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Instagram: Leadah Lee Chaerin Posts a Photo with “Cutie Pie” Birthday Girl Sandara Park

Awwww! ❤


And this cutie pie !#HAPPYDARADAY

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And this cutie pie ! #HAPPYDARADAY

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Twitter: Post Request – Spiffy Shares Messages with Dara Congratulating her on 2NE1’s 5th Anniversary ~ “Friendship!”

Sorry for the late post, this happened in the middle of AON in Manila, and things were just so crazy! T_T Thanks to  for tweeting us about it! ^_^ DOn’t you just love Spiffy and Dara’s friendship? ❤ She must’ve been busy preparing for the concert and her other activities in the Philippines, she took time out to reply to him.. ❤


friendship! ^^*


2NE1’s 5th anniversary! Immediately sent a congratulation message ㅎ 


HYOSUP! Dara! Congratulations on your 5th anniversary! 2NE1 has enthusiastically advanced to being the best, so congratulating 2NE1 sincerely for their 5th anniversary! Please also tell Bom, CL, and Mingkki for me ᄒᄒ ^^* Do well 2NE1! ᄒ

DARA: Chief Sup, thank you always for everything ᅲᅲ We’re now in the Philippines ^^ It’s our concert here tomorrow. Let’s meet each other well soon! Ihihihi

LEE HYOSUP: Your concert always hits daebakk! Dara who I’m always thankful to ^^ Fighting!



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Instagram: Peachy Bautista Shares a Picture of her Meeting with Adorable Dara at Intercontinental Hotel, Seoul

Awww, she uploaded a picture of the two of them on her own Instagram too! ^^


Happy to see you again krung! 🙂 @anatabatina @jerryvoyage @FacesAndCurves_ @ COEX InterContinental Seoul


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