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Thanks to: knucklepink + WeLoveDara 

Annyeong! Belle here! ^^ Another article came out, with the same topic:


In this article, it says that:

In the photo, it shows Sandara Park with her long hair, wearing a baggy shirt, showing off an innocent image. But her baggy shirt, came down slightly on the side, revealing a remarkable and subtle sexy allure.

Netizens who saw the pictures said, “Even while playing on the sand, Sandara still looks like she’s in for a pictorial,” “Don’t be lonely!” “Radiating her goddess force on the beach,” showing a hot response.

Kekeke! Just wanted to share.

Comments on: "[TRANS][NEWS] Sandara Park, Playing On the Sand, Coy and Sexy Combination" (6)

  1. oh my goddess~ that so seeeeexy! don’t temptation me!!

  2. Sexy indeed..
    without even trying she appears to be one alluring goddess by the sea.. <333!!!
    it's a hot hot topic alright!

  3. Green Mango said:

    Coy and sexy are the perfect adjectives for her. 😉

  4. Sexy indeed and pretty:D

  5. love how her look was described in the article! 🙂 thanks, belle! ❤

    so excited for her CF ^^

  6. daragonlove said:

    Goddess is sexy and alluring!

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