sexyyyyy YG + JS family! family! family!  Dara’s gorgeous as always =)  Lovin’ everyone’s looks in here… jjang! =)  Thanks to starappler and Rice for the tip. 🙂


Thanks to Scarlet for the tip. =)





Comments on: "Photo: [Updated] Jeremy Scott with 2NE1, Yanggaeng and Sexy Lee" (20)

  1. lyza nicole v. galindez said:

    your so hot i,m ur no1 fan in the philippines ♥_♥

  2. how in the world did Bom lost so much weight?! 😦

  3. ready 2(ne1) paaarrtttyy!!! 🙂

  4. enidglare said:

    wow! Love the 2nd photo. They hang out a lot huh? Bommie is seductive. Cl is sexy-naughty. Dara is pretty. JS is fierce.

  5. Minji a minor and a law abiding citizen. Da club is not for ya yet : D

  6. WOW JS is having fun with the girls, obviously he loves them.

  7. in the new pic i think the reason why minji is not there because i think cl, dara and bom with JS are in The club!!! minji is a minor so she is not allowed!!! Minzy is still a baby just like me!!! 94ers and 96ers go go!!!

  8. Sandaaaaraaa Paaarrrkkk! i love you! bom looks like she lost some weight and dara gained some..minzy so cutie!…cl, i cnt see some part of ur sexy abs…

    • totally agree. Bom looks slimmer and Dara looks healthier.
      Dara has this sexy innocence look. love it.

  9. is it just me that the three stylist have the same shape of head!heh.
    2ne1 international! go go!!!

  10. sweepberry said:

    not to mention CL’s tee has wings on each shoulders. Its J.S.’s design! XD
    Glad Seungho && Sexy Lee attend too, its an honor to meet JS in person as a stylist! 2ne1 Stylists Fighting!!
    (Gah! hard to type in the dark!! XD)
    Happy Earth Hour!! Peeps!

  11. enidglare said:

    Agree! Love their stylists joined the fun too. Can’t wait for more pix and videos.

  12. Cannot make out what Dara is wearing but it looks like a part of Jeremy Scott 2008 Spring Collections. The prints are those of Street or Traffic signs like STOP, 1 Hour Parking by Permit Only, etc.

  13. well well well.
    she stands out =)
    simplicity is beauty. :))

  14. so cool to see their stylist with them plus jeremy scott…waaah a group of elite fashionistas…love it!

  15. sweepberry said:

    Bommie is Uber cute on this Pic!!
    Omo I’m wrong on dara’s outfit. Its actually a swimsuit(?) under a black sleeve jacket and wearing a fuzzy black dress ^^
    YGJS-Family !! = ❤

    • I agree with you sweepberry, Bommie looks so cute and sultry in this picture. I am so glad that their stylists have finally trying different hairstyles and apparels on her. They are bringing out her playful side. She looks a lot happier and more confident.
      Dara looks so much a LADY here, she is so beautiful…

  16. Dara is so beautiful!.

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