang pasasalamat ko ky miss DARA PARK dahil bukod sa siya ang nagpakilala ng kpop saken ,siya din ang dahilan kung bakit andami ko ng friends ngayon. dahil kay miss DARA PARK and ofcoarse sa 2NE1 nabuild ang pagiging friendly ko .
    nakadagdag din sya sa inspirasyon ko para ipursue ko ang mga pangarap na gusto ko marating. actually dahil sakanya kaya ako nagkaroon ng pangarap ngayon at sana matupad ko yun.
    ang pagiging SANDARA PARK niya ang dahilan kung bakit ko siya mahal .
    at ang pagiging UNIQUE ng 2NE1 ang dahilan kung bakit mahal ko sila !

    (salamat po sa opportunity na makapagshare ng love ky miss DARA at sa 2NE1 dito )
    -napapraning na po ako dito sa bahay namin dahil sa kagustuhan kong makapunta sa concert ng 2ne1kaya lang cant afford ko ang tickets hanggang sa nakita ko ang post na toh ,at dahil dun THANK YOU PO 😀

  96. Let’s just pray that “Chadeng?” will only rock Philippines with thunder and rains in just a few days.. or much better of it will be gone and be back after the concert.. geez!!

  97. OhMyChelsea said:

    Age: 15
    Location: QUEZON CITY

    “SANDARA PARK” a name i could never forget since i was a kid. She is my “IDOL” , my “ROLE MODEL” and my “INSPIRATION”. She touched my life in so many ways. I love her because of her perseverance and her determination. Her 4d attitude and her being cute , sexy , charismatic at the same time. She thought me one thing, that the key to success is “you being just yourself.” i love her because she is unique and she is so cool.

    She inspires me in every way she can. I want to follow my dreams, i’ll never give up and i’ll work hard to achieve my goals , because that is qualities of Sandara Park that i want to follow. :)))))))) I THANK HER FOR MAKING ME BELIEVE IN MYSELF ^________^

  98. Luis Angelo Quijano said:

    Name: Luis Angelo Quijano
    Age: 15 years old
    Location: Malabon City

    DARA AND CL is one of my bias in 2NE1 but I also love BOM and MINZY.

    — WHY I LOVE DARA? Because…
    > UNIQUE
    > CUTE

    She’s also the reason too why Im been so addicted 2NE1. I don’t have 2NE1 MERCH but I support them and be a FANBOY FOR LIFE UNTIL DEATH! I really wanna see DARA and the rest member of 2NE1 at the concert but since I can’t afford the ticket. That’s why I love DARA! Fighting!

  99. Name : Rhode
    Age : 33 yrs old
    Location : Philippines

    2 Reasons Why I love Dara
    Nobody Can Bring Her Down in Fulfilling Her Dreams and
    Everything About Her Is Love
    1, 2, 3 Nolja!


  100. Name: Ralfy C. Siosan
    Age: 17
    Location: Sta. Ana, Metro Manila

    i am a certified DARA addict ! 🙂
    in 2ne1 Sandara Park is the most beautiful in all .
    Without DARA in 2ne1 there will be no 2ne1
    Without DARA, 2ne1 songs will be out of balance .
    DARA still love the Phillipines. Although she lives in korea now, pilipino acts is still attach to her character.

    In 2ne1, she’s doing her best for the group. She also sing well in live .

    And thats why i love my SANDARA PARK of 2ne1 🙂 ❤

  101. marace10 said:

    Name: Marie Grace Ordonio
    Age: 32
    Location: Tarlac City

    I love Dara because her life story is very inspiring. I have supported her from her SCQ days . I have already believed then that she will be famous. Even many people are pulling her down she just does not give up. She is tough but a real person. What you see is what you get. Go DARA fighting!!!!

  102. May tiket na po ako Upper A, pwede makijoin na lang sa group. :))

    Saka shirt pala :))


  103. Avon Marie Lona T. Nova said:

    I love Dara because she inspired me in so many ways and she introduced me to k-pop! Because of her, I have live a k-pop colored life…lively,always happy,meeting new friends,strenghtening friendships,setting goals,taking risks,pursuing dreams…
    Dara is the epitome of being a role model.She inspires everyone to do good,the value of hard work, patience and being humble and she knows where she came from.As what we Filipinos say “marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan” that’s why she’s successful now.

    Sandara Park is a lover of life.There’s always positivity in her. I love her and I wish her all the best!!!

    Name: Avon Marie Lona Nova
    Location:Quezon City,Philippines

  104. Name: Enji Bhoy
    Age: 24
    Location: Poblacion Makati


    I never pay her much attention back in those days. I just didn’t. I pity her when she left but nothing more. Yet I didn’t expect she’ll change that much. When she did…. BOOOM it caught everyone by surprise – haters, fans, non fans, the passives, the young and old. There’s a huge quantum leap that happened and it whack me by the head. I say the whole thing is simply PHENOMENAL, appears like a magic or a miracle, very surreal. That’s why many of us who are not fans before automatically got suck into her world and suffered constant addiction. We haven’t recovered until now. Totally unbelievable if you ask me.  

    I love you KRUNG x2, SANDY, DARA 4evah!!


  105. Dara4ever said:

    Opps! Hi admin..i 0mitted 0ne w0rd 0n my first must be..*if n0t because of the filipin0s i will n0t bec0me the sandara park of 2ne1 n0w..* plz repair it 4 me..:-) thnks admin..

  106. Dara4ever said:

    An0ther 0ne…b4 idc ab0ut kpop but when i saw and learned that she’s part 0f 2ne1,n0w ìm addictd to boss grands0n even t0ld me”paulit-ulit m0 ng pinpanu0d at pinakaknggan yn ah,bkt naiintndhan m0 b?hn kb nagsasawa?” sag0t q naman”hnd man maintndhn ng tenga,mata at utak q ang mga lyrics ng kanta nila,naiitndhn naman ito ng puso q” (chessy n0,peo yn ang t0t0o)and when they needed supp0rt via 0nline and txtv0tes 0n myx,i did everythng in the name 0f lΘved f0r dara and 2ne1..hiningi q lht ng email add ng mga classmates q at pnakiusapn mga friends s n mgtxt gabi gabi. And the pictures 0f her that i’ve saved is n0w laminated..dats h0w i lΘve her..

  107. Name: Camille Anne F. Tajon
    Age: 20
    Location: Makati City

    I love Dara because she loved me first! As she always states, “Mahal ko kayo!” And although it makes me guilty sometimes because I used to dislike her but I realized that I can always keep up by supporting her no matter what! I hope to see her on June 4! It would be the best bday gift (June 1) Mahal kita Sandara!

  108. Dara4ever said:

    If i have to tell every reas0n why i l0ve dara-unnie,maybe i cn already make a boΘk but i’ll try my best to make it sh0rter….>i saw her first 0n scq auditi0n,actually i cn still remembr the c0l0r of her dress.the lines that she said and even the challenges that the jur0r gave to her.i’m 0ne 0f the milli0n who gave my text v0tes f0r her and watched her day by day..she cries when she feels sad or when she need it..she win 1st runner up and theres an issue saying that”she d0esnt have a talent”.she answered it with”i kn0w i d0nt have talent but im d0ing my best”,its really make me l0ve her.she neves sh0wn to her fans that she’s tired.she flew back to korea but she never 4get Phil.she even 0nce wr0te 0n her me2 the phrase”if n0t because 0f the filipin0’s i will became the sandara park of 2ne1 n0w.”she always do her best 0f the best all the time but she still cries if she’s hurt.she lΘved all the people ar0und her m0st esp.their fans.she never became of what we so called plastic.she never boast ab0ut her beauty and fame…she’s still the sandara park that i’ve kn0wn bef0re..>to keep updated ab0ut her,i keep 0n visiting this site every minute of every h0ur using my m0bile..i keep on surfing ths site and saving evry picture of her that’s why my ph0ne g0t hung up so i need to pay 1k just to the repair but i never regret it until n0w.i’m wishng to win this c0ntest badly…

    ..just to be specifc…”I LOVE HER BECAUSE SHE IS WHO REALLY SHE IS”.n0w i d0nt believe that theres n0thng c0nstant there is still..its DARA’S PERSONALITY…i love her so much.!

    name: Rose Balderama
    Age:21 (turning)
    LΘc.:fairview,quezon city

  109. kate lontoc said:

    Name: Kate Angelli D. Lontoc
    Age: 18
    Location: Quezon City

    I love Dara, because she’s part of 2ne1 of course. She admits her shortcomings. But that doesn’t stop her from working harder than anyone else. Although she’s drop dead, she’s still modest about it. And she’s normally shy, she tries her best to communicate and connect with all her fans.

