Birds Of The Same Feather? Not Only A Beauty, Park Han Byul Talks About Her Friends

Park Han Byul was asked to name some of her “star friends” excluding her boyfriend, artist, Seven. She said that “I’ve met a lot of good people, including my boyfriend. I don’t think that I need to discuss my boyfriend anymore since our closeness is already established,” so she went on to talk about some of her friends who are also in the business:

Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon), Dong Young Bae (TaeYang): Members of idol group, Big Bang. Friends even before Big Bang. Park Han Byul even calls them, “Ji-Yong, Young Bae,” disclosing their friendliness. “After Big Bang, we didn’t meet as often as before. Before, we often went out to play. Big Bang are still my close dongsaengs (younger brothers), but I keep remembering that nowadays they are so popular, that if I spread around that they’re my friends, people might think that I’m being arrogant. (laughs) These days, calling my dongsaengs confidently is getting to be increasingly difficult.”

Choi Seung Hyun (Top, T.O.P.) (A/N: insert fangirl scream): Also a member of Big Bang. Friends until Big Bang’s increasing popularity. “Even after Big Bang’s debut, I still see a lot of Top. Because my boyfriend and Top are close friends. Top is really 4-dimensional. Sometimes, even without doing anything, the sight of him is just funny.”

Sandara Park: 2NE1 member. Also befriended in YG. “Sandara, who used to live in the Philippines, didn’t have friends when she first came here. So that we depended on each other then. Actually, the personality that she shows during broadcasts is totally different. In reality, she doesn’t really talk much, to the point that others may think that she’s really reserved (A/N: er, to the point of being aloof) at times. Though we’ve been friends for already 8 years.”

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Translated by: SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara/ BlackjackBelle@OhDara

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Comments on: "News: Park Han Byul Talks About Her Friends (Dara, GD, YB and TOP)" (38)

  1. I don’t think Dara is so quite because if she’s quite she wont have any friends like Go Hye sun. Se7ven and park hanbyul.. she even talk a lot on tv.. just a thought.. I love Dara

  2. i remember yg said if u want to talk dara u bring camera hahahahahahah and the win win dara said she not talk to much..waw the camera is magic to dara to became talkative[sori if my gramma wrong kekekekekekeke]

  3. actually dara has some friends,,why she said she didn’t have one when she was trying to make her first thanks to..

    yeahh she was so vocalize about BB boys when she hasn’t debut yet, but now she is very mute about that..maybe she doesn’t want to make BB fans upset with her closeness..

    dara always thoughtfull about fans’ feeling

  4. Yay!! another close friend of Dee whom she knows for a really long time now eh? 8 as Hye Sun, no wonder these three are really close, they’ve known each other for that long already.. ๐Ÿ˜€
    it’s nice to see Dara with the other 84 babies!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Wish to see Byul-Dara-Hye Sun on a show! ๐Ÿ˜€
    that would be really good to watch! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Dara’s close friends in the acting department this time.. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • arsheen said:

      the 84′ beauties… i am even thinking that they can all star in a cf or a drama.. that would be epic… han byul – dara – hye sun…

  5. i super love their friendship!:) i love the “we depended on each other” line. So sweetโ™ฅ Han byul unnie, GD,TOP and taeyang oppa and Dara unnie, i hope your friendship will last for a long time:))

  6. I like how you guys keep/make things positive..Hearing a close friend of dara saying that what we see in camera is not her true self and How she doesnt talk much compare to onscreen..Just hearing that from a 8Year Friend of Sandara Park Your guys respond to it is:
    “dara is really 4D” and “They have amazing Friendship/Relationship”, I just gotta say you peeps are Positive Minds!^_^

    • Green Mango said:

      You do not know Dara like we do that is very obvious. She is quite inept socially specially when meeting new people because she becomes tongue tied and does not know what to say. She is very deep and thoughtful in real life, what she shows on TV is her fun loving and cheerful self because she knows that the audience wants – to be entertained. She is painfully shy in private and one has to gain her trust before she can open up to that person. It is not about seeing what PHB said in a positive light but a confirmation of Dara`s personality. Try to comprehend the lyrics of INAG, chew on it and digest it fully and then maybe you will understand. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. love it! And do you remember the videoke moment!? When gd,se7en and dara were together!? That proves that they always went out together most of the time ๐Ÿ™‚ i smell some daragon here!haha!

  8. beautiful people come together as friends… i love that han byul is a friend of dara… se7en and dara are also really close… i han byul is close to GD, YB and TOP, I’m sure dara is too… she just don’t reveal it… maybe same reason as han byul…

    • daragonlove said:

      whenever they have time they go out together..remember what dara said about the karaoke bar, then ski event…i think they’re close, but she’s not very vocal about it…and i’m sure there are a lot of events that all of them went out together, we just don’t know about it…just my opinion…

      • cristina0422 said:

        Haha. She’s vocal about Big Bang boys when she’s a trainee. She’s even telling stories about them in PEX and even defending them to her fans. But now that she debuted, she’s telling us that she’s not close to any BB. Hahaha. We understand you Dara.

        • arsheen said:

          i noticed that too… before her debut, it seems obvious that she is close with them.. they even went to lotte world.. but when she debuted as 2ne1, she talks less and less about them even saying that she is still awkward around them… i think she does not want bb’s fangirls to hate her… poor dara…

    • Yup, beautiful people indeed!!! Hope their friendship last forever<333

  9. haha…it seems as though it takes dara a long time before to get comfortable and open up herself in real life…but once your her friend,..your friends forever…

    it’s better having few real friends..that many friends who are just common friends and easy to replace.

  10. MzXaseangurl said:

    MY CONCLUSION IS Hanbyul,GD,YB,TOP,Dara and se7en are good friends for a long time xD

  11. tamtamie said:

    aigoo~ now i want to see Dara and Han Byul together in a show. she really knows Dara well. Park Sisters as well. kkk~ ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. cristina0422 said:

    Dara and Han Byul’s friendship really come a long way. I’m happy for Dara having nice friends. Aside from 2NE1 girls Se7en, Byul, Hye Sun, GD and Young Bae have been her constant support during her trainee days.

  13. Aww. 8 years of friendship, that is true friends. I love Han Byul not just she loves Dara but because she is honest and witty same as Dara.

  14. wow!!!i really love their friendship…both of them are beautiful inside and out.84’ers ftw!!!

  15. krishild said:

    weeee….8 yrs. is incredibly long..and i love it..

  16. You’d think it would be the opposite…LOL!! Instead of being talkative in the camera, most people would be shy…but no. Our dorky goddess is the opposite…LMAO~! She is def. 4D

  17. Dara reminds me of ANTM cycle 15 winner Ann Ward. very awkward in person talk less, but when in front of the cam/lens, they nailed it and bring magics to it!

    aw. Love the friendship. Dara must really be a witness of the struggle of the se7enstar couple. No wonder, se7en and Dara are so close too!

  18. madz_Parker said:

    Yeah!! Dara is shy..awkward. she admitted it herself. The camera just brings the magic in her, the talkative side in her..:D.Dara introduced Park Han Byul to me. She’s really pretty.
    Park Sisters (ver.2) fighting! ^^

    • @madz_Parker hello!!! did i read that right??? you saw han byul and dara introduced her to you??? wow!!

      • i think that’s not what Parker means.. parker means that through Dara she know who is Hanbyul and etc

      • madz_Parker said:

        ahahahaha!!!! lmao. i didnt mean that way. LOLS..i mean, i ‘ve known han byul because of dara…lols. bad at explaining things..
        haha. i cracked with my own comment. ๐Ÿ˜€

        • awww….thanks for clarifying…hehehe…
          but yeah im glad dara had a sweet friend like han byul…

  19. i LOLed at “-eliminated non-YG related items” XD

    anyways… Dara has always been shy, but it seems that she’s more comfortable in front of the camera..

  20. enidglare said:

    Wow! Han Byul and Dara we’re friends since 2004? That was pretty long. Love their friendship… ^_^

  21. Their frienship is real and sweet. November 84 babies FTW!

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