Asia’s New Voice

Ultrabook™ Project:
Seoul, South Korea

Seoul’s been called Asia’s newest melting pot of creativity. Now’s adding his favorite ingredients into the mix: The GhettoBlasterz,, and K-pop band 2NE1. Using Intel-inspired Ultrabooks to intensify their creativity, they’ll be whipping up fresh beats and finding a voice for South Korea’s new generation.

Once upon a time, collaborating meant sitting in a studio, around a giant console, waiting for your turn to get creative. In Seoul, we’ve got’s GhettoBlasterz, K-Pop group 2NE1, plus rapper/producer Teddy and creative consultant Dork—and just two days to create a track from scratch. Which is why everyone’s getting an Intel-inspired Ultrabook™ device. Intel® Wireless Display lets share the ideas on his Ultrabook™ by projecting them on the HDTV. Let the collaboration begin.

Grrrl Power: 2NE1

You can’t go to Seoul and not go a little K-Pop crazy. It’s an infectious blend of hip-hop and Korean pop that everyone listens to here—and believes all-girl group, 2NE1 [@YG2ne1official], is poised to be the first K-Pop band to break out as international superstars. Seoul is home turf for 2NE1 and they’ll be collaborating with and the GhettoBlasterz to make Ultrabook™ Project’s Seoul track truly unforgettable.

Together, Teddy and are working to put 2NE1 on the world map.

The Soul of a City

It’s just past midnight and the city’s winding down, but, the GhettoBlasterz, and 2NE1 are just getting started.

K-Pop Explosion

Up till now, technology’s been the main thing South Korea is known for. first started coming here in 2005, so knows firsthand how technology has shaped the country. But he also knows its best-kept secret: K-Pop. He hits his suite-turned-studio at the Park Hyatt with the GhettoBlasterz and 2NE1 to begin their collaboration immediately. Everyone’s excited, everyone’s pumped. Tonight might be a long one, but it’ll never be dark. It’s time to tear it up!

Seeing the Big Picture

With just two days together,, the GhettoBlasterz, and 2NE1 are going to use all of the Ultrabook™ device’s bells and whistles to pull off a great song. 2NE1’s CL, Minzy, Park Bom, and Dara each get their own Intel-inspired Ultrabook™ system—which they’re ecstatic about—but the biggest oohs and aahs come out when shares stuff on his Ultrabook™ by wirelessly projecting it onto the giant flat-screen TV, in full HD. We’ve heard about Ultrabooks with Intel® Wireless Display, but seeing it in action like this is just ultra-cool.

Seoul Man

We’re on a crazy schedule today. First up, and 2NE1 are doing a fashion shoot for L’Officiel Hommes magazine. is modeling some of his favorite Resurrection outfits and we count at least five wardrobe changes in less than two hours. The energy in here? It’s electric.

“This is HUGE.”

We get to Club Answer, one of Seoul’s coolest, hippest nightspots, a little after 1 a.m. The first thing we notice isn’t the large crowd that’s trying to get in—it’s the city bus-sized billboard promoting’s performance tonight. With a promo like that, it’s no surprise that there are even more people inside than were waiting to get in. Apparently, they’ve been gathering since a little after 9 p.m.

With the combined creative firepower that’s gathered tonight—, the GhettoBlasterz, and 2NE1—Seoul’s music fans turn out in force and the crowd is the biggest we’ve seen yet on the Ultrabook™ Project. But the energy of the crowd is different too. Everyone here is beautiful and young. Hardly anyone looks over twenty-four and they’re dressed to kill.

Two hours in and the music’s been going nonstop., 2NE1, DJ Poet, and DJ Ammo have all taken turns on stage. Looking out at the sea of faces, we get to see what sees every time he comes here: an audience that’s embraced every popular music genre is now ready to share theirs—K-Pop—with the world. Tomorrow, it’s a national holiday in South Korea. Tonight, they’re ready to go hard ’til the sun comes up.


Source: Intel Ultrabook Project

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

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  1. Reblogged this on edherei.

  2. I can’t wait for our girls big break into the US market but it’s better that is taking it slowly but surely. All the fans are definitely hoping 2NE1 or Bigbang will make it into the music mainstream in the US even though they’re already famous around the world because of their music. BTW I love the girls pic with Will.I.Am. ^_^

  3. UGHHH Can’t wait!!! I really hope they released it this month before my next (and last!) semester of school starts, so I can listen to it 24/7.

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