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Interview: Chic Thunder for K-RUSH Japanese Magazine Vol.08 – “Thunder is happy when he is talking with his family on the phone.”

Excerpts of this interview really does show how close and tight the Park family is! The Park Siblings have all grown up to be loving and family-oriented people. Such a beautiful family! ^_^ This interview also shows just how similar Thunder and Dara are.

Note: Only parts of Thunder’s interview are posted here. To get the full one, head on to OhThunder!


Each member is asked a question about Thunder, and they answered it from their perspectives.

-Joon was asked what would make Thunder mad.

Joon: “When I take away his cellphone that he never let go of? Just kidding. He doesn’t get mad much. So, I think he won’t get mad no matter what you do to him.”

-G.O. was asked when Thunder seems happy.

G.O: “When he’s talking with his family on the phone.”

-What is “true Thunder” that you can’t show to your fans?

Seungho: ” He’s crazy about his cat “Dadoong.” It’s just too much….can’t show it.”

G.O: “He’s full of love for his family. So when he’s talking with his family on the phone, he seems very happy.”

Mir: “Surprisingly, he seems to like taking pictures. He poses funny and takes pictures during work. Once I saw him collecting those pictures (laugh).”

From Twitter: Fans requested the situations they wanted to see.

Thunder and Joon: (From a fan) “I remember you two did the parody of a commercial (the one with Dara and Lee Min Ho). Joon tried to kiss Thunder. Please do that again!”

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