Celebrity siblings MBLAQ Thunder and 2NE1 Sandara Park spotted with the same sweater!

Recently, many netizens have pointed out that the celebrity siblings were spotted with the same blue star-printed sweater. Thunder was seen wearing the sweater in Hongdae while noona Sandara Park was spotted wearing it for the recent Samsung Anycall Corby Family Festival.

More photos under the cut.

Other stars who were recently spotted with the simliar style and prints:

The ‘in’ fashion for this summer? Looks like vendors at MyungDong and DongDaeMun will be stocking up similar prints this summer.

Credit: KBites


alaki @ KBites commented: those are Jeremy Scott tracksuits. the oufit costs $245. and Dara’s LV pochette belt costs $595.

Comments on: "Fashion News: Celebrity siblings Sandara Park and Thunder spotted with same sweater" (10)

  1. princesz mitchie said:

    i love sandara park…………3>
    she’s a good and beautiful fashionistah…….
    luv u sandara

  2. buzzdiversion said:

    WOW! I’ve never seen Dara’s brother before. He’s really, really handsome – that’s because he looks like Dara. 🙂 But, yeah, he’s really handsome.

  3. i like thunder’s hair now…hope always like this…good luck to park siblings….

  4. Before, I find Thunder..cute.
    Now, I find him…….sexy . oh yeah!

  5. omo thunder looks so manly. wahhhhhhh

    he’s gorgeous i must say.. park sibling’s genes are to die for.

    kekke.. 🙂 lee hyori looks smexy at the last pix

  6. yup~ Park siblings are really adorable! ^^
    Love how the share the same style, but this I’ve seen a lot of other stars are wearing too! the JS collection! ^^
    Park siblings FTW!! LOL!

  7. kyutipaysis said:

    Oh MY! Thunder looks Mighty Fine!
    I love The PARK SIBLINGS!

  8. I am digging Cheondoong’s hair!!
    Park siblings<3

  9. i love park siblings!!!!

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