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Photos: 140517 2NE1 with a Friend Striking a Pose at Solaire Resort

Awww, 2NE1 with a friend! ❤ The girls’ sweet smiles.. ❤




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News: 2NE1 Gives An “All Or Nothing” Concert Party To The Filipino Blackjacks!

2NE1 Gives An “All Or Nothing” Concert Party To The Filipino Blackjacks!


It was a crazy party last night at the Mall of Asia Arena courtesy of K-Pop girl group 2NE1!

Bom, Minzy, Dara and CL were in Manila as part of their “All Or Nothing” tour and the fans surely had an awesome night as 2NE1 also celebrated their 5th anniversary!

As soon as the lights dimmed and the countdown started, Filipino Blackjacks were screaming all night for their favorite girls. The group opened up the show with “Crush” and followed it up with “Fire,” showing off their swag, which they are famously known for.

The night was also filled with surprises! K-Pop boy group WINNER graced the stage to perform two of their songs and charming the crowd at the same time.

Another surprise was when 2NE1 was performing “I Love You,” Sandara introduced Ram of G-Force, Joross Gamboa, Jason Abalos and Sam Milby. These men were later on treated with a lap dance from the ladies!

Since it’s a special show for 2NE1, especially for Sandara, who said that she’s very happy to celebrate the group’s 5th anniversary in her 2nd home — the Philippines, she performed her classic hit “In Or Out” with Bom, Minzy and CL complete with the choreography that became a dance craze 10 years ago!

Aside from that, Sandara also taught the girls how to sing Vice Ganda’s “Boom Panes”!

2NE1 was very thankful to all Blackjacks who went to there concert, CL said that the fans are the reason why they are celebrating their 5th anniversary!

Congratulations on a very successful show here in Manila and happy 5th anniversary, 2NE1! We hope that you will “Come Back Home” soon here in the Philippines!


1. Crush
2. Fire
3. Clap Your Hands
4. Pretty Boy
5. Don’t Stop The Music
6. Missing You
7. If I Were You
8. Come Back Home (Unplugged)
9. Ugly


1. Just Another Boy
2. Go Up

10. I Love You
11. Come Back Home (Original)
12. Gotta Be You
13. Do You Love Me
14. The Baddest Female
15. Scream
16. I Am The Best
17. I Don’t Care
18. Go Away


19. Lonely
20. In Or Out
21. Gotta Be You
22. Can’t Nobody

Credits: MYX 

News: ABS-CBN ~ “Review: Fans Pumped Up at 2NE1 Concert”

Review : Fans pumped up at 2NE1 concert


MANILA — Smacked just a couple of feet away from the stage, it was hard not to get pumped up at the All Or Nothing concert of the South Korean girl group 2NE1 at the Mall of Asia Arena on Saturday night.

The group’s avid fans dubbed Blackjacks, who filled the seats from the upper box down to the VIP section, were all waving glow sticks while screaming out fanchants to the group composed of CL, Minzy, Bom and Dara — or Sandara Park to her legion of Filipino supporters.

Some held up banners and many took pictures. And when the lights were dimmed down and an introductory video played on the giant screens, the entire arena echoed with screaming fans, who were now all on their feet.

The song “Crush” blasted from the speakers and the four members of 2NE1, as if coming out of nowhere, were suddenly there on the stage.

The group’s chart-topping songs like “Fire,” “Can’t Nobody,” “I Am The Best,” and “Come Back Home” from their newest album were among the 25 songs performed on Saturday night.

The encores even included Park’s Filipino hit “In or Out,” which was performed by all four members.

Halfway through the concert, 2NE1 called out surprise guests to the stage, starting with YG Entertainment’s newest boy group, Winner. Also known as Team A from the reality-survival show “Who is Next: WIN,” the group performed “Just Another Boy” and “Go Up.”

Park also brought local celebrities Jason Abalos, Joross Gamboa, Sam Milby and Ram from G Force to the stage for the sexy lap dance number for the hit “I Love You.”

Park later thanked the guys for being there at the show on her official Twitter account.

Saturday’s show also marked 2NE1’s fifth anniversary.

“Special ang araw na ito dahil dito kami sa Manila magse-celebrate ng fifth year anniversary namin,” Park said in flawless Tagalog. (T/N: This is a special day because we’re celebrating our fifth year anniversary in Manila.”

The group made its debut on May 17, 2009 with their first single “Fire.”

All four members expressed their happiness for having reached this career milestone. Their managers, back-up dancers, and staff were called on stage, and cakes were brought out to mark the celebration.

The group’s leader, CL, also thanked the fans for their support.

“Thank you so much for making this night so beautiful. I don’t know why it took us so long to get here, I don’t wanna leave,” she said. “Tonight is a very special night for us. It’s our fifth anniversary and we’re happy to spend it with you guys.”

Park said she’s happy to have finally staged a full concert of 2NE1 for their Filipino fans.

