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Twitter: Dara Shares a Very Pretty Picture Behind the Scenes at YG Fam Con ~ Photobomber Jjangmae!

Dara-ya! Why so pretty?! ❤ And oohh, I love her jacket! ❤ Jjangmae photbombing! XD


There’s someone behind me….



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Twitter: Dara Shares 2 Pictures of Jjangmae Eating Tasty Ramen and Wearing 2NE1 Hoodie

Kekekeke, Dara’s forever gushing over Jjangmae.. XD 


Slurp~He eats well alone. Anything he eats looks tasty! Ramen..was good.. +.+ Make sure to eat breakfast~^.^Jjangmae2

Good morning! Jjangmae wearing super cute Japan good hoodie. Its hard to make it fit like this..^^;


Source: @krungy21

Translated by: @kristinekwak + @ilove2ne1girls

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Line: Apple-Hair Dara Shares her Mint Choco Coffee Experience ~ “Shocked that it was so Delicious” + City Guy Jjangmae

Awww, Dara is so cute and chill and cool! I want to have coffee with you too, unnie.. T_T Anyway, I’m sure the girls miss CL as much as she misses them.. ❤



“City guy” Jjangmae updated his Instagram account, eating Honey Butter thick toast (yum yum yummmmm! Now I’m craving one T_T) , and you can see a bit of Dara’s colorful hoodie on the left.. I think a third person might have been with them, since there’s a third cup of coffee there.. Unless Jjangmae was drinking both.. O_O And ooohhh, I recognize the logo from the cup, they went to “Tom N Tom’s Coffee”~! XD



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Instagram: Dara Shares Good Food with Good People and Welcomes Robi Domingo to Korea

Dara went out with friends over the weekend to bond with her friend from the Philippines, Robi Domingo! ^_^ Sweet Dara always has time to spend with friends who are visiting Korea.. ❤


“Good food w/ good people”

tumblr_nef8qtKrD11tapuivo2_1280“Welcome to Korea Robi!!! :)”


Source: daraxxi on Instagram

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Twitter: PR Director Dara Shares Photos from a Tired Afternoon ~ “Minzy and Jjangmae’s Same Place, Different Feel!”

Hahahaah, oh man, this is daebakk! XD Our cute Mingkki has grown up to be such a lovely, alluring lady! ❤ And then there’s Jjangmae. XD


Ah… Tired afternoon… It’ll be great to spend free time like this before the concert starts…


Same place, different feel



Source: @krungy21

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Photo: Spiffy Hyosup Celebrates Dara’s 10th Anniversary With A Cake!

Ahhh~ Even celebrating with a cake! Such good friendship! ❤ Kekeke~ Cute jjangmae!!! ♥



Source: Spiffy Hyosup’s Facebook via @xandiiee
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Instagram: Cute Dara Uploads a Selca with Jjangmae ~ “Vacay ^^”

Nice hat, Jjangmae! XD I love Dara’s hat too! ^_^ Too cute how Dara updated a selca with him, kekekeke! She’s making Jjangmae look less scary to the fans, I think. Because seriously, if you’ve encountered Jjangmae, he’s really really strict! And scary. XD This is at Sky Ranch, Tagaytay! They went yesterday. ^^


Vacay w/ Jjangme~ ^^ #aonmanila”


Source: daraxxi

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Twitter: Dara Releases a Bunch of Pictures with Jjangmae ~ “Excited for Beijing Concert! Happy Monday!”

Dara is on an updating spree with Jjangmae. XDDD I am loving the beanie and the her 2NE1 sweater! ❤





Same beanies, different feels 

All of our goods are one-size only, when a woman puts it on, it gives her an appearance of a small head~ So pretty!!!

Happy Monday~!!! ^.^ So~ The Shanghai 2NE1 concert and Osaka FamCon have recently finished, and now I’m looking forward excitedly for the 2NE1 concert in Beijing this week! >.< 


Source: @krungy21

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Twitter: Beautiful PR Manager Dara (@krungy21) Together with Son Manager ~ “Checking our concert today with Son Manager who’s wearing our famcon beanie goodie”

 BlE4ojRCIAIW9V0 FireShot Screen Capture #334 - 'Twitter _ krungy21_ 우리 팸콘 굿즈 비니를쓴 ___' - twitter_com_krungy21_status_455207306775367680

Checking our concert today with Son Manager who’s wearing our famcon beanie goodie. Wondering if the goodies won’t sell out cause of this pic..kkk it’s actually a very cute beanie ^_^


Source: @krungy21

Translated by: @sumiinkim

Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) Shares A Pic Together with Jjangmae ~ “I am drinking milk in relaxation after dance practice with Jjangmae but.. it’s couple shoes!”

Dara and Jjangmae has couple shoes! Kekeke! Aww, right after their comeback stage on MCD, they went straight to YG building to continue their dance practices. Fighting on your concert preparations and constant dance rehearsals unnie!!! Take rest in between periods! Your health is more important than anything! 2NE1 Fighting! ^^ BinPeQMCIAAMHZ3update

DARA: Nowadays there are many schedules and training but it’s a good time since I could stand on stage and meet with Blackjacks. I am drinking milk in relaxation after dance practice with Jjangmae but.. it’s couple shoes! #너아님안돼


Source: @krungy21

Translated by: @bom_always