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Article/Photos: Asia’s New Voice Ultrabook™ Project – Seoul, South Korea

Asia’s New Voice

Ultrabook™ Project:
Seoul, South Korea

Seoul’s been called Asia’s newest melting pot of creativity. Now’s adding his favorite ingredients into the mix: The GhettoBlasterz,, and K-pop band 2NE1. Using Intel-inspired Ultrabooks to intensify their creativity, they’ll be whipping up fresh beats and finding a voice for South Korea’s new generation.

Once upon a time, collaborating meant sitting in a studio, around a giant console, waiting for your turn to get creative. In Seoul, we’ve got’s GhettoBlasterz, K-Pop group 2NE1, plus rapper/producer Teddy and creative consultant Dork—and just two days to create a track from scratch. Which is why everyone’s getting an Intel-inspired Ultrabook™ device. Intel® Wireless Display lets share the ideas on his Ultrabook™ by projecting them on the HDTV. Let the collaboration begin.

Grrrl Power: 2NE1

You can’t go to Seoul and not go a little K-Pop crazy. It’s an infectious blend of hip-hop and Korean pop that everyone listens to here—and believes all-girl group, 2NE1 [@YG2ne1official], is poised to be the first K-Pop band to break out as international superstars. Seoul is home turf for 2NE1 and they’ll be collaborating with and the GhettoBlasterz to make Ultrabook™ Project’s Seoul track truly unforgettable.