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Video: 140518 Full Cut of Dara’s Fun TV Guesting for “Gandang Gabi, Vice” ~ With Some Parts Subbed

I just watched the enetire thing now, and OMG, Vice is really crazy! XD Dara answered his questions gamely, even though some of them were a bit personal, kekeke! XD Before you hate on him though, Vice Ganda is really known for his biting wit, sometimes sarcastic humor, and bluntness.. ^_^

GGV Full-Uncut Version with 2NE1’s Sandara Park May 18, 2014

Here’s the episode cut into parts:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

[ENGSUB] 2NE1’s Dara on Gandang Gabi Vice (1/3)

Credits: vhan vhannie + Ayen Park

Video: 140514 ABS-CBN Cam Following Dara as she Prepares for GGV Guesting ~ “Welcome Home, Sandara Park!”

Following Dara around as she got ready for her guesting at “Gandang Gabi Vice” ^_^

Welcome Home Sandara Park!

Credits: ABS-CBN Online

Photos: 1400518 Official Pictures of Adorable, Sexy Dara at Philippine Show, “Gandang Gabi, Vice!”

First off, I want to say that Dara looked GORGEOUS! I’ve always wanted to see this particular outfit in higher quality ever since I saw the LQ/MQ pics from YG family concert, and I got so happy when I saw that Dara wore it for GGV! ❤ Gorgeous baby is gorgeous!

The episode was a lot of fun! Dara looked so relaxed and comfortable and happy.. ^^ I’m also happy that her SCQ friends were able to come and also Ryan Bang.. ❤ Dara was so candid and cute in the interview as well. ❤








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Video: Preview of Gandang Gabi Vice with Special Guest Sandara Park May 18, 2014 Episode

Sandara Park: GANDANG GABI VICE May 18, 2014 Teaser

This Sunday May 18 sa ABS-CBN Yes Weekend!


Source: ABS-CBN Online

Video: 140514 Fancam of Gorgeous Dara Leaving After GGV Recording


Source: sangyeon29

Photos: 140514 Fantaken Photos of Pretty Dara Leaving the Studio After GGV Recording

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Sources: @agentshoji, lyndonhae + As tagged

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Video: 140514 Fancam of Beautiful, Smiling Dara at ABSCBN for GGV Recording

Welcome Home Sandara Park!

[EngSub/Sneek Peek] Dara on GGV 140514


Source: Lex Do ABS-CBN Online