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Instagram: Friendly and Sweet Dara Snaps A Picture with Park Ji Seon Whom She Can Only Meet Once A Year ~ “In the future we will meet often!”

FireShot Capture - Sandara Park on Instagram_ “KBS에 가면 만날수있는 _ - https___instagram.com_p_14qLwliSx__

I can meet my friend Ji Seon if I go to KBS~ >.< We only see each other once a year.. ㅋㅋ In the future we will meet often!!! Nice to meet you friend~~~!!!^.^



Translated by: Hannah @ WeLoveDara

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Official Photos+Post Trans: 140529 Endearing DalD Gives ChocNut and Cola that “She Likes Eating” ~ With a Surprise Guest and Supporter, Park Ji Seon!

Awww, Dara preparing chocolates for the fans, and giving some to the staff as well! Staff being coy and saying no when Dara first offered the chocolates, but taking and eating them anyway after. XD It’s ChocNut guys, ChocNut! I love this chocolate! XD I wonder how many bags of ChocNut Dara brought to Korea with her from the Philippines? XD And OMG, could you just imagine Dara taking out that “Sandara Park” Coca-Cola bottle from her bag?! LOL, I wonder what she has in there? XD And awww, it’s really nice of Ji Seon to come out to support DalD! Same-age chingus! ❤ KBS revealed that she had been one of DalD’s callers, and now came out to be a surprise guest! Dara gave her “Crush” album, pink version!


DalD’s Ordinary Caller & Surprise Guest?! Park Ji Seon!

Today, DalD is very busy.


Hustling and bustling,
Doing the same thing over again.


“This is chocolate that I like from the Philippines!
I really like eating it.
Do you… want to eat some too? (Hint, hint)”

Saying the opposite, but actually begging DalD to be given some to eat ㅋ

And again, hustling and bustling, being really busy with taking out something from her bag.
(For your information, DalD has continuously been pulling out everything and anything from her bag)

“There’s also cola that I like!”


“I like eating chocolate with this!!!!
Yes, yes.. Just like this please..!”

So we ate like this,
Why did you do this DalD, it made us even more hyper/energetic ★


And today, a person who is secretly a Volume caller, came 🙂

Gagwoman, Park Ji Seon-ssi!


“Hello, this is Sandara-ssi’s SNS friend, Park Ji Seon!
I came out to play with Dara-ssi who has become a DJ!
Everyone!!! Please listen and cheer a lot for S-headquarters!!!!! 
Then anyway, DalD, fighting!!?!!

Cheering president, and also of business……?

Anyway, thanks to Ji Seon-ssi
Throughout the entire broadcast, DalD felt the strong support 🙂


Source: KBS Cool FM Volume Up Website

Re-uploaded and Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara