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Photos: 140602 Fantaken Pics of Summer Goddess Dara at “High Heels” Movie Premiere

Pretty, pretty fantaken pics of our Summer Goddess Dara! ❤







Video: 140602 Sports Seoul Press Video ~ “Jang Woo Hyuk- Sandara Park – Kim Junsu “High Heels, Fighting!”

Yay, we finally know what Dara said, kekeke! XD She said, “I will watch the movie well. ‘High Heels’ fighting!”

“High Heels” Jang Woo Hyuk- Sandara Park – Kim Junsu “Cha Seung Won and Jang Jing, Fighting!”

Sandara Park, “How to follow me and get this fun look?”

“This hat will become a trend~”

“I will watch the movie well. ‘High Heels’ fighting!”

Credits:  sportsseoultv

Video: 140602 Super HQ/HD Fancam of Dara at the Photo Wall of “High Heels” VIP Movie Premiere

Wow, this is super HQ, 2160dp! ❤ Much better way to enjoy our Dara’s sweet, sweet smile! ❤ Too bad we can’t hear what she was saying over the sound of the camera shutters and people. XD

140602 Sandara Park Photo Wall at “High Heels” VIP Movie Premiere

From another angle! And still HD! ❤

[FANCAM] 140602 Sandara (2NE1) at VIP Premiere (Lotte Cinema, Konkuk University) by drighk

Credits: 남상미 + drighk

Photos: 140602 Pretty, Fresh, “Beach Vacation Look” Sandara Park Attends “High Heels” VIP Movie Premiere

Dara attended a VIP premiere last night for “High Heels” starring Cha Seung Won. ^^ Almost all the press titles were the same, commenting about her “vacation” or “summer” look, with her fedora and green, striped dress. ^_^ It’s like she decided to come to the movies after just coming in from a vacation at the beach! ❤ Her “beach fashion” was well complimented. ❤ Add that to her baby face (the usual, “can’t believe she’s 30!” bits), bright smile, glowing skin, and slim legs, and that’s the summary of all the press titles. XD

Among those who attended the VIP premiere were Choi Ji Woo, Kim Junsu (JYJ), Jang Woo Hyuk, Shin Hyun Jun, Jo Jin Woong, Kim Sung Kyun, Yoon Jin-yi, Lee Da-hee, Cha, Ye-ryeon, Im Seulong (2AM), Choi Kang-hee, Yoon Kye Sang, Ko Joon Hee, Chansung (2PM), Shin Ji Soo, Song Sun Mi, Ko Sung-hee, Yong Hwa (CN Blue), Ju Hyun (Spica), etc…








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