Credit: sinaq2


This is a 2009 radio guesting of MBLAQ and BEAST at Cool FM Maybees Volume Up Radio which was recently subbed by B2STLY Subs.

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Excerpts from the Radio Interview:

At the 6:38 mark:

Radio show host: Thunder, your sister tells you a lot, doesn’t she?

Thunder: Yes. She always has advice for me and she matches her advice with my scheduled events.

Radio Show Host: What does she tell you to be careful about?

Thunder: She tells me everyday to greet everyone I meet at broadcast stations with a 90 degree bow.

Radio Show Host: Is that so? She’s turning her younger brother into a very respectful person.

———— 🙂 ————–

At the 5:03 mark:

Radio Show Host: So, BEAST, what do you think of MBLAQ?

HyunSeung/SO-1: They’re all very handsome as well, and their older sisters are people to be proud of.

Credit: sinaq2


Thanks to hunkgoalie for the tip. 🙂


Comments on: "Video: [091029] Thunder Talks About Dara Noona at Cool FM Maybees Volume Up Radio" (17)

  1. U-kiss is here in Manila and they were interviewed by MYX. A poster from YGL saw the interview and said the three members, eli, alexander and kevin all talked about Sandara and wants to be famous like her. Also, they said they already met her and was so nice and so pretty. Eli, even said, Sandara is kevin’s dream girl.

    I hope someone can share the vid here. The boys looks happy talking about dara.

  2. Hmm sometimes I wish the interviewers would stop asking Thunder about his sister all the time and it makes me feel sad for the guy like really its as if he will always be known as someones sister and not himself. Don’t get me wrong I love hearing Dara being mentioned but to me I wished they focused more on him then his sister. Anyway sorry about that lil rant it’s just iono after months and months of seeing the same thing over and over again it gets kinda stale their both different artists so they should be treated as such IMO. Hopefully in the future these people have a little bit of decency and ask diferent questions I know I may be the only person who feels that way but yeah its cool how Dara takes of her siblings ^^.

    • goodluckshirt said:

      This is a pretty old interview.
      He’s come into his own in the last couple of months I think, because now he has other things they can ask about now like activities and stuff. Besides, we should just be glad that they like each other. It’s easier to talk about someone you love than someone you have resentment towards. LOL

      Also, Doongie handled it quite well.
      And Dara finally spoke about him because she was finally asked. 🙂

    • hunkgoalie said:

      yea this was a pretty old interview that was subbed recently…
      if u look at his new interviews, u’ll see that he’s at his own now. it’s their first interview in this radio show… it’s always like that u know… people were interested about it!

  3. she is really acting as his older sister!! that’s cute =)

  4. Thunder: She tells me everyday to greet everyone I meet at broadcast stations with a 90 degree bow.
    hmmm…i dont know but i found this somehow familiar too with another guy ….hehe…wink!

  5. DARA is the best ever.

  6. stay open-minded, thunder. =>

  7. Aww. so1 knows dara-unnie ayt? dunno if they’re friends though..

    • Maybe they are friends but not as close as with YB and GD. so1 is also in the Lotte group pic during Dara’s trainee days.

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