Just a few minutes ago, this photo was published/posted by TVREPORT as a photo/news feature. The title pointed out Dara’s unique make-up. =)

Dara’s workin’ it… love everything- the hair, the clothes, the make-up… daebak! Eclectic, funky and fun! And Dara pulls it off so beautifully! ❤ And to top it all of… she has flawless skin and a gorgeous, gorgeous smile ❤

Gorgeous D ❤

And here’s more of 2NE1 with Jeremy Scott and Yanggaeng 🙂 Miss Baby Minzy, though.  Lookin’ forward to your comeback, 2NE1! Fighting! =)

Check out more awesome pics after the cut.

I love this shot… very paparazzi-ish 😉

Credit: TVREPORT + Newsen + Sport Korea


Thanks to Pinkyasumi @ Twitter,  Zebedee, Enjellsshi @ Twitter, and to peeps- Dudi, bigblog and toxic3madness. 🙂


Comments on: "Photos: [Updated] Dara’s Unique Make-up @ Jeremy Scott’s Party + More 2NE1 with Jeremy Scott Pics" (32)

  1. redwind06 said:

  2. its good article, share with my at http://www.jogjacartoon.com

  3. Dara is so little between cl and bommie yet she looks mighty gorgeous and with that new thing she created again..her eyeshadow..wow!!!

    Oh btw, i thought her hair looks like a croisant hihi..so cute!

  4. johara14 said:

    LOVE IT!!!!!

  5. ooohlala…

  6. wherz minzy??,….plz answer

  7. dara’s cat eyes with awesome eyeshadow…the best

  8. beautiful eyes (blink, blink, blink)…. 😉

  9. queenhye/` said:

    DARA looks so PRETTY gorgeous!….

  10. i really like Dara Unnie’s eyeshadow.. 3 colors.. i’ve tried it during my dance here at Phil. kekek. it looks so good on Dara.. i really love our unnie 😀 fighting.

    our bommie tried a new style.. she looks different than the usual bommie.. but still, she’s beautiful..

    . cl is really cute.. u go Leadah 🙂

  11. her smile is really gorgeous^__^ wonder what will be their new style for their next album? cute eyeshadow ❤

  12. how come she looks good even wearing that mismatched outfit??? LOL it’s a dara mystery!

  13. Gorgeous Funky Fashionista D in the House!! ^^
    love everything about her that night~
    From the make-up to ehr clothes to her uber cool shoes matching JS,( he probably asked her to wear it,LOL!) to her bright and positive aura she gives off is <333!!!
    her eye make-up is really cool, and it made the headlines once again, trust D to make one even without trying~ LOL
    I'd love to try that one, but then again, I ain't D so i'd rather not! LOL!
    it might look good on her only~
    Work it! Work! work! Work it D! ^__^

  14. dara the goddess can really pull off anything about fashion.

    yay..!! i love her make up… 2ne1 welcome to international scene..Kkkyaaa!!

  15. She is so tiny but she can work it, all these outfits, hairstyles, make-up, sneakers and accessories, effortless. She still looks so elegant and classy, simply superb.

    Our goddess…

  16. foxychick said:

    out topiv guys. i just want to that the LEGEND OF 2NE1 the time has been moved to 7:00 pm to previous 7:30. so better watch earlier so we wont miss it. thanks

  17. thunder and dara have the same shape of teeth! 2ne1 the best

  18. congrats 2ne1!…congrats Dara!..before, aside from wearing Jeremy Scott designs and being mentioned on his wikipedia with a-list pop star and celebs…now your bffs…we should acknowledge Perez Hilton, a big thanks to him!…to Dara, after highlighting her hairstyle…now its her eye shadow…whats next?…Dara, can’t take our eyes off you!

  19. coooooooool!!!!

    btw. why is minji missing? 🙂 where is she?

    http://www.darapark.tumblr.com<—follow ^___^

    • Hi, I think this party happened in a Club and our cutie maknae Minji is still underage.

  20. http://i40.tinypic.com/bffi1s.jpg JS and DARA wearing same shoes!^^

  21. oh, i just notice bommie is wearing dara’s shirt and chaerin is wearing bommie’s! aheheh, how nice is that huh??

  22. She is so cute with those different eye shadows…
    They notice everything unique about her, special girl.

    Lucky Chaerin too that her age made it to party with Jeremy Scott…poor Baby Minky…

    They are having the best times of their lives…

  23. love the girls…lol at JS loves making akbay on our girls kekek
    i hope they had a blast on the party…
    ow.. 😦 baby minki is not allowed yet..

  24. Chinita_24 said:

    and Guys hve you noticed DARA and Jeremy Scott have the same shoe?! the black wing type design of adidas

    • yap… she’s the only one wearing sneakers/ high cut shoes among the girls…and yet she “work it out” dang!!! she’s like a porcelain doll… whatever you put on her.. she can carry it… she’s like “SARAH JESSICA PARKER + KATIE HOMES + JENNIFER ANISTON + KATHY PERRY+ JENNIFER LOPEZ + ANGELINA JOLIE mold into one…*.whew*….. actually the list will goes on and on…. she has a little bit of everyone…. ” I REALLY LOVE WHAT YOU’VE BECOME DARA!! WE’RE SO PROUD OF YOU SANDARA PARK!!!! love you!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ xoxo_ ❤ hae sun<3

  25. Chinita_24 said:

    As i observed the girls really close to jeremy scott… Dara really goes beyond much popularity in the philippines only BNY Jeans now one of the top Designers of Adidas is here friend and Bean Pole Jeans

  26. just proves how they’re really building up sandara as a fashion icon…

  27. oh, baby minggki wasn’t there huh! but anyways dara is so gorgeous! she rocks!

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