More 2NE1 photos at Jeremy Scott’s party. =)

Work it, baby girl 🙂

Check out more pics after the cut.

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Comments on: "Photos: 2NE1 @ Jeremy Scott’s Partyyyy" (25)

  1. lOVE BOM!!!!!!!!!

  2. that’s what you call ATTITUDE!! you go girls!

  3. go, girl! 🙂

  4. wer’s minkki??

  5. Chloe Was Here said:

    Read from soompi that there were fan accounts saying that G Dragon and Teddy were there, too.

  6. Longer Fancams by tajizero2 at YT

  7. I never noticed that inversed sleeveless shirt. dayyyumm!! first time ever seeing that style. genius!

  8. spoiledee said:

    fancam now availableee!!

    • spoiledee said:

      i like the fact that though dara was on the side, she wasn’t left out.. she was doing her on thang thang there.. you go girl!!

      by the way i like how she point the bang bang part niceee

  9. ahm, her shirt is kinda look a plastic bag to me!^^
    they really had fun huh!

  10. Darong looks soo happy!
    She sure had a lot of fun that night!
    yeah, i just noticed it now that you mentioned it!
    is the shirt desinged like that?
    or she did wore it upside down? LOL!
    Cool! another New trend from Santoki, i see? ^^
    Now, if only we’d see it without the jacket~
    love the energy she got there,
    fancams!! where you at?! ^^

  11. tubbyrona said:

    im sorry to tell this…after watching a video from the party…parang nayayabangan ako sa ibang mga kasama ni sandara…parang sya lang ang humble ang dating…pero sana nagkakamali ako…peace!

    • skinnyrona said:

      Agree. I read from another site the others look like poseurs. I got goosebumps from watching the “sipsipan”, “kaplastikan” and “TH” actions. Trying hard to look like they are bffs, kissing and touching, etc… Sandara looks uncomfortable and is most probably embarrassed by the actions of the others. At least she remained true to herself and tried to make the best of the occasion.

      • hey…i think you just misunderstood them…this is my opinion on the said fancams…
        since CL loves fashion that much…JS and her must be comparing notes about it…and she really has a strong personality that you will taken aback at first…
        as for Bom…she lived in America ryt…so she’s kinda overwhelm seeing american people…she always misses america’s scent in 2ne1tv ayt…and she’s kinda used to this kind of party…coz she’s been to US…
        as for Dara…yeah, she having fun…and this is kinda new to her…she cant party like this back when she’s in the Phils….and as what she’ve said in her interviews, she kinda shy at first to people whom she just know…its just natural to be like that…but you can see that she’s having fun and she’s rocking the stage…

        and lastly, that’s Jeremy Scott!…who wouldnt want to be friends with him…especially when you love fashion baby…
        peace…^^ this is just my opinion…

  12. Soooo cool! the girls seem really close to jeremy scott! awesome!

    too bad, minji’s too young to partaaay! 😦

  13. hyperactivekiddo said:

    Aw. Love that look on her face she seems so happy and energetic! Dara <333
    Girl, Work it!

  14. I don’t care what other people say on Dara’s outfit.. she just rocks at JS party! I love her happy mood and seems really enjoying the event.

  15. Ma.Elaine said:

    i love dara’s shirt she wear it upside!!!!

  16. I am glad that Dara had fun, she looks so happy!
    You go girl!.
    Dara go go go. 🙂

  17. any videos??…plz share…….

  18. Oh…I feel like crying out of joy…
    Dara looks so happy, having a Blast and having the best times of her life…
    She is so deserving of all of these…

    Go Baby girl, you looks so darn gorgeous…

  19. parteeeh baby girl! 😀

  20. waaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!
    hey baby girl whats up? you got so swag tonight XD

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