“I’m so happy to be here with 2NE1 and Blackjacks. Mahal ko kayo!” she said.

The concert ended with the final encore number “Can’t Nobody” as gold confetti rained at the MOA Arena.

Credits: ABS-CBN News

Fan-Taken: 140517 2NE1 at “All Or Nothing” World Tour Concert in Manila




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Twitter+Instagram: Marshall Bang Snaps a Photo with Dara – “Marshy x Sandy!”

I really love their friendship! Marshall even flew to Manila to watch AON. ^_^ 

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 8.49.53 AM

xoxo @krungy21 ~~~ Fighting for today’s show!! ^^ Marshy x Sandy! ㅋㅋ #AONmanila



Marshy x Sandy!! 😄😘

Credit: @MarshallBang

Photos: 140516 2NE1’s Interview and Short Meet-and-Greet with Youngest Blackjack at Solaire Resort and Casino

The girls all look AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! I love their clothes (from YG Family Concert outfits), I love their hairstyles (Maknae Minggki look so grown up and pretty with her extensions, Dara’s blonde bangs, CL’s wavy blonde lonks, and Bommie’s loose braid), and I love them with Winter! Winter is the son of Vernon and Happee Go of Pulp World, the AON in Manila promoter in the Philippines. ^___^






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Video: 140514 Short InstaVid Fancam of Dara Leaving NAIA Airport, Philippines

Wahhh! Fancam! The car left so fast! Dara looked at the fans though! ❤

Sorry guys istg the car was so fast!! DARA WAS LOOKING AT US , SHE SEEMS WORRIED BC WE WERE KINDA CHAOTIC! She was so beatiful my kokoro. WE SHOUTED SO LOUD WE CRIED IDK THIS IS SO MEMORABLE. #WelcomeHomeDara #darapark #dara#sandara #philippines #2ne1 #fancam

Credits: armytology

PhotoS: 140514 Fantaken Pics of Pretty, Happy Dara Arriving at NAIA Airport ~ #WelcomeHomeDara

So many fans went to the airport to welcome Dara! ❤ Woohoo! Dara got one of the “I Love Dara” banners from one of the fans, and she signed CDs and waved and smiled too! WAAHHHH! #WelcomeHomeDara ! Thanks to all the fans who patiently and enthusiastically waited for Dara at the airport!

As expected, she changed her outfit to fit with the Philippines weather more.. ❤ Love how simple, yet pretty she is! ❤







News: Dara on upcoming Manila concert: ‘Sobrang special’

Dara on upcoming Manila concert: ‘Sobrang special’


Female K-pop group 2ne1’s Manila concert on Saturday,  May 17 at the Mall of Asia Arena, is extra special for its Filipino fans because the award-winning group will be celebrating  its fifth anniversary on that day.

One of the members, Sandara ‘Dara’ Park , who first became a popular star in the Philippines before conquering the K-pop world, tweeted this to her followers recently.

“We’ll be in Manila that day for AON tour! I would love to celebrate this special day with Blackjacks (the groiup’s Filipino fans),”  Dara told a fan.

Blanket invite

She  also took to Twitter to invite other Filipino friends.

“Invite niyo mga friends ko para sakin!!! 🙂 lahat sila invited~ yooohoo”

2ne1,   which is also made up of  Park Bom, CL and Minzy, debuted in May 17, 2009 with its  chart-topping single “Fire.” The group has since earned a wide fan base because of its unique music style and quirky fashion.

2NE1 kicked off its “All or Nothing” world tour in at Seoul’s SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium on March 1 and 2. Among the other cities the group visited were Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.

The group recently promoted its album, “Crush,” which includes its hit songs “Come Back Home,” “Crush” and “If I Were You.”

YG Entertainment’s newest male group Winner will be joining 2ne1 in the Manila concert. Winner, a five-member group which won the talent reality show “Who is Next: Win” in 2013, is made up of Kang Seung Yoon, Song Minho, Nam Taehyun, Kim Jinwoo and Lee Seunghoon.

Credits: Yahoo Philippines

Video: 2NE1’s Message Promoting “All Or Nothing” Concert in Manila ~ “Mabuhay!”

Dara speaking in Tagalog! ^^ There are English subs for everyone who doesn’t understand the language as well.. So excited and pumped for AON in Manila!

A Message From 2NE1 to the Philippines!

PULP Live World brings you the return of 2NE1 on their All Or Nothing 2014 Tour. Celebrate the group’s 5th anniversary with them and fellow Blackjacks on May 17, 2014 at the Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay City. Tickets are available at SM Tickets.

Date: May 17, 2014, Saturday
Venue: Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay City
Ticket Price:
PHP9,000 to PHP6,500 for VIP Floor Areas
PHP5,500 to PHP4,500 for Lower Box
PHP2,500 to PHP1,500 for Upper Box

* Ticket prices are subject to ticket service charges.
Ticket Outlets: SM Tickets

Video Credits :
YG Entertainment Inc.

Credits: pulpliveworld