Update 2:

source: dara’s me2day

jjang! i like it! (Translated by: winggers@DGH)

Update 1:

source: dara’s me2day

recently its really cold espeically when we ahve schedules, the padding that i always need! if you get inside its warmer!^.^ i like it~! (Translated by: winggers@DGH)


Comments on: "Me2day: Dara likes her YGFAMILY_2NE1 winter jacket" (21)

  1. i love the jacket so much… its so cute… and dara is really cute on the secons pic… she looks like a cute doll that has come to life…

    and yes i noticed that she is wearing adidas… i thought they are fila endorsers like bigbang… yes they were but i didn’t saw a new ad last year… only bigbang did for fila last year… but they were wearing fila shirts during the YG concert… is 2ne1 now the new endorsers for adidas? or the whole yg family since the jacket stated yg family_2ne1

  2. I need that jacket too Dara it’s also cold in my where I live at. She’s so cute in that pic she looks like a little girl. ^_^

  3. its definitely a wig… there’s also a wig at the back

  4. I think it’s her real hair….BUT she’s gone back to darker color.
    I LIKE the new color….It makes her so feminine & youthfully cute since she had fair & porcelain complexion


  6. cristina0422 said:

    woah! their contract with Fila is over? last time I’ve seen YG Family wearing Adidas was last December 30 when they do the Charcoal Delivery for Charity. And it was not too long ago that they were just wearing Fila during YG Family Concert. Or is it just 2NE1 will be endorsing Adidas? Actually, 2NE1 didn’t do an ad for Fila last year.

  7. serena waldorf said:

    she looks more younger with her hair now…whatever she do to her hair , face, what she wears…she is very stunning,…she looks like a highschool student..
    she can endorse any products….make-up, clothes, drinks..

  8. pinkprincez_mya said:

    i like her wig… it suits her… she looks like a doll….

    • Me too. I like that kind of hair for her, the color, the length and volume. Anyway she’s pretty whatever hairstyle she has. She kinda look like Japanese here. 😀

  9. that surely is a thick jacket! i’m sure it will rally keep you warm unnie:)) you look cute with that wig but i like your true hair. haha.

  10. @tamtamie
    Yup I notice the wig at the back too! the one she wore in one of her me2!
    Still pretty no matter what hair, color, length and everything hehe!

  11. Omo! She should dye her hair in that color! 😀

  12. Soo cute!!

  13. *^_^* she looks cute on that wig..kkk~
    and the color also suits to her..
    oh? i see Dara’s wig that she use to be Dara Potter..kkk~
    the one on her back..
    i wonder what’s up with Adidas, new endorsement? ^^

  14. Lol, what’s up w/ the wig? And yes, you have to cover up yourself, it’s super cold here too Dalong!

  15. are they endorsing adidas???seems to me that this is a photoshoot for adidas…

  16. franzieme said:

    I think she’s wearing a wig! :O

  17. Her hair looks funny lol
    But I’m pretty sure that’s a wig…. her hair isn’t that long

  18. her hair is so beautiful…the colour is gorgeous..

  19. O.O oh! Did she color her hair again or is that a wig?

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