    She loves her family, she will do just about anything to make sure they’re alright and is always there to support them, maybe not physically but always in spirit.

    She’s unique. As I am also unique, I idolize her for embracing her uniqueness. Her personality, the way she talks and even her voice, I love Dara, my ultimate IDOL! ♥

  110. name:aloe kaye duran
    location: las piñas city, philippines
    i love dara because she is so pretty inside and out. she always treat us fans like her sister and brother. she always do her best in everything and she dont want us fans to feel disappointed. dara is not afraid to show herself to the world!!! she’s a very pretty,sweet,kind,adorable,sociable,talented, and dorky person.. the best idol image i can ever imagine. ^^

    hope you will choose me to win a ticket .. coz im really addicted to 2NE1 and i love my it !! 2NE1 is my drug !! 2NE1 is my inspiration !! ü

  111. icaSsej said:

    Name: Jessica Ochavo
    Age: 15 (turning 16 on May 29 ~ ^_^)
    Location: Muntinlupa City

    Why I Love DARA?

    WHO WOULDN’T LOVE HER! She’s pretty, gorgeous, fierce, what else? She’s everything! She’s an IDOL! Everybody loves her! (but there are still haters, I know they’re just jealous, let them be… Haha! That proves Dara is one of a kind) She even won a poll for ‘Ideal Girlfriend’ and she has many fanboys! Even famous K-Pop artists admire her! She is very humble, caring, a loving Unnie~ Dara is a passionate girl, she does everything she can while doing her very best and she’s willing to learn and improve more. I can see that in their every music video, she is improving. Dara has the talent. Her style is very unique, one of a kind, original. One of her remarkable trademarks is her palm tree hairstyle. Need I say more?

    2NE1 was the reason why I got hooked up into K-Pop. 2NE1 was my first K-Pop LOVE. Dara was my first ever bias in the K-Pop world. I’ve met so many K-Pop artists but still I’m not forgetting about 2NE1 who started it all. I really appreciate Dara. I LOVE her so much! We even had a group in our class named ‘2newan’ and I was chosen to be Dara of the group. I don’t know… maybe it’s fate… Haha! (and so I was named ‘Jara’ from Jessica + Dara). I’m so happy now because if ever I win a ticket, I’d get to see 2NE1 in person especially Dara. My brother’s friend (who also loves 2ne1) even sent me an advanced birthday gift, it was 2NE1’s first mini album. I’d like them to sign it, I don’t know how… How I wish there’s fan signing and meet-and-greet for 2NE1’s fans — Blackjacks. I really support 2NE1 and when they’re being bashed, I don’t know, I’m just hoping that those bashers will realize how AWESOME 2NE1 is!

    What else? Aaaaah, I want to cry… I really want to see them! THEY’RE MORE THAN WORDS! (wala na po akong masabi) I’m really hoping and doing the best I can to see them… yet I’m not that rich… It’s a good thing they put up a promo for 2NE1 and Dara fans. I’m really blessed. This is so much FUN!


    ^___^ Kamsahamnida~

    *desperate fangirl mode now*

  112. I got my 5 reasons why I so love this girL.

    First, she’s part of the most MATCHLESS, TALENTED and PRETTIEST girl group that ever existed, and what I love more about them was how they set themselves apart from the others, the girl power thing and the we-don’t-have-to-wear-sexy clothing just to be popular.
    Second, the fact that she’s, well— ever popular, not just in ordinary boys in Korea, but mostly with superstars like herself.
    Third, her face… it’s so damn pretty and perfect that anyone would want a face like hers.
    As in ANYONE!
    Fourth, her seem to be undying determination – – she practices so hard, willing to learn more, TO BE ON TOP! And I think, she very much deserves all the things she has right now.
    Fifth, her being true to herself- – because most person in the limelight find that so hard to do, but to dara… it’s like it’s the easiest, the way she cried in front of the camera because she was upset to herself, showing her wacky expressions without a care if people will find that weird.


  113. Name: Dominique A. Muñoz
    Age: 15
    Location: Mandaluyong City

    I love Sandara Park because when she was still here in the Philippines despite the fact that she’s from Korea you can still feel that she has genuine love for the country and for it’s people. She’s really passionate towards the Philippines even up to the present. She never fails to make me anticipate in whatever stuff that she will do. Though, she falls short on some areas she still performs with all her heart and that makes her more admirable and inspiring. She is a true beauty inside and out and I’ll love her more each day for that reason alone. And I know that she might not know everyone of her fans but seeing and feeling her tremendous love for them, I respect her. :bd  

    Sandara Park, you’re the BEST!  ♥

  114. kimierotti said:

    This is why I LOVE SANDARA PARK.

    Dara is a person who has a very strong personality and she’s a very happy person. She is someone you’d want to be with because of her dorkiness. A day with her would definitely be so fun and exciting!

    She is also someone who would look good whatever she wears! Any kind of clothe simply complements her! She can still pull it off even though she’s just wearing a simple shirt or jeans. It’ll definitely look good on her.

    Dara is LOVE from head to toe! Her hairstyles, especially her PALM TREE HAIR rocked the whole world, and I daresay, still rocking it! Her dramatic eyes! Her lips! and her body that can rock any kind of outfit!

    She didn’t disappoint us, her beloved fans, that even though she doesn’t possess a powerful voice, she didn’t give up and worked hard and gave us a very wonderful performance in their songs like It Hurts and Lonely. And I am also so proud of her rapping skills! Her parts in Clap Your Hands? I salute her! THUMBS UP!

    Dara is also the one and only PAMBANSANG KRUNG KRUNG of the Philippines! She’s already part of the Philippines history! She never forgets, and continuously shows her love, gratefulness and appreciation to us Filipinos. She is also a very loving friend who’d always be there for no matter what.


    name: Kimberly Pauline Campos Lozada
    age: 18 years old.
    Location: Quezon City

    • kimierotti said:

      aigoo!! .. sana mapiLi ung comment ko T.T kekek~~~ dying to meet dara T.T

    • kimierotti said:

      .. in that’s Dara’s performance is super LOVE!!! .. haaaaiiiiissss she’s super love!! .. lover her so much!!!!!! ^.~

      .. how I wish to meet her T.T

  115. kenneth christian galvez said:

    Dara is almost a goddess to me, but since I know Dara is not a prideful but instead beautiful, I’ll just call her my love. Ever since I learned that Dara became a korean pop idol, I felt very proud of her since she came from the Philippines too even though she’s 100% korean. Dara, “mahal kita”, or saranghaeyo! I love Dara whatever hairstyle she’s in, may it be the famed palm tree, or her current hair style. I love her either she’s in acolorful dress or in a shabby set of clothes. She may be older but she’s someone who’s in style like a younger woman! These are the few things that makes me like, or no, LOVE Dara!

    • kenneth christian galvez said:

      Anyway, I can be from Muntinlupa or Manila, and I am sixteen years old

  116. ygbaby2 said:

    Name: Regina Rivera
    age: 21
    location: manila

    Hi! ohdara admins, i’ve been visiting this site for almost two years but i rarely comment. Actually i already bought a ticket, i’m just here because i didnt get a chance to make a message for her in the last project and also i want to meet you admins and i want the shirt (i wont accept the ticket)…lol Before i mention how much i love dara, i’m gonna say first that its really hard to put it into words because dara is the first celebrity that i really admire because i’m really not into celebrities even writing my name here is a big deal for me I always check updates about her EVERYDAY, its like a drug when you get addicted its hard to remove from your system. Okay i’m gonna start..First, she’s very humble, hardworking, and good-hearted, many people are kind but not good-hearted that’s why she’s the first AGAIN that i defended when she got bashed . Second, she loves her fans, i remember what hyori said in family outing that dara will have fans just like her because as we all know she really love hyori . And third, she’s sandara park.. I will always be her fan no matter what, and i will continue protecting her in my own good way and pray for her always..

    ps:Thank you admins for your love for her and for this wonderful site and NEVER ever ever ever shut this site

  117. Name: Milicen Tirones
    Age: 23
    Location: Quezon City

    This may sound chessy and too passionate but what im writing are all true. 2ne1 are the FIRST kpop group i’ve ever listened and followed..through them i came to love the kpop world even if i don’t understand what they’re singing except the english words…im a hardcore fan of opm rock(eheads,siakol & parokya ni edgar) and punk rock music (blink182,green day and more) but i’ve forgotten them cause of 2ne1..whenever im listening to kpop My family would always tease me saying stuff like “what do you like about them when you can’t even understand them? and sandara park? eww!! diba baduy yan?(sandara park? eww! she’s weird)”

    whenever they do that i always get hurt…not embarassed but hurt, because i was like them before i got to know 2ne1… before i HATED sandara park..for me she’s a freak & too cutesy but when i saw their “fire” mv i got curious and followed their progress…watched 2ne1 tv w/english subs, got info on their personal lives and what they’ve been through and since then, before they even got recognition as artists I look at them as artists worth admiring.

    Sandara’s story struck me the most, i’ve admired her since then… not because of her appearance (in all honesty, she isn’t the most beautiful nor the sexiest) not also because she’s the kindest person(she’s an angel but there are many angels in earth too) BUT put them all together..her kindness,beauty and victory over her struggle and an unexplainable charm that only she have…that made me love her.

    im never the type who forces or demands things from others but when i learned of their concert, that’s the first time i ever wanted something so much i cried, but i can’t go cause my family is going through something right now and i know that even if they’ll give me what i want…my conscience can’ t take that and even though this last paragraph may seem like a shameless pleading(which it is hahah) the first three paragraphs are my reasons. and the same thing i say over and over again to people around me who can’t understand just how awesome and great lee chaerin, gong minzy, park bom and most especially sandara park are ^.^

  118. Name: Mimi
    Age: 18
    Location: Parañaque


    I LOVE HER because ..

    She’s the best there is. Too general? Now here are the specifics ..

    She’s genuine. I know a lot says, even our goddess says so herself, that she’s most of time timid and quiet but I notice that every time she speaks up, she speaks of nothing but what she truly feels. She shows enthusiasm when she’s excited or determined, she shows those beautiful white teeth and flashes her gorgeous smile when she’s happy or giddy and she even cries in front of the camera when she’s not satisfied on something!

    She’s a friend. Oh there a lot of people who can prove this. I may not be her friend but I know a lot feels like she is their friend already by her very warm aura and friendly nature. We’ve all seen how she takes care of the other girls, bringing with her whatever the other girls might need. She’s also shown support to her fellow artists and celebrities by promoting them and patronizing them with all her might. We’ve also proven her continuous communication and friendship with her friends here in the Philippines, proving she never forgets. Oh I’d love a friend like her!

    She’s a loving idol. I don’t want to start comparing now, but I can say that not all idols communicate with their fans the way Dara does. With her multiple me2day updates each day keeping us posted on the happenings down to her simple smile and wave she flashes when she hears a fan call her. I’ve read a number of fan accounts proving her genuine kindness and appreciation towards her fans and no one can deny that fact ever! She’s a loving idol for she gives her all in every performance she gives her fans. She may not have a powerful voice but she proved to be a worthy 2NE1 member by using her fresh vocals which gives us all that light and happy feeling whenever we hear it. Oh I love her!

    She’s an inspiration. This may sound too emotional but I was really touched with her story. That story of her life before and during entrance to YGE. I believe she had inspired a lot of people in believing in their dreams and that nothing is impossible. YG says so himself that “Dara makes the impossible, possible”. Anyone going against him? Haha!

    She’s simply DARA. Oh yes she wears clothes worth a fortune, yes she earns a lot of money now but everyone can attest to this, DARA stays GROUNDED. She had experienced fame back here in the Philippines before and now in Korea and in the future, the entire world, but she still remains the Krung-Krung girl the Filipinos knew and loved. She stops when a fan calls her, she accepts it when a fan gives her a gift on the streets, she says sorry when she cannot take a picture with a fan for their manager said not to because they’re bare-faced, she says she doesn’t need the gifts to be expensive for she appreciates every little we, her fans give her and the other girls. Oh she’s Dara. I love her! You lover her! We love Dara!

    Man! My list goes way too long, but I guess I should stop here. I’ve been blabbing so much now. Haha. Wait, have I said it already? That I love Sandara Park? Oh well ..


  119. Efren Ortego Jr said:

    Name:Efren M. Ortego Jr.
    Age: 21
    Location: Imus, Cavite



    I ❤ DARA'S Sweetness

    I ❤ DARA'S Simplicity

    just try to COPY DARA 😀


  120. Name: Maggie A. Balacua
    Age: 17
    Location: Gen. Trias, Cavite, Philippines

    Dara, Dara, Dara…. hmmm… i cannot stop thinking about her. when i open my laptop and internet, the first thing i always and everyday is to check the things about her, in twitter of @Ohdara and @Welovedara and also their websites, if kpop websites have an article about her i always click ‘like’ and share it to twitter and facebook, and if there is an article, videos about her or new music videos which criticize her and even 2ne1 I always defend her /and them.

    This explains how I love Dara as how I love my sister. Even though i cant see her in person but in a screen of tv or computer, poster or even her name only i feel happy about it. I can see myself to her as a strong woman who have many ‘ups and downs’ in life but surely she never fail to SMILE to let us know that she is still the same Dara that make us proud.

  121. pReTtY_yEpPo said:

    age: 17
    location: bayugan city, mindanao

    i really love dara..and everytime i wake up in the morning, this site is the first i will really have to visit..coz my day begin with this..and every site with 2ne1..and ofcourse dara….goddess d….ay lhub u ubir na ubir talaga,,,,..!!\

    i wanna see you in soon as possible..i would do anything…i vote for you every hour in starkatcher…just to make your ranking higher….and this is true..i have 15 accounts their..just to vote you and y.g family…ay lhub you goddess d…i hope i can see you…coz your an inspiration to others to overcome their weaknesess and dont care if you have some bad or weak points..coz no one is perfect….but you are truly a good person and so down to earth..your a GODDESS FOR ME….!! and iam so sorry if i cant go to the concert coz i dont have a ticket and money for it…but if i can win this..i would really go..i will difinitely go in manila just to see ..even if it is so far….i can afford a fair..but not a ticket…




  122. name: maden abucay
    location: ilocos norte

    i love dara because she is SANDARA PARK. i love sandara park because of being herself.. everytime i see her (on TV, internet), hear her voice, i just love her more, she is so addictive.. Ever since her SCQ days until now that she is already part of 2ne1, i would never miss any episode of SCQ, i watched all her movies, series, and TV guestings, and all their performances. She is part of the air that i breathe.. 🙂

    PS- i even have this desire to be part of the male population because of sandara..

  123. Name: yeddah mabalo
    Age: 17
    Location: Quezon City

    Sandara is very competitive. Once she started something, she will finish it. Maintaining her strength until the very end. No one knew she will be making it to the Top 4 of Star Circle Quest, neither did anyone knew she was going to be one of the Most promising artists in Korea. She is very down to earth, very kind! She isn’t blinded by her fame. She still spends sometime to look back to where she started and never forgets. she isn’t a Filipino but since it was where she grew up, she respects it like a true Filipino. Whenever she sees Filipinos in Korea, she approaches them without hesitation and helps them. She is really a role model. not just to her fans and friends, but to other artists too! her characteristics and attitude will surely be one of her greatest asset for her to make it to the top.

    And I believe she didn’t follow her dreams. she CHASED them.

    Congratulations Sandy! Cheers to 2NE1! 🙂

  124. Isis Espolong said:

    Name: Isis Espolong
    Age: 29 years old
    Location: Guadalupe, Makati

    Considering that I have a really busy schedule with the kind of work I have, I really make an effort and give time to check on the latest buzz about 2ne1 and Dara.

    The girls, specially Dara inspire me to have fun and try to enjoy life despite having a busy schedule.

    2ne1 is my happy pill…they boost me up like vitamins.

    I really would love to go to the concert..even willing to go on leave (if not permitted, I’ll be absent on June 4 BoSS ^_^)

    It’ll be a break from my really hectic schedule and I know it will be fun, exciting and a day that I’ll never forget. So Please CHOOSE ME!

  125. Red Almighty said:

    AGE/S: 28/25

    2NE1 has tremendously influenced my partner and I in bringing us together. Hey, we even chose the number “21” to be our anniversary!

    Way before we met, Eiman has been a big follower of the group, seeing eye lashes bat here and there because of his enormous love for the group. Thinking he’s all alone in this, he continued enjoying 2NE1 songs in solitude. Lo and behold,a convert from Latin music to KPOP came – Red Almighty! LOL

    Eiman has been a head-over-heels fan of the group. He believes that he sings and dresses up like Dara since they share the same crazy fashion sense and hairstyle plus Dara’s mellow rendition of her parts in every 2NE1 hit — having a copy of each and every song on the same day these were released.

    Red Almighty has been under the radar and without him knowing it, he’s already singing and reacting hysterically when the music videos of these familiar songs get played on tv! How’s that for a 2NE1 loop addict?

    Eiman can dance most, if not all of the tracks there is in the 2NE1 albums — he even dances Cant Nobody inside the public transport unconsciously while listening to 2NE1! Both Red and Eiman can sing the hits, whether there’s a romanji copy or not. Play a new single a few times, chances are, they will be humming and even singing the songs along-side in no time! SERIOUSLY!

    Oh, if it’s not a Dara fanaticism, I dont know what is — Eiman has Dara’s (only hers) lines from LONELY as his mobile phone’s ring and message alert tones!

    Watching the concert would be the ultimate realization of our 2NE1 dream — and a sweet victory for Eiman for continuing his love for 2NE1, despite of the lack of support coming from his friends! Haha. Having this opportunity will definitely not let us feel, but only sing LONELY, LONELY, LONELY as these KPOP Giants hit the stage in Manila!

    Why us? We noticed that we are 2 of the older die-hards here. Haha. 2 ticks for Red Almighty and Eiman Tot means 2 LESS LONELY OLDER fans in the world. . =p

    Just recently, Eiman wowed the crowd at Anawangin with his mighty dance number, CLAP YOUR HANDS right at the lake! Haha. How’s that for a fanatic? =p

  126. suju21bang said:

    Location: PHILIPPINES

    There’s is many GOOD words you can hear when you say SANDARA PARK like “she’s a Goddess!!, A true baby face!!, Very Natural!!!, has a fun personality!!, cool!, BEAUTIFUL, PRETTY!, CUTE!, LOVELY!, Gorgeous!!!, FRESH VOICE!!!, SWEET VOICE!!, and etc!” But one thing That I admire here most is her being a Warm hearted Korean Girl who never forget Philippines~~ even though she’s in korea she still express her love in Philippines!~~She is also a bread winner in her family~~ that’s why I admire her most!!
    she even incourage her brother in Korean Industry~ she’s so sweet!
    also! she’s like a Mother to other 2ne1 member cause she’s one of the oldest~ like.. she give minzy vitamins! she’s so Caring! I know soon she’ll be a Good Mother!
    even Korean stars like her! cause her charm is AMAZIIING! 😀
    every CF’ she films is a BIG HIT! because of her baby like face beauty that many Korean women are jealous !!
    she’s one of a KIND!
    that’s why 2ne1 will never be 2ne1 without her 🙂

  127. Name: Marge Diosana
    Age: 31
    Location: Pasig

    **I don’t want to sound so cheesy just because I really wanted to go to the concert. LOL! But it’s the truth! XD**

    I wasn’t fan of Sandara Park not until I saw the Fire (Street version) MV in Arirang. I only caught the last few seconds of it so I was really doubtful that it was HER. Knowing Sandara Park during SCQ days — a cry baby, so-so singing singing and dancing skills and a normal dresser. But I researched anyway and found out that it was really HER. It was undeniable that she transformed herself BIG TIME — enough to slap the faces of those people who doubted her, including me. LOL! Her will to succeed, perseverance and hard work earned her my respect. Thus I became I FAN. And her humility throughout her newly found success made me a SUPER FAN. So I’m waiting for the days to unfold and she’ll surprise us with her talents and make me a SUPER DUPER FAN. 🙂

    I have my struggles in life and trying my best to win the game. Like they say, “only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go”……then I’ll just think of SANDARA PARK as I walk on my way,

  128. ImJaNiKe said:

    Name:Janike Bea De Paz
    Age: 21
    Location: Makati

    Honestly i like 2ne1 a lot not just because their from yg entertainment(w/c i love ♥) but because their music and skills are great….I love Sandara, Sandy, Dara because she’s really dorky and quirky. She makes the atmosphere happy and bright. Her antics is really funny and her fashion is great. I also admire her for her youthful beauty and humbleness..Even though she has accomplished a lot, she still keeps her feet on the ground. And also she loved the Philippines so much..She never fails to show others how proud she is that she stayed here…
    Thats Dara..She doesn’t need to be a full blooded Filipino to show her love for our country..well she is already a Filipino , a Filipino by heart…”the pambansang Krung-Krung ng PILIPINAS”


  129. iheartpink said:

    Marie Antonette S. Santos
    28 years old
    Marikina City

    I love Sandara since she started her career here in the Philippines…She’s like a sunshine that always bring smile to people and that’s why I love her because she has the ability to make people happy even when they’re sad or having difficulties in life by just looking at her 🙂

  130. Dara makes being dorky and absolutely awkward seem adorable and socially acceptable.

    Name: Cam Dal
    Age: 23
    Location: Makati City

  131. Name:Laurence A. Jazareno
    Age: 18
    Location: Valenzuela

    I do love DARA because of her uniqueness
    her being a KRUNG KRUNG
    her being true to herself..
    down to earth..

    worth to be idolize ❤

  132. Name: Jan Pauline Borce
    Age: 16
    Location: Bay, Laguna

    Words are not enough to explain why I adore 2NE1’s fresh vocals, Sandara Park. I’ve always been a fan of Sandara Park since her SCQ days. She’s this dorky/krung krung and adorable girl that can give a huge smile on your face. Even though there’s a language barrier, she did all of her best to show her talents and to express herself, here in the Philippines. And when she left the Philippines and went to Korea to became an idol, she gave all her best and didn’t lose hope even Papa YG didn’t want her to debut as an idol at first. She worked hard and tried to improve her skills so she can debut as a member of 2NE1. And she did it, and look at her right now.. She’s now one of the hottest girl celebrities in Korea right now, and yet, she still remained the same. The same dorky,krung krung and adorable Sandara Park that we all know. That’s why I really look up to her. Even though she looks so fragile-looking, she has this strong heart that will never give up ever.. just to pursue her dreams. Even though her name screams “FAME” nowadays, she’s still the humble Dara that we all know. Thus, Dara is indeed an inspiration to all of the people around the globe. 🙂

  133. Name: disky
    Age: —

    why i love dara? Dara is an example of a person who works hard and stands up amidst every trials she has undergone. She is an example to the aspiring people who dreams. She inspires everyone to not give up and perservere and work hard. She is a person full of positivity, she deals with criticisms well. Apart from these, she is genuinely a very happy person,she is true to herself, she is humble, she is close with her fans and most of all she values her family, friends and love ones..

  134. Twin-twin said:

    From reading everyones entry I found that Dara is the one who really introduced them to K-Pop same as me..And im proud to say that Im part of the so called Dara Effect. (*)

  135. Name:Juliean M. Oliva
    Age: 20
    Location:Bacoor Cavite

    why I love dara? She’s an angel falling from haeven who captured every man and womans heart. Her simpleness make her more beautiful.A kind-hearted person, simple and a lovable daughter,friend and co- artist.She did’nt forget the Philippines especially her loving fans who support her. A down to earth woman even she gain popularity in the world. I love her and thats the beginning of everything…for her
    “You are like spring that makes the flowers grow. .

    You are like summer, you give warmth to the people around you. .

    You are like fall, you bring harmony and joy. .

    You are like winter, you bring people closer. . together.

  136. name : Regina Mangubat
    age: 18
    location: karuhatan, valenzuela city

    maybe there is no word that can describe how much i love 2ne1 especially dara.. even when i first saw her in scq i know that she will win. different charater.. she’s my first idol and second is toni.. ehehe… i really love her show, movies and songs when she’s still here in philippines.. i always like her and luis when they always make fun to each other… i’m very happy to her bec she already fullfil her dream.. i know she’s still want to be an actress in korea.. i know that in the future it will also fullfil. she’s very strong that’s why i envy her so muich…

    their song is the best.. love is ouch, lonely and it hurts are the best song i heard to them.. it always made my day complete just by repeating it played on my dvd.. i hope i can win ticket even just once… i really love 2ne1 so much…. thank 4 giving us chance… love u blackjacks and 2ne1…

  137. yukirochan said:

    Name: Maria Vivien Sotto
    Age: 19
    Location: Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu

    I can say that I was not a pure fan of K-pop at first. I’m into Anime so I’m truly a J-pop fan and I sing Japanese songs in school and in home. When I heard that Sandara Park returned to Korea, I taught that her decision was good for her and her family sake. Years have gone by, (I really remembered it) I saw a post in my facebook titled “Sandara Park joined a K-pop group titled 2ne1 (A Female Version of Bigbang)” with an attached video of Lollipop MV. I was really curious and watched the video. I was really amazed of how Sandara Park was transformed, from a trying hard to speak Tagalog Korean Girl to a Beautiful and Charismatic Dancer.

    And now it hit me, in just like that, I have been reading blog articles about 2ne1, watching news clips about them, waiting for their MVs to come out (Fire and I don’t care), downloading their songs and only their songs were in my I-pod playlist of K-pop, and every night I have been checking on them on what are the group’s next move.

    Out of the members, Sandara Park stunned me. She became completely matured and became really beautiful. And I can say that I became biased of her than any members because firstly, she came from the Philippines. It was just like watching a kababayan became famous and was very proud of her achievements even though she was not really a Filipino. Second, I have seen her as inspiration that we can achieve our dreams. She worked hard for her dream. Even though she was not given a great talent of singing, she still aspired to be a singer and worked hard for her to achieved that. And truly she became a good singer and an artist. Third, her craziness and bubbliness. That became her asset in gaining fans to love her. Who can’t love a person who reaches out for you and makes you laugh. She’s doing it, even though not personally, but through her Me2day updates and in 2ne1tv. She’s not shy in showing what is her true self. And lastly, she has a GOOD HEART which makes people like and love her. She’s a down to earth person and she’s not boastful on what she has achieved. She’s doing her best in all of their works and she became one of 2ne’s best asset.

    I love Sandara Park and 2ne1 on what they are! ❤
    : ))

  138. Can’t join the entry. But i love the comments… makes me cry LOL TT.TT :)))))

    Love you Sandara

  139. Twin-twin said:

    I loved Dara from the very first time I saw her in Phil TV.

    It was really love at first sight.(I’m a girl though)
    Since then I became a true loyal fan. I defended her from her detractors and always kept my heads up and smile whenever someone puts her down and make her cry. Coz I know that though she cries,no one can make Dara crumble down.

    She was an inspiration to me too because like Sandara I wanted to face every challenge and weaknesses I have smiling and staying beautiful. Its like with her, nothing is impossible.

    I also admire her eternal beauty and youthfullness, that seems to work not only with guys but also with girls alike.

    And the best of all, she is kind,thoughtful and loving not only to her family,friends but most specially to her fans.

    It’s my love her that actually brought me to 2ne1,some people may say that its weird that at my age I’m still into this but I always say ,” Panong di mo sila magugustuhan, Si Dara pa lang solve na.”

    Name: Nina Cristel Velasco
    Age: 23
    Location: Taguig City

  140. Maricon Bonita said:

    Name: Maricon Bonita
    Age: 19
    Location: Mandaluyong

    I probably lost in this contest because all the comments I’ve read were so good and so true. Anyway, why do I love Dara?..OMO!. I’m speechless! Because for me, there is no word that can describe my love and admiration for Dara. I love her for who she is, for what she can give every performance, for every quirky jokes, and especially for her love for the Philippines, the reason she is best among other international artist!

  141. Name:Paula Vern T. Apolonio
    Location: Sampaloc, Manila

    Okay, so here are top five reasons why I love DARA!!!

    1. She’s proud of where she’s from. When she was here in the Philippines, she was very proud of being Korean, even making “Annyeong, mahal ko kayo!” her catchphrase. And then, when she became famous in Korea, she was also proud that she was a part of the Filipino Showbiz industry. In Awards shows, such as Mnet Asia Music Awards, she speaks in Filipino. She even sings her trademark song “In or Out” in Korea.

    2. She made 2ne1 … well, 2ne1. She’s the reason why Filipinos everywhere love 2ne1. Can anybody imagine a 2ne1 without a Dara? It’s like Bom not having Corn. JUST UNACCEPTABLE. She’s never BORING. She’s very down to earth and loves her fans truly.

    3. Because she rocks the KPop (and Pinoy) world. Many haters have said that Dara is talentless and that 2ne1 will be okay without her, but don’t judge a book by it’s cover. You haven’t seen Dara work her onscreen magic the way she did here in the Philippines. Dara may not be a powerful enough singer, but she is a great performer. She has 4 blockbuster Filipino movies under her belt, for crying out loud! She had TONS of TV shows! And she had three albums! The first of which is double platinum. Now, is that talentless to you?

    4. She’s one tough unnie. I was a fan of Dara when she was still in Star Circle Quest. I love her craziness, her tendency to just explode with energy. But behind all of that, she’s been through a lot. I recall a few years back the controversy regarding her, Hero Angeles and Joseph Bitangcol. I also remember when she had to leave the showbiz industry because of family issues. Many of her fans turned their backs on her because she left. But years later, she came back as Dara of 2ne1, acting as if nothing happened, smiling and greeting everyone with her trademark catchphrase.

    5. The last reason why I love Dara? Because she is and will always be the Pambansang Krung Krung ng Pilipinas. She is the joy of the Filipinos. She introduced many of us to the hip, fun and crazy world of KPop. She comes back here many times, saying over and over that she hopes to bring the rest of 2ne1 with her someday. And finally she is! I could not find another way to express my joy and gratitude other than to witness them in concert, where Dara (after probably tons of pleading with YG) shows to 2ne1 how much we love them.

  142. Gusto ko si Sandara Park kasi siya ang dahilan kung bakit nakilala at naadik ako sa 2ne1 at sobrang kulet lang niya.

    Malaki talaga ang pasasalamat ko kay Dara kasi kung di dahil sa kanya, hindi sa akin isha-share ng housemate ko ang 2ne1. Mula no’n sa 2ne1 na umikot ang buhay namin sa apartment, nagsasayaw, gumagawa ng music video, laging pinapatugtog at pinapanood. Pag may okasyon, nagdadamit ako ng katulad ng sa kanila.

    Si Dara din ang dahilan kung bakit ako todo eyeliner dahil nakakatuwa ang cuteness niya at big deal po sa’kin ‘to dahil siya ang dahilan kaya naappreciate ko ang pagiging singkit ko (na sobrang ayaw ko dati). Malaking bahagi talaga sila ng buhay ko… it may sound so dramatic pero ganun talaga e. Kaya masaya ako kasi kapag nakarinig ang mga friends ko ng 2ne1, ako na agad ang naaalala nila. Weird pa nga kasi isa akong Pinoy advocate promoting Filipino pride pero pag usapang 2NE1 bigay na bigay ako. Dahil siguro hindi pa rin maaalis sa akin na si Sandara Park pa rin ang forever Pambansang Krung-Krung ng Pilipinas!

    Sobrang nainspire rin ako kasi alam naman nating hindi siya gano’n kagaling noon pero ang laki ng improvement na pinakita niya. Nakakaamaze lang talaga at kapag wala ako sa mood tapos makakabasa ako ng me2day niya…ang kwela lang. Nakakabuo ng araw.

    Isa pa, ang ganda niya at napakaphotogenic. Kapag nagsstalk ako sa kanila at makikita ko HS pics niya, grabe lang. Sobrang natural ng ganda hanggang ngayon baby face at ang cute, pati ng personality niya. Kaya naman napakarami niyang fans.

    Aminado talaga akong isa siya sa nagbibigay buhay sa 2ne1. Yes lahat naman ng miyembro may kanya-kanyang ambag sa “hospitality” ng 2ne1 sa mga BlackJacks at sa cheerful atmosphere na meron sila lagi pero alam kong kung wala si Dara o kung naiba man ang miyembro at hindi siya, alam kong iba.Siguro wala pa nga ako dito kung wala siya 🙂

    Gusto ko si Sandara Park dahil isa siyang tunay na inspirasyon! Mahal kita Dara!

    Riena Marie L. Solacito
    18 years old
    Calamba City

    *sorry po ang haba ~nadala ng bugso ng damdamin. charot! ^.^v hihi at sana accepted ang Tagalog entry 😀 Mabuhay! v^.^v

    • at higit sa lahat… mahal ko si Dara dahil mas Pinoy pa siya sa iba. Hindi siya nakakalimot kahit minsan na siyang nasaktan dito sa Pinas (talk about love, not having such projects) pero buo pa rin ang loob niya at hindi siya nag-iba. A Korean and Filipino at heart – a truly amazing girl. ❤

  143. Name: Maricris Agustin
    Age: 19
    Location: Quezon City

    I first saw Sandara Park in SCQ days and I became a fan right away.. My first thought about her is that she’s so pretty and as I watch her more each day I can say that she just not have a face but a large amount of talent. I saw her grow, from being the “Pambansang Krung Krung” to being the “Feisty 2NE1 member” that we love and idolize. I love her personality, specially that she is not afraid on being herself. She is a girl that didn’t give up on criticism and problems but instead strive more to learn and improve herself. She never forgets her fans and still look back to were she started. Now that she is on her way to fulfill her dreams of becoming a famous singer and actress, fans like me will always be here to support her. The spaces to write and the words to say are not enough to enumerate the reasons why I love her. And Like what I always believe, 2NE1 will not be 2NE1 without her. Like the other members, She is a vital part of the group. A very beautiful, funny, humble, kind, passionate and talented girl. So what’s the reason not to love her?

  144. Jostin Jerico said:

    Hello!!! Jostin Jerico here from the province of Albay, Region of bicol!!! There are many reasons to love Sandara Park but for me I love her for she is D.A.R.A.

    The “Dainty”, “Angelic”, “Rousing” and “Adamant” artist I have ever met.

    DAINTY for she is beautiful in the outside even in the inside…Her simple, elegant gestures and personalities will always catch your eyes and just makes you smile… 🙂

    ANGELIC not just because of her face, but also her Angelic voice will calm our ears and gonna soothe your body and soul with her harmonic tones.

    ROUSING cause her life is an inspiration not only to Filipinos or Koreans but to the world. Her story had melted the hearts of many Filipinos even Koreans, from being the “Pambansang Krung-Krung ng Pilipinas” to becoming one of the Members of the “BEST” Girl Group of Korea. Her story about triumph motivates the world that “Can’t nobody hold us down” in pursuing our own dreams.

    Lastly, Sandara is ADAMANT like the shining diamond…. It’s unbreakable…Her passion as an artist is firm and will never be weaken by anyone who wants to destroy her… She is also determined in pursuing her dreams to become a bright shining star in the Korean industry… Now, I am not surprise that her dream is now, not a Dream but It became a Reality… It’s true that Can’t nobody will hold you down Sandara… Please Don’t Stop the Music and continue to make beautiful melody together with 2ne1!!! Mabuhay ka Sandara!!! Mabuhay 2ne1!!! Tunay kamong Uragon!!!

    And these are some of the reasons why I love Sandara… I may say that I may not be her biggest fan but one thing is for sure, I will always love Sandara and 2ne1 and I will gonna support them all the way!!! 😀

    NAME: Jostin Jerico Rosal
    AGE: 16
    LOCATION: Legazpi City, Albay

  145. Name: Peter Paul Jamison
    Age: 19
    Location: Quezon city

    the reasons why i ♥ DARA ~

    1. She’s the one that make 2NE1 very successful.
    2. Her very ANGELIC voice that suite to 2NE1 style. Especially w/ her rapping parts. 🙂
    3. She NEVER forget Philippines.
    4. Her personality didn’t change.
    5. Dara is the reason why i LOVE YG and 2NE1, Because of her, MY WORLD CHANGE EVERY SINGLE DAY !!


  146. First of all there is No reason Not to Love Dara.

    I started being a Fan of Dara when she was a star here in the Philippines. I am so sad when she left. But became happy when I heard that she became successful in korea. atlast I will be again able to see her activities. I am just so proud of her. I followed her activities when they debut in 2009. and as far as I know I watch all of the videos related to her from performance, news, interviews and even if her name is being mention on some drama.

    Dara just simply represent girls around the world. We just can relate to her a lot. and I love her hard work. As i know showbussiness in Korea is very tough But every time we see her she just smile. who the world would not love/like a person who brings good/bright energy every time.

    D.A.R.A = L.O.V.E

    Name:Joyqueenly Ocampo
    Location:Pasig city

  147. Nathania Estabillo said:

    Name: Nathania Estabillo
    Age: 15 y/o
    Location: Sampaloc, Manila

    SANDARA PARK! We all know her for being a contestant in SCQ here in the Philippines. I LOVE her for being at her self and showing her talents in each one of us. She never forget the Philippines even if she’s in Korea right now. The one and only Krung Krung of the Philippines. =)

    5 reasons why i LOVE her
    1. She’s Beautiful inside and out/ with make up or not :p
    2. She’s down to earth
    3. She’s very Loving Sister to Thunder
    4. Definitely one of a kind
    5. Lastly Good at singing,dancing,acting and indemand in modeling 🙂


    I really want to watch the concert because its my chance to meet 2ne1. Specially Dara, even if the ticket that you will give is very far its okay w/ me as long as i can watch. I hope i can be selected as one of the winners 🙂 Hehe Thanks guys for the opportunity =)

  148. izee_CL said:

    Name: Hyacinth Buenviaje
    Age: 17
    Location: Rizal

    Honestly speaking, I’m never used to kpop type of music.. but since i heard their debut song “FIRE”, I always watch its video at Youtube and since then, I admired the kpop girl group that’s known as “2NE1”
    Honestly, Chae Lee is my favorite among the members of 2ne1 .. but Dara, she’s the most inspirational member of 2ne1.. She’s the most sweetest and “krung-krung” 2ne1 .. haha XD I like her cute and bubbly image ..
    I hope to meet her soon before or after the concert ..

    GO DARA !!

  149. Clarisse Sharmaine Santos said:

    i love dara because she’s crazy :)) a true goddess and simply beautiful inside and out. even she’s a pure korean she always shows that she’s a real pinay in heart. i hope i can see them personally because i never had a chance to see her when she was still satyong in philippines.

  150. Dara! Nothing to Compare with other.. She’s the One who can make you SMILE with her Dorkiness.. She’s soo Funny.. Cute and Dork Actually! When You Guys Bored Try to search Dara’s VIDEOS and Pictures then You Began To Smile. Kinda Weird fOR OTHERS B’coz they dont know why ur smiling without reason! haha Dara is soo Beautiful as always.. Im surprised when 2ne1 debut with DARA! is Like Wow! Our Krung Krung? Oh Yeah Dara! I love her because she’s so Lovable and adorable definitely not FAKE! Sexy! Hot Dara.. She’s always be part of My Life the Talented Krung Krung Ever! This Girl Can Makes You soo HAPPY! Go Dara! Philippines always here For YOU! Dara always making me happy and feel so comfortable when I saw her pictures is like Im wondering why I keep looking with her picture.. haha YOUR SOO PRETTY! Skinny But HOT!

    Name: Jerlyn Enriquez
    country: Philippines

  151. Joy Ann Dimalanta said:

    S andara Park. ♥
    A dorkable. ♥
    N ever ending charm. ♥
    D reamer. ♥
    A chiever. ♥
    R adiant. ♥
    A ngelic. ♥

    P ersonality. ♥
    A musing. ♥
    R eal. ♥
    K rung-krung. ♥

    i ♥ dara – just the way she is.


    Name: Joy Ann Dimalanta
    Age: 23
    Location: Pasig City

  152. I love Dara because…
    1. Even though she is not perfect, she uses that reason to push herself and improve to be better than before
    2. She shows her love for us her fans as much as us her fans shows our love for her.
    3. She is the best PR manager of 2NE1 by updating us as much as possible with what is happening with 2NE1 and the whole YG Family.
    4. She loves and supports her family non-stop
    5. Her beauty and personality shines with a positive aura that can make anyone smile!

    Name: Jessyka Santiago
    Age: 21
    Location: Antipolo City

  153. sheene abigail M. vicente said:

    i really want to join “the party” but i cant because i have my advance class on june 2 and manila is way to far cause its in north and im from south (davao) so its very obvious that i can never join the clans. so im just here to say my appreciation and love to sandara park. why im so obsessed with dara? first of all shes one of a kind, kind heart, lovable sister to sanghyun(choendong),and durami and a daughter to her parents, she loved her race as a korean and even if she doesnt have filipino blood she really treasures pinoys, she bows to every one in an inverted 90 degrees to show her respect to everyone from veterans and even to rookies. she had so many obstacles in life starting from her being a krung2x here in the Philippines to a very popular sweet voice in korea she faced it with a smile in her face, and when she started to cry everyone will symphatized with her. when i come home from my classes and duties(nursing student) its my daily routine to read blogs and news from korea specially when it comes to 2NE1 news.
    when i red the news about 2NE1 having first ever concert im am very happy because the members chooses to have it here in the PH.. DARA really have so many surprises , shes the goddest not only the looks but as a whole from inside out..

    even if im BUSY and IT HURTS me alot, IN THE CLUB LETS GO PARTY and burn the roof with fiercy FIRE cause we don care (I DONT CARE) and no one will be LONELY, CLAP YOUR HAND so that hater wil GO AWAY.

    PRETTY BOYs lick some LOLLIPOPs and start loving them~~

    TO ANYONE we will STAY TOGETHER cause CANT NOBODY will hold us down. enjoy the party guys!.. make it a very memorable one to them ~~*2NE1

  154. Name: Gizel Kerstin L. Luzong
    Age: 17 yrs old
    Location: Binangonan, Rizal

    there’s too many fans out there that may participate in this contest that’s why it’s kinda hard for the organizers of this contest to notice me. (take note: i’m not that good in English, but i’ll try my best to say how much DARA affects my life & how much i love her [if ever won in this contest, i hope i’ll won the UPPER B] xD)

    She is the reason how did i became addicted into kpop. She is the one & only reason why do i still get addicted into kpop. I’ve known her ever since she auditioned in SCQ. I’ve watched her movies, teleseryes, guestings in many shows, commercials/endorsements, & many more. I’ve supported her until the end. And from being just ‘SANDY’ before, i must say, she improved so much. She deserves everything she has. She gives too much effort to achieve her dream. Because of her, i tried my hardest to learn Korean just a little bit. I stayed late up night just to wait any uploads of pictures or fancams from any performance they did.

    She never change. She’s still the SANDARA PARK i’ve known when she was still here in Philippines. She’s still HUMBLE, SIMPLE, KIND, HONEST, WITTY & SWEET.

    Because of her, i know that every dream with an action & effort, i’ll achieve it. Just like her, she worked hard to be an artist. She never give up knocking on YG’S Company to accept her as a singer. She gives her best to be on her position now. She accept every hurtful words she heard. And i know how thankful she is because she learned many things from her past. I LOVE HER for being her natural & unique. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HER. She may be weak as what other people say, but i know, they just don’t know how strong she is. They don’t know how many problems she encountered for her family.

    With 2ne1 & the whole YG FAMILY in her back i know she can do everything. 2NE1 will not be 2ne1 without Dara.

    She truly affects my life. Sandara Park, thank you so much. 2NE1, SARANGHEYO ❤ DARA-UNNIE, SARANGHEYO! NOLJA!

    • izee_CL said:

      ` yah !! you’re right !! DARA deserves all what she have right now, and with her YG family & co-2ne1 members, I know she can be the best as the best she can be, with all those changes she’d been through made her personality more adorable and amusing :)))

  155. kaselyn said:

    Name:kaselyn albaladejo

    why I love Dara?Its simple..I love her because she’s honest,very down to earth,not trying to flaunt her beauty for everyone to noticed it yet everyone is amazed by her beauty not just outside but also her beautiful heart and very hardworking person…She prove to herself and haters out there that she deserves to be in 2NE1 by keep improving in every performances and every song that they released…I’m really proud of her…She’s the main reason why I love k-pop now…She introduced me to 2NE1 members as well,Big Bang, Se7en and I proud to be a YG Stan for life…Call me crazy but my day would not be the same without a daily dose of 2NE1 videos…

  156. Name : Ana Rea Toledo
    Age: 28
    Location: Caloocan City


    1. She’s Beautiful inside and out…
    2.She has brains.
    3. She’s a fighter.
    4. She don’t easily give up whatever challenges it might be.
    5. She has a BIG HEART to share her love not just for her family and friends but also for all her fans. She still has time to update us with the events in her busy day, though she’s in South Korea, we as a fan felt that she’s just a text away through her updates.
    6. She does know how to return the love and kindness of her fans by thanking us simple yet it could melt our heart at instant…

    For me, she’s a perfect role model for everyone that is why she has been my inspiration since SCQ and i will continue supporting her all the way. LOVE you DARA… I am looking forward for your continuous success and happiness… God Bless you…

  157. Name:gladys amora age: gosh im 32 yrs old already location: marikina city why i love sandara? I love dara,sandy or santokki whatever name u call her because she’s different from the other. She’s unique . I love her just the way she is,she’s simple,loving,caring,supportive to her family and friends and she always makes me laugh whenever i watched her on youtube. She’s the reason why im into kpop now. Im nw aware wd bb and yg family becoz of her. I love her for being so humble despite the fact that shes very popular nw. I love everything abwt her. God bless u sandara. I pray to God that ur star will continue to shine 4ever. I will always support u and ur grup 2ne1…. I also love bom,cl,and minzy their also a great artist wd the big heart. Dara fighting!2ne1 fighting!!.

  158. Name: Aileen Buela
    Age: 29
    Address: Quezon City, Philippines

    I never used to like KPOP music but when Sandara Park joined 2ne1 I started to listen to korean songs especially 2ne1. I never expected to be this hooked up into 2ne1 especially Dara news, articles, pictures, me2day updates. This girl just changed everything in my outlook to people, music and life. She is such a great inspiration, worked very hard during her stay in the Philippines to achieve her dream, nothing can ever bring her down during those times. She fought and worked hard to achieve her dream and prove those antis and critics all wrong. She love her family so much, considered her brother and sister as her children. She never gave up even if things did not went well on her career. Now that she’s a BIG star we can still see the same Sandara Park, the ever humble, kind and loving Dara that she is back then. Though she’s not a Filipino she loved and cared for the Philippines, she never forgot her fans and stayed loyal to the Philippines. The girl that is full of talent and skills, the girl who no one can bring down and will continue to inspire people..she’s our one and only Dara. I just love and adore her and will continue supporting her forever. =)

  159. Judy Ann Callueng said:

    Name:Judy Ann V. Callueng

    we all know sandara park is known in the philippines as krung krung ♥ and i love her for that because she show her trueself while she is in the philippines ♥ i am a fan of her ever since she is in the philippines and i love the couple hero and sandara park in philippines i love them when i was young XDDD i always sing in or out in our house when i was young and i always copy the fashion of dara and her hairstyle too :> and when she go back to korea after her career in philippines i was sad because i will not see her in tv and the couple of hero and dara i will not see them so i was sad. :(( and as i remember i cried when i was young XDD THEN after years have past i heard that sandara park has a girl group in korea so im back to dara fanatic :> and when they debuted FIRE i was like wow! a new dara a hiphop dara :> and after that i always follow 2ne1 its not because i only follow for dara i like all of them . i aways love their music their style :> :> and should i say i copy their fashion tooo ahahah im being obsessed to their group ..i memorize their song but sometime i forget it XD

    i said to my mom to buy me a ticket even its only a gen ad :> the lowest price ticket but she refuse so i am very sad because i want to see 2ne1 mostly SANDARA i truly love her even though she have a 4d personality because i am a 4d too XD until now i keep on nagging my mom about the concert of 2ne1 and she always refuse :((

    ~~thanks for this contest i express my feelings for being FANATIC to DARA ♥
    if ever i will not be chosen in top 5 best answer here.. i still want to say thank you :> :))) for giving this opportunity :>>

    IM YOUR FAN WHEN I WAS 8 YRS OLD ♥ so it was 7 yrs that i am your truly died hard fan ♥♥

    ♥♥thank you very much :)))
    i love this contest :)) i also write daragon fanfic secretly ehhehe i love daragon couple when they sing hello :>

    sorry for my long message :> mianhe ^_^

  160. Guys I want to share this video of another fanboys of dara
    the mc in mtv !!!!

    mtv backstage mc says Sandara Park is pretty

  161. Keyrrah said:

    Name: Marrah Idanan
    Age: 17 y/o
    Location: Pasay City

    some reason why do i love Sandara Park.

    well basically ,
    she’s one of a kind (so true)..
    she loves pinoy / Philippines so much
    she’s a good kpop role model
    she never forget where she came from
    she has a good heart.

    and lastly

    i LOVE everything about her.

  162. princess said:

    i love 2ne1 as a group but i can tell that DARA is my biased,,why???
    because she’s the most beautiful person i ever seen inside and out.. even though she’s very famous in Korea she is still the same krung krung that every filipino loved, the simple koreana girl who tried her best to pursue her dream.
    she gave me the reason to push my dream and believe in myself whatever happens…
    Another reason why i love Goddess D is that she mirrored lots of nice filipino values and she is also proud that she grew up here in the Philippines..

    Name:Princess Diane Red
    Location: Marulas, Valenzuela City

  163. myles07 said:

    Name: Diana Celorico
    Age: 22
    Location: Makati City, Philippines


    Well, the answer is so SIMPLE, she’s KIND, HUMBLE and UNIQUE in her own way. I love how she stays HUMBLE amidst of how POPULAR and what she already achieved right now that she NEVER EVER forgets where she came from and where she started. I love how she is so kind even though people turn their back on her when she left the Philippines, and up till now she never ever held a grudge and still LOVE the FILIPINOS. I FREAKING LOVE how she’s so FUNNY, and happy all the time and always making US or ME laugh all the time whenever I watch her. I love how she always think of HER FANS (blackjacks!!!) first, always updating US with the latest news about her and Girls of how they are and what’s going on with their busy lives. I love how she always put her LOVE ONES firsts above everything more than herself. I love how she joins the SCQ that even though she’s KOREAN living in the Philippines and she never understands our language, she took the effort to learn our native language and up till now she’s still fluent in it, and that she’s sharing it to her YG family, and for just being herself that’s why FILIPINO love her, cause she’s natural and UNIQUE. AND I SUPER LOVE HER FRESH AND SOULFUL VOICE, I love how it is so soothing to hear and I really never get the jits with people hating her, but whatever it is she still never ever stop practicing and proving the HATERS that she deserves to where she is right now, she really try so hard that’s why I love her.

    But, most of all the one thing that I SUPER DUPER LOVE about OUR VERY OWN PAMBANSANG KRUNG-KRUNG ng PILIPINAS, is that she NEVER EVER GIVE UP in fulfilling or achieving her DREAMS even if it is to start all over again from scratch, I really admire her for this, for her guts and to be able to take A BIG RISK or STEP that you will never know what the future may hold. That’s why I love her,she took a chance and that chance she took made a very BIG difference in HER and for her family,and I’m very glad. She’s a very strong woman, and I DON’T CARE WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAYS ABOUT HER as long as I hold into this feeling and I know how much she gone through I will still love her. And I’m so very proud of her.

    Phew,so long keke well actually there a more of why I LOVE SANDARA PARK, all I’ve said here is just some of them, but if I continue I’m afraid I’ll be writing a book already, kekeke…

    I LOVE SANDARA PARK!!! DARA-unnie FIGHTING!!! 2NE1 NOLJA!!! <3<3<3 😀

  164. Name: Patrick James Lim
    Age: 16
    Location: Valenzuela City

    There are practically a lot of reasons why I love Dara. From the way she talks when she was still known as “Krung-Krung”, the way she smile beautifully, the way she dorks herself out of nowhere, the way she dances, the way she sings, all of it. If I’m going to state it one by one, I might be able to make my own novel. ~kkk

    But there is a pure reason why she is the most lovable girls that I know in the Kpop industry:

    I know that she became popular because of her cuteness and her doll-like image but this girl, is a type of person that you will be able to love because of her attitude. I may not know her personally, but you can see to it that she never forgets where she came from. Even though she’s a Korean, she is still proud to be a Filipina and she always love us Filipinos. She is the true epitome of nationalism.

    She might look like a kid, but she’s an independent and strong woman, she doesn’t need protection from the others.

    She may be a star, but I think on her perception, she will always be a simple crazy girl, who sometimes acts childish, but full of charisma when she is up on the stage with the other members of 2ne1.

    A cheerful and inspiring person, that is Sandara Park.

  165. uzzie-zera said:

    NAME: Ida May Tejido
    Age: 22 yrs old
    Location: Santa Rosa, Laguna

    We Love Dara, You Love Dara and I LOVE DARA.. all for the same reasons. She definitely is an inspiration to all. She very well knows her strengths and weaknesses and she uses them to her full advantage. She may seem fragile on the outside but she is a true FIGHTER on the inside. I Love her for being strong, for being cute and bubbly, for being undeniably a goddess. She remains pure and caring. I LOVE her, I ADMIRE her for simply being Sandara Park 🙂

  166. michibangs said:

    why do I love dara?
    well she have suffered a lot during the time of SQC… she knows she does not have that great of a talent but she persevere. She showed every Filipinos that she is worth to be loved with her lovable and perky personality. She won the hearts of the million Filipinos who voted for her and she was able to won her quest. Though she did not won first place she was happy for what she have got. Then she became famous, showed everyone what she can offer and Filipinos love her for that. but her popularity waned. She tried many things to get it back but did not succeed. and to add on to her problem is the problem with her father, and she have to be the sole provider for the family.
    And then she try her luck in her home country, she trained, and practiced her butt off to succeed. I know that becoming 2NE1 member is not an easy task but she succeeded! and even now she is still trying her best to be worthy of that position.
    She is just an inspiration, that when you really want something and you work hard for it… eventually it will pay off. I admire her patience, her perseverance and her audacious faith that her time will come. wish i can have her attitude. And to add of why I just love her, she is simply Gorgeous! it’s the icing on the cake :p

    Name: Ida Recalde (Michibangs)
    Age: 30 ( oh my gah, i’m 30 and still going gaga over 2NE1)
    Location: Muntinlupa City

  167. Aimae Molina said:

    before anything else. for those who lives example from Cebu or Davao, if ever people from this place wins…they will shoulder the plane tickets right?

  168. Name:rianna rigor
    Location:quezon city, philippines

    I love sandara, krung-krung, dara, sandy, because she never let her fans down, she always think about them and everybody can say that her love for her fans is really sincere. she’s very down-to-earth and does everything to please everybody, she’s one of the most real stars that I ever knew~ and oh! her dork side is really something.. i always laugh at her selcas.. she’s NEVER BORING 🙂

  169. Whaa! 2ne1 gösh,

    name : mary grace calba
    age : 23
    location: makati city

  170. Name: Diana Dumaraos
    Age: 26
    Location: Cainta, Rizal

    I sooooo love DARA because she is the reason why I am so hooked to 2NE1. And she is also the reason why I got to know Big Bang. Now I am a YG stan. I couldn’t love anyone else aside from 2NE1 and Big Bang. I’v never been a fan like these since I’ve known 2NE1. =)

  171. Whaa! 2ne1 gösh,

  172. Just click on the poster if you guys can’t see it clearly. ^^